Sunday, February 25, 2007

hagg lake 50k

Hagg Lake was business as usuall I figure. Lots of mud and a few hours of time on my feet.

Plus, this day Meissner through down the gauntlet for all the men to wear skirts. How fun is that. Grown men with hairy legs wearing skirts. The only question is should I shave mine? Heck, I shave my head, why not my legs. Cuts down on wind resistance I figure. That is why I am so speedy.......... NOT!!!!!!!

I never run fast here but I am o.k. with that. I actually don't like this race. Oh, the organization is great and the volunteers are fantastic. It is just the course. Not much to see and pretty boring actually.

But I run this because it is a great way to be on my feet for 5+ hours and it is close to where I live so I don't have to spend hours driving or spend money on a hotel, car, and a flight.

It had been raining most of the week so I knew that the course would be a mess. But really it always is this time of the year. I just pick out my four wheel drive shoes and I am ready.

So, I start off running with Mark and Brad. The key word is "start". Mark is much faster than me as he is a sub 3 marathoner. Brad is just tougher than nails.

We do the out and back on the gravel road because a bridge that was washed out five years ago has never been replaced and the trail is a little shorter now as we have to jump out onto the road for a detour.

The bridge that has been out for the past few years.

I had gone out too "hot" just like always. I stay with Mark and Brad and we get back to the Start/Finish in 24 minutes, just like last year. I should be doing this in 30 minutes actually.

We plug along the next four miles when Mark and Brad gap me. That was fine with me. I have two laps to do with this mud fest. I catch up to them as they are grazing at the first aid station.

The plan was not to use the aid stations in this race. I cruise by thanking Gail for helping out. Mark and Brad both say it isn't fair that I don't stop. I reply by saying I'm to slow to stop at aid stations.

The middle section is probably the worst for mud. At least it is in the open field sections. Like running with slabs of butter on your soles actually. The biggest worry for me was not getting injured actually. I can run anything that is super technical and love it but this was ridiculas.

Well, I actually stop at the last aid station to say "hi" to Kyly, Liz, and Kamm. I grab a gu and leave right away. No thank you, no need to fill my bottles. I will make it the next four miles.

Unknown runners running through a "good" section.

Kamm and Liz staying warm.

I get into the Start/Finish and grab two full bottles and a new race belt as planned. I know that I will probably run out of fluids on the next lap but I figure I can run lean the last 2-3 miles without refilling anything out on the course.

Linda Samet catches me one mile out of the Start/Finish. She asks me if everything is o.k. I ask her the same. She says that she can't get her S-caps out. I offer her mine. She says she might take me up on it the next aid station.

Linda to right.

She gaps me by about 3/4 of a mile getting into the aid station. Since I don't stop I catch up with her just out of the aid station. We run the next five miles together. She pushes the pace. She wants sub 5. I tell her I never run under 5 here. After slogging our way through the second field she notes that sub 5 won't be happening today. I agree. It was a slog-fest on the North side.

As we are running I splash my way through puddles. One puddle I sink in above my knee! Yup, I scream "that is cold" it splashed up my skirt!!!!!!! Yes, I was one of the five that had on a skirt. I wasn't as cute as Sean or Ken and I don't have pretty legs like Bushwacker but I was having fun.

I also had mechanical issues with it. It started falling off me on the second loop. Too heavy from all the sweat and water from the rain. Made some adjustments and at least I wasn't going to moon anybody today. Not a prett sight. Linda thanked me for that.

Ken, advertising for "Dirty Girl", Xy, even had his gators match. (in pink)

(Bushwacker) sporting skorts. Nice legs Mike. Showing off to Kyly, Kamm, and Liz at the last aid station.

Kris (Red) and Anna (grey coat)don't have skirts on but still find to show off their bumm to Kyly. ( I met Anna and Kyly running at 3am at Waldo 100k three years ago when Anna's headlamp went out. Kyly and I lit the way up to Fuji for Anna that day. What great friends we are now).

