Tuesday, March 20, 2007

early birthday present for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just got an early birthday present... Nine months early mind you. This is the best present imaginable right now. I will tell you in a bit.........

I saw my family this last weekend. John (Jeff's twin) had us over for a barbeque. Good tri tip, wonderful salad and some awesome baked beans. Do I get Stephanie's recipe for beans for my next fueling in a 100? Hmmmm, maybe....

Jeff to left on his way to winning Javalina 100 two years ago

Jeff on left, John (his none identical twin in green)

We had a great time visiting. My mom was here from Illinois and that was the reason for the visit.

The kids played on the trampoline 90% of the time. Wow, what a great baby sitter.

Yea, that is "jumpin' jack jeff" hanging out with the kids.

Jeff is doing great. Really fit right now hammering out 100+ mile weeks and hanging out with some pretty awesome runners on Wednesdays doing crazy speed work, yup 5 minute miles x6 just last week.........

Scott Wolfe, a sub 2:30 marathoner, Craig, aka Lord Balls, Thornley, a previous top ten x2 at States, Tom Adkins, just plan ole' fast, Lewis Taylor sporting a new nickname, King, aka King Cool (no more LC, lower case even if you write for the local rag in Eugene). Winner of Way Too Cool!!!! You fricken rock Lewis.
Lewis just after driving down to Lake Tahoe before pacing Dean Karnazes at States last year. No he hasn't had any beers. I just suck at taking pictures.

Anyway, Lewis is in States now because of winning Cool. He will be in the "mix" for sure. It will be fun to watch him in the next few years. He has only been running ultra's for two years and he just fricken smokes every trail he touches.

So there it is, States is only three months away. I will be going down to take a ton of pictures with my new 35mm Digital Canon camera.

I will be routing on Team Sunsweet like no other. Lewis being the newest to receive the dried fruits. Along with runners from the Northwest.

What this whole post was about is my early birthday present....

Jeff was originally going to go without a pacer at States. He asked me at the MLK run (50k fat ass in Eugene) in January if a pacer helps. I said that I thought it is most crucial the last 20 miles of a 100. I just think it is a big help at that jucture in a 100. I ran Rio solo and I think I walked sections maybe 20 steps too long. I was running well but I think I just should have kept the hiking sections shorter.

But this weekend he asked me to pace him from the river to the finish. I was in fricken' tears after he asked me. I have been waiting for this for two years. I just got the best birthday present ever.

You have to understand how proud I am about my brother and I am not talking just about running. Jeff used to drink too much. So much so that when we worked at the mill together that we would stop for beer for him every night on the way home. He drank all my wine I got for my brine for smoking the deer that I got and it was wrank by anybodies standards. He smoked and drank so much that he couldn't make rent several times.

But then one day he decided to go into treatment. 30 days later and he was changed. Hasn't drank a drop sence. Oh, he still smoked for two years but that was it. He then married his High School sweet heart. Then he entered college after the mill closed and he graduated at the TOP of his class with a bachelors degree in teaching. He got a national award in St. Louis for it. He's the smart one in the family.

Met him one day on Pre's trail in Eugene, Oregon for a five mile run. He had to stop after two miles. Still smoking here. But the good thing is he wasn't drinking any more. We ran a 10k in Salem together along with our Dad and had a great time. That was it. He was hooked.

Jeff ran marathons, finally going sub 3 after missing it three times by less than a minute. Then Craig got him hooked on trails. I followed suit. No, I will never do a sub 3. I just loved running the McKenzie River Trail with him. I was hooked. Plus, I am too slow to run marathons any more.

Yup, some falls you see along the McKenzie River Trail.

So, I am glad I picked Kettle 100 to run three weeks before States. Actually I did this on purpose. If not pacing brother I would be happy to pace anybody that asked. I just wanted to be recovered by States. That is why no Bighorn 100 one week before States. I'll leave that one to Jeff Browning, and Olga.

Really, I am on cloud nine right now being able to pace Jeff. I am going to seperate the brother thing and get after him.

I am going to hammer him to get that top ten finish. It will be tough even if everything goes right. And now Lewis gets in and that is another wrench thrown in the picture because he will be in the "mix". That is o.k., we will be rooting for King Cool.

