Thursday, December 27, 2007

looking forward

have you mapped out your next years racing plans? i sorta have. the races are just penciled in mind you. some will close fast and i have to remember to be on the ball and sign up as soon as the application comes on line. look at Cool, closed in 11 minutes 19 seconds for 400+ runners. (slow this year as it closed in 7 minutes 33 seconds last year)

not running much. since i have a june 100 that i want to do, my plan is to not ramp up too quickly. yea, i know some can bang out 80-100 mile weeks all year long but not me. right now i am just enjoying the mental break because once the ball gets going things will get very busy.

now it is time to have fun runs this next month. first the purge and splurge. started by kyly, ellie, and alan 14 years ago. planning on running 20-30.11 miles of the wildwood trail in forest park on december 31st.

then in janurary there are four fat ass 50k's-34 mile runs on each weekend here in oregon. not sure if te MLK run will happen. hope it does then we will have the FATSO award this year. the one with the slowest cumulative time of all four runs.

i won't be able to do the run in badass run in bend with sean meissner and jeff browning. but i sould be able to do a the others, i hope. (sean in white, Jeff in yellow)

dang, i would be in the running for the fatso award. you see i was dfl at the madass run in madras two years ago. and i have a streak of two years in a row as dfl at the MLK run!!!

dang my only way of winning a race... by coming in DFL!!! oh, maybe i should have ran the Poker run. nahhhh, i have the worst luck in the world, my poker hand would probably be a pair at best like in the past.
(the fast guys were kind enough to wait for me on the first turnaround at last years MLK)(they would have froze to death if they waited at the second turnaround waiting for me)(brother in orange, Craig in red vest, kelly woodke in green coat, Sean in blue, all will be at States)(brother jeff, single digit, M9!)

the one thing i like about these runs is being with friends. ok, i'm only with them for a short bit as i seem to be stuck in first gear all day long. but it is fun none the less.

looking forward to a new year. ready to ramp up and train and hurt like i have never before. just really looking forward to running one maybe two 100's next year. it is going to be fun. looking forward to doing the june 100 first. it is going to be a blast.
as for the 100 in june........
yes, i have already been working through the splits i want to hit and visualizing sections on the course. everything now is focused just for that race.
i may do other races but they are only building blocks for the june race.
nice to have a plan unlike last year i made decisions to do races way late and i was always a little under trained for races. not planning on taking this approach this year. look forward to the new year. oh and yes i am like many others, i need to drop a few pounds.
being on this heartstrong program at work that shouldn't be a problem. they only allow 10% fat in the daily intake of food. i have to admit after a month i get tired of eating cardbaord.
since event the heartstrong program couldn't control my blood pressure, i am now in blood pressure medication. a super low dose of an ACE inhibitor, just glad i'm not taking a beta blocker. that would suck.
stay tuned speedracers, i'll chime in once in a while now. i'm going to actually start running again.

happy new year, tom