Wednesday, February 18, 2009

a thought...

after watching jeff and rod run western states in '07 all i have been thinking over almost the last two years... what a race man, what a race. rod's 3 1/2 hr pr, amazing, simply amazing. and jeff pulling out a top ten, wait, single digits baby... M9... fantasticbut not only to see those guys pull off a great race i also look at rachael landon's fantastic execution.

to see the joy in her finish was just as equal to any top ten finish.

i would like to feel that same joy they did that day in june some day. amazing.

and to see LB's goal change after seeing that top ten wasn't going to happen that day to finish under 20.
and one more... and to watch TM to start to put the hammer down in volcano canyon and running some unbelievable splits all the way to auburn...

all simply amazing performances...

I will leave you with this thought from what i learned from watching these folks that day in june...

"running 100 miles doesn't build character, it reveals it"

seagull junker

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

arm panties???

so, here it is... i have three pair of arm panties but i'm not quite sure which ones i like.

i've actually only wore one of them once, and that was at ac 100. i never rolled them down when it got a little warmer. i just ran with them until it got warmer and took them off.

the good thing is i can wear all of them. can't wear anything that represents a race that you haven't completed. that would be bad ju ju, moe joe, etc, etc...

i remember jenn shelton saying that you don't roll them down to the wrists but roll them up to the elbows. at least that is what the fast folks do she says. well, i never see fast folks in a race so how would i know???

i like the idea of arm panties, as i hate being cold. i don't train well in the winter because of the cold. i would never be prepared enough for the coon because of that. i just don't like being cold. i don't know how ajw does it... and he has to battle tons of snow during the winter.

i don't own pretty arm panties like L.B.

brother wore the more modest pair of ws panties on his win at javalina. but i'm not sure if i like them all that much either.

the arm wear from the sisters poker run might have too much of the christmas spirit to wear them year round??? i'm thankful for new goodies but i'm not sure if i can brave these after christmas. but really, thank you fat boy for putting on the event. (yes, another fast dude who was a two time age group winner at states in '90 and '91 for ages 18-29.)

what arm panties do you like? do you wear them often? maybe you can steer me towords some more trail friendly arm warmers??? or maybe i just need to run faster to generate more heat to not need these little fancy "almost nylons for the arms".

seagull junker