But I figure Bili has to finish in 18:30. Yikes! A little slower course after opening up the section into Millers Defeat, and tons of talent are in this year. I don't care. I'm going to kick his ass all the way to the finish. He may yell at me, cuss at me, I don't care. I am going to ficken hammer him. We are going to drop headlamps all the way to the finish. And they are going to know it. I am not going to let anybody pass us. We are going to get top ten!

I just got the most awesome birthday present even though it is early. Stay tuned for more of my bragging about my brother, I am just so proud of him.

Happy running. I had a great 33 mile run last sunday. Looking forward to about the same this weekend. Whew, another 100 mile week. Only nine more to go.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

my clock in my truck is right again........

yup, it's been an hour off for six months. o.k., i graduated from high school, got even better grades in college and even got a bachelors degree. had to learn a little math and physics along the way and consider myself to have the ability to fix things now and then. but every year i can't seem to push in on the small button on my clock to change the time. i guess i just like daylight savings time too much, so there it stays.

training is going well. ramped it up a couple of weeks ago. right at 100 miles a week. i don't write about my training day to day for one reason.... it is pretty darn boring!!!!!!!!! run six miles at lunch, run 6-8 miles right after eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich after work. monday through friday. Long run on Saturday, 6 hours, 30 miles or so, at least if it is not a race, longer of course if it is more than a 50k. run Sunday 2-4 hours. i do this every week, race or not. i don't take days off, run every day. i don't taper for any races except two a year. the ones i want to "race". o.k., it is "racing" to me anyway speedracers. So you will never see me say i did cross fit, yoga, lift weights, ride bike, swim, do intervals, etc. etc. i just am boring when it comes to training. Yes, all those other things are good and I should do something like that but I just don't. About the only thing that changes is having a hill repeat day or two. Those are big for me as they have 10,000 feet of gain or more, ughhhh. Just thinking about it makes me tired. So, there it is. I actually have a boring training program. But I am o.k. with that.

i have good runs and ones i slog through. actually i run sooooooo slooooooow all the time. see scott dunlaps great explaination on training slow and VO2 max and all that other scientific stuff that i don't understand. anyway it is o.k. to train slow, that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

the good thing now is i eat six times a day. yum. i am starting to loose a pound here and there. i still drink coffee and beer. i do stay away from fried food now, bummer. no Michigan Bluff burgers this year even.

i don't really do speed work. it scares me. i tore my vastus medialis last year getting ready for states and i don't want that to happen again. plus, me doing speed work is like telling a snail to hurry and cross the road. it just doesn't happen.

just grade 1 tear thank goodness. not like kami's, stacy's, or kyly's. (grade 2-3 for them, yuk)

so for now speedracers i will continue to practice my 14 minutes a mile. that's all i need i tell ya. i'm going to perfect that speed if it kills me. i'll take sub 24 any day.

the good news is my clock in the truck will be right now for the next six months or so.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Cool is one of the most competative 50k's in the country and darn hard to get into! Lewis won in 3:41. Registration closed in 7 minutes 33 seconds this year.
I have ran with Lewis a few times, when he so graciously said he didn't mind running at a snails pace. We have gone to a few races together last year. One of the nicest guys I know.
He finished in front of some pretty fast company, Graham Cooper, winner of Wester States 100 in 18:17, and Jonathan Olsen winner of Rio Del Lago 100 at 16:30. And I am sure I am missing other top notch ultra folks.

Lewis, a.k.a., L.C. (lower case) is new to ultra's with really only two years under his belt. He writes for the Eugene Registar Guard news paper but when he writes e-mails they are always in lower case, little puctuation and has been known for run-on sentences.

With the win he has a spot open for States if he wants it. He is a two time loser so he would have got in next year but now it just looks like he will have to train his but off for the next 104 days.

Lewis will soon be part of the Sunsweet Ultra Running Team . He just hasn't received his prunes as of yet.

Lewis first learned about ultra's when he interviewed four crazy guys in Eugene that were getting ready for States, Bili, L.B., O.D., H.N. (brother, Craig, Ed, Ticer.) They convinced L.C. to join them on trail runs and do Wednesday speed work at Hayward Field. He was bitten.

I think Brother and Craig finished outside of top ten. Meghan was second!!! Way to go G.M. I wonder if that means French Kiss won?