Oh, back to the race... I grab one gu at the last aid station again. Not really stopping to chat. Linda refills. I look at my bottles and I was right, I will run lean for a bit. Actually sooner than predicted. I had almost four miles to go when I drained the last bottle. Man I even thought about dipping somewhere but that wouldn't be wise here. Remember, I am the "dumb" runner!

The goal now was just to run as much as possible to the finish and not get passed by too many people. I wasn't running fast by any means but I just wanted to give it good effort. (me coming into the last aid station. With my skirt "ON".)

I catch a few people. I asked one lady if I could pass on the left but she didn't hear me. I ask again, nothing. TURN THAT fu$%@&# I-POD DOWN!!! Please, if you wear one, please don't have it cranked up so loud that you can't hear. This is got to be a huge pet peave for me. I don't care if you wear one but try to be a little curtious.

I cross the finish and I completely forget to look at my time. I go back to find out, 5:13. 23rd, 1st in my age group. (but really that is a missnomer. I was actually 3rd in Masters. They just broke it up every five years) Sorry Bushwacker, you're too old. That is the time I finished last year but a much lower place.

I haven't been running near as much as last year. Last year I had three 100 mile weeks in before this race. This year only three weeks of 70+. I have to admit I wanted sub 5. But I also have to be realistic. I just haven't been training enough. The good thing is for the last four weeks I have logged 4-6 hour long runs. Last week was a good 30 mile run. I have run every day this month and I had a good 10 mile run on Sunday after the race.

I am sore. Almost like a full body work out it was. Slipping and slidding for almost all of the five hours will do that.

Chatted with Sarah after finishing. Sarah and Sharon seemed to have fun. Believe me, you will like the other races in the Oregon Trail Series much more! Had my usual 35mg of protein and beer. Had to get out of my skirt, too wet and cold now.

Talked to Olga after she finished. I was thinking about her as I knew this stuff couldn't be good for her hip. She survived. Nice shoes Olga. Tape to cut down on wind resistance also? (Olga and her secret weapons below. Is that Montrail approved Olga?

Who won the best skirt award? Sean, he is the cuttiest. Second from left. Yea, that is me, on the far right. Yes, I do have my number 83 on upside down. What a gube. Hey, when I look down it is right to me.

Well, another good training run. I have to get busy here real quick if I want to be ready for Kettle 100!

Ultra studs to right! Bushwacker, Kyly, and Allen Boyce. Nice and warm now.

Friday, February 23, 2007

yikes!!! men in skorts...

i hope the men at Hagg Lake 50k remember to have something on underneith when they are sporting their new skorts for the race!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

pre Hagg Lake 50k

Well, this Saturday a full race contingent will be slogging their way around Hagg Lake near Forest Grove, Oregon. I'll be there too. Really only as a training run like last year. Just another way of spending 5+ hours on my feet.

The web site is appropriately named... . And with it raining all week the North side of the course will certainly be a slog. Yup, the mud sticks to your shoes in that section and then you are running with what is like flying saucers on the bottom of them. Not exaggerating here. By the second time around the lake it is pretty churned up!

(RD's Ronda and Stacy in Yellow jackets. Bill [Ronda's husband] in Black at start of last years race.)

Why do I run this race? Well, to be honest this course is the worst among the Oregon Trail Series . The organization is wonderful, it's just the course sucks. I really only run it because it is close to where I live and it is always a good way to start off the year. I don't ever run fast here but that's o.k. Map of lake

My time??? Well, ran 5:13 last year and I had a 5:19 a couple of years ago. The course was in much better shape the last couple of years. My only real goal is to not get get caught on the first lap by the 25k'ers.

Nicer sections of the trail on the West side below.

Last year I had 4 weeks of 100+ miles a week already before running it. I am not running near that much this year. Just 3 weeks of 70+. The good thing is I have logged 4-6 hour long runs the last 4 weekends. Those long runs will help along with a couple 7 and 8 hour runs in January. Not sure if I will carry my camera or not. Really not that much to see.

Hope your weekend has good running in it. All I can say is I am lucky to have soo many races close to me with the Oregon Trail series providing so many races. Have fun.