Meghan, showing her team spirit last year at States. Bev in yellow.

You can read about how they got their nicknames on the Sunsweet Ultra site .

As for me, I SLOGGED through a 30 mile trail run with only 3500 feet of gain. Oh, it was UGLY!!! Glad I was alone, nobody could possible have stayed at that slow a pace. But this is my first week of high milage, high milage for me that is. So, I was kinda thinking this might happen with a 50k just last Saturday.

Will post more when the results of Cool are posted.

Now just one more slog tomorrow.
Race update:
remembered that i had Lewis' cell...
l.c., eugene, or ........ 1st, 3:41
rod bein, bend, or........ 7th, 3:57
craig, eugene, or ........ 25th, 4:14 and he got CHICKED!!!
brother jeff, or ........ 38th, 4:26, rough day, CHICKED!!!
tom adkins, eugene...64th, 4:39, sorry dude, CHICKED!!
beverly anderson-abbs..... 1st, 4:07. WHAT A STUD!
meghan, aka gay man....... 4TH, 4:18!!! SWEEEEEET
Stephanie Gehrsitz, NY...... 6:25. WOOO HOOO, YEA!!! WAY TO GO STEPHANIE!!!
all i know is bili had a rough day. after all he is not tapering and still doing 100+ mile weeks now. bummer. well not every race can be epic. brother is focusing on just one thing... States. i am sure he will be ready.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

arrrggghhhh... A coach for me??????

Well, I went and did it............ Hired a coach. What am I thinking????? Apparently I did this late at night while my brain was in a fog.

My coach is super knowledgeable and loves sharing knowledge of training and racing. Coach has won a few races and has held age group records on a race or two. Super strong in 100's with many under the belt.

The thing that coach radiates is the love for the sport. Not so much about the time one finishes but the fact that you are on trails and can take in some great scenery while out in mother nature. Coach is what trail running is all about... Great sport, cares about other runners, and thanks volunteers, and cares about the trail.

As of now Coach is making drink more water, making sure I do my long runs, and making sure I have recovery days. There is water in coffee right??? Coach makes me have a recovery drink with the three chain amino acids after long or hard runs. Also makes sure I eat close to my weight in grams of protein a day also. Even before I hired coach I was banned from fried foods... Dang when will I get to eat catfish again!!!

Coach is a great motivator also. C has been known to pick up a stick and prod me to get up a hill faster. Throwing stuff at me isn't out of the question either.

Some people have coaches that are "on-line" coaches. That is fine. I just think it is important that a coach can watch you run once in a while, I have that. Coach makes me have good form on climbing, hammering the downs, etc. I just think it is important for an expert to watch your gate and make sure you have good form. I need help on the climbs maintaining good form and not waisting energy. I think this will be the biggest help.

Coach is able to see my running log on a daily basis if needed. I keep one on-line just for that reason. Keep a log book also. Have to in case the running log site goes away. Plus, I like flipping through the book better anyway. Sometimes I am fearful to open my on-line log. I wonder what intense training program that coach might have for me??? Oh well this will be a good thing, right???

Coach makes me be efficient in races. No sitting, changing shoes or socks in 100's. Maintain constant forward motion. Limit aid station stops to three in 50k. Eat and carry my beans down the trail AFTER drinking my Pedisure, remember to pee on the run, have water bottles open before getting into an aid stations, switching race belts instead of refilling them, all this helps me get down the trail. I am too slow to have scheduled stops in a race.

So for now I am the only client!!! Coach is picky with clients. I better not screw up or I will be dropped kicked in a hurry!

"gulp", sorry another sip of water.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Waldo... again... Sorry...


I'm not missing this Ultra! Yes, speed racers, there are 18 already signed up for Waldo . And that happened on only the first day that the applications were made available!

H.N. is in, former Oregon Series Champ, Kelly Woodke is in. Word is Tom Neilson will be there.

Man this is going to be a fun race to watch from the back of the pack. You see, they have HAMM radios for this race and I can get updates all day on friends that are smokin' the course. I was two years ago when brother was having a battle with AJW all day! Only to get passed the last three miles! Andy Jones-Wilkins asked my brother to "run with him" all the way to the finish. How great is that?!!! You have to love this sport!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Where's Waldo 100k, What flavor this year?

o.k. speed racers...

The application for Waldo just came up this morning like Craig a.k.a. Lord Balls,(L.B.) said. I printed out mine and will be mailing it after work. Rememeber it is the 100k Trail Masters championship this year. It will fill like last year. Sorry, no relay this year. You just have to run the whole thing and have that much more fun.

(1st Rosery Lake to left)

My only dilema is do I sign up with the USATF? If I do I can't have a pacer from Charlton on the way in. But really, I don't need one. I just like having one to really push me. But really I won't be in the mix to win $$$ anyway. Just have to think about this a bit..........

Oh, this is going to be fun!!! Jeff (brother) will be at the twins volunteering and that will be fun. As you pass through this aid station twice four hours or so apart. I just love jamming into this aid station the second time through. Still lots of work needs to be done after this but this is a great aid station. Yes, Maiden Peak is still in front of you.

(jeff to left on his way to a win at Javalina 100 two years ago, being doused by L.B.)

But this is a swwwweeeeeeetttttt run. Smokin' single track baby! Yes, 99% pillowy soft single track! It doesn't get any better!!!

The Volunteers are awesome. Super knowledgeble just like at Miwok. When you are running/hiking up to the Maiden Peak aid station with 50 miles under your belt, they are running out to you on the trail grabbing your bottles and asking what you need. By the time you get to the aid station your bottles are filled and all food requests are layed out on the table ready for you to feast. How great is that??? And I am a mid pack runner!!! They do this for everybody! Yes, I was a back of the pack runner in the past and they still did this!!! What a fricken awesome race this is!!!!!!!!

Plus, Barbra Ringstat is at the last aid station to wipe your face off with a baby wipe telling you that you have to look good when you finish. How great is that!!!!!!! (but I have never let her do it, have to show off all the salt encrusted on my face to show all the hard work that went into the race.)

Now I have the carrot out in front of me. My training has been so so this year. But I logged almost 300 miles in February. Four runs between 4 and 6 hours on each of the four weekends. Ran EVERY day in the month. Yes, I had over 400 miles in the month last year but I had a bunch of carrots dangling in front of me then. Not this year. But it is time to get going and with Waldo that will not be a problem any more.

(Waldo training run two years ago with Dan Harshburger and Kyly to right.)

This year L.B. has the course just over 62 miles. It was 66.36 miles in the past. So now we go straight up the ski slope and onto skyline ski path before joining up with PCT. Interesting. I wonder if we will be running or hiking this???

The course will be about 30 minutes to one hour faster. I predict about 40 minutes faster. Or about 1.5hrs slower than Miwok now. (2 hours with the old course)

I actually kinda want the old course. We won't be climbing the Twins this year. What a great view!!! But on race day I won't miss it. I always run dry between road 4290 aid station and Twins 2. An 8 mile long stretch that is exposed for much of it. Now that section will be about six miles.

Alan sent out invitations to the fast folks, I wonder what big guns will show up? AJW likes this race, maybe again? Ticer, a.k.a. "Hot Newman" will be there. He normally points the way coming off Maiden Peak so we can jam down the Leap of Faith on our way to the finish. Bev and Alan will probably be there. Bev (F2) will push Meghan (F8) I am sure. Oh it will be fun to watch them at States!

So, speed demons, get your application in soon. This race ROCKS!!! And if you are speedy you could win some serious "bank".

(Rachel Landon and Kyly above on the course two years ago) (Yes, Rachel has done H.U.R.T!!!)

It is my favorite race of the year. I figure it is about the third hardest 100k. (H.U.R.T. and Hellgate being harder) What a great accomplishment to finish this monster. A huge drop rate, almost 50%. The second half has more climbing and it is warm by the time you leave Charlton.

I am now ready to train.

(Me finishing in just over 14 hours last year, Whew! Is all I thought!)

I wonder what flavor of hat will be offered this year to FINISHERS? Vanilla, Orange, blueberry, or tomato? Or a new flavor??? We will just have to finish.

(Jeff and his twin brother, John in Red after last years 2:17PR)

PS, I signed up with the USTAF . Not really sure why, oh well. Sent my entry in today just after my lunchtime run. Oh, it's gonna be a blast!!!! (you couldn't tell that this is my favorite race of the year, huh?)

Come on speed racers, join the fun!