(picture of me on part of the North Side last year)

Wet feet... imagine that

forcast is for rain, I don't think it will be like it was last year for part of the race.

Friday, February 16, 2007

fat boy!

Just got my fat % tested yesturday on the dexa scanner here at work. I knew what it would say at the bottom of the printout.... "put down that Guiness already and get out and run!"

Did this last year also. I am happy to say that I am not the rolly polly dude that tipped the scales at 150 pounds and 25.1% like last year. This year I came in at 20.8% but still 150 pounds. No not like I was when I crossed the line at States last year... 17.2%

Actually, pre race I weighed 141lbs and when I crossed the line I was 148lbs. Not good. At one point during the race I was up 10lbs. A nurse along the way flirted with pulling me from the race. Yikes. But I told her I would pound the S-caps duing the night. And I did. Finally started dropping the weight after the river. (yes, I hadn't taken ENOUGH S-caps in the canyons.)

Yup, that whole water/salt/electolyte puzzle was a stuggle for me that race.

Now I will do the scan again in about six months and hopefully I will come in under 140#'s. My goal anyway. That is only 10 pounds so I'll give it a try.

Don't really know where I was going with this but kinda neat to have all this diagnostic stuff around. Fun to play with anyway.

But to be honest, I don't think the Guiness in the fridge can wait six months. Just have to run more miles to work off that 16 ounces I figure.

Looking forward to a good long run of 6+ hours this Saturday. Oh, it will be slow as usual which is fine. Just thankful that I am able to do this kinda thing. I will probably run into Olga and Gail I am sure. Hopefully I can tell them apart if their hair is cut the same way like it was at one time last year. Just kidding Olga. Hope everybody has a great weekend.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Ed Sullivan Comedy???

Been away for a while. Had a terrible weekend of long runs two weeks ago. SLOGGED through a 4:15 hour run on that Saturday followed by a 3:30 hour run on the following Sunday. Both were a HUGE struggle. Glad I was alone. No one running with me could have possible gone that slow.

But last Saturday and Sunday were much better. My almost five hour run on Saturday was much better. No not fast, just better. Well, I did forget my handhelds, food, S-caps. But I was lucky that I put my hydration pack in the truck the night before and I had a handheld in there also. I was thinking this could get ugly with no electrolytes.

So, I ran my usual slow pace. Yes Olga, I do train slower than most. And yes, I don't keep the same pace as you when training. Everything went well. I did notice depleating energy supply after about four hours. Even worse the last 15 minutes. I was glad to finish on a better note than the week before.

The real reason why I am writing is what I was thinking about last Saturday.... What was the funniest thing(s) that I remember last year during training and racing??? I pose the same question to you.

1. It happened the last two miles at Where's Waldo 100k (66.36 miles actually)

I had caught up to Sean Meissner who was not having the greatest day. He was going after the "wet Waldo" award since he was not in the "mix" at that point. After waiting for him to submerge himself in the 1st Rosery Lake we ran together for a bit. I couldn't keep up after a mile or so. I let him go.

(1st Rosery Lake, off of PCT on the Waldo Course below)

Then all of a sudden I hear through the woods... "FU#$" "What happened I thought?" After running for only a minute or so, there it was... A DIRT ANGEL!!! It had Sean written all over it. There it was, smack in the middle of a trail, a imprint of Sean, slightly wet from coming out of the Lake. I could see him now, full frontal mud and dust all over him running to the finish.

I was laughing all the way to a sweet finish. Just made my 14 hour day epic. Sorry Sean, all in good fun.

2. Laughing so hard that my sides hurt after commenting to Kyly that I hope she doesn't have gas right now pearing over the 100ft cliff at Silver Star Mountain. (Wouldn't want her to go flying off you know.)

3. And the last one, really two, was during training on Wildwood. I can't really pinpoint the two times. I just remember that twice I almost rolled over on the trail with laughter after Kyly commented on something stupid I was doing.

What was some of the more funny things that happened to you last year out on the trail???

Afterall, that is why we do this right? To have fun? (to quote Jeff Riley, one minute before the start of WS while I was at the start line.)