Monday, March 05, 2007

Waldo... again... Sorry...


I'm not missing this Ultra! Yes, speed racers, there are 18 already signed up for Waldo . And that happened on only the first day that the applications were made available!

H.N. is in, former Oregon Series Champ, Kelly Woodke is in. Word is Tom Neilson will be there.

Man this is going to be a fun race to watch from the back of the pack. You see, they have HAMM radios for this race and I can get updates all day on friends that are smokin' the course. I was two years ago when brother was having a battle with AJW all day! Only to get passed the last three miles! Andy Jones-Wilkins asked my brother to "run with him" all the way to the finish. How great is that?!!! You have to love this sport!!!


WynnMan said...

Hey Tom great site as well! look forward to meeting you down at Kettle. I figured the Highlanders would be somewhat narrow as well. Were they comfortable for a 50mile type distance, not that feet are supposed to in any shoe...


Sarah said...

You really do love Waldo, don't you? : )

You can get crystalized ginger from Trader Joes. I've also bought it from the Zombies. I just eat it straight...its like a tangy candy. But I've heard of people putting it in their water bottles too.

stephruns said...

you really LOVE Waldo...don't you.

WynnMan said...

This race looks most excellent! I have this on my schedule for 2008! This year I want to break the tape at Superior.

I tried to find Williamette Pass on the road atlas last night. 70 miles southeast of Eugene correct? For some reason I could not find it. What are some other close cities that would be identifiable to that Waldo race.

WynnMan said...

Hey Tom! thanks for all of the great info! I already can't wait for Waldo next year! That will definitely be one of my peak races. I love technical and gnarly trail that's tough. Sounds logistical to fly into Eugene than.

Your brother had a great run at Javelina that year. I remember reading it was a hot one. Also fabulous job at Western! damn!

I just started doing ultras last year and running in general in the winter of 2005, ran my first marathon that summer. You can check out this old post from the blog that goes over my first year of ultras

I have not done a 100 miler yet. I've just done a 50 miler which was last year at IceAge. I feel much stronger and better trained with a year under my belt. I guess the only things that are wigging me out at Kettle are my inexperience and going into the kind of mileage, but I remember at the finish of IceAge last year I felt great and damn near ran down another runner.

I'm doing all of the homework I guess that I can think of for kettle this year.
Would you think it would be more adventageous to run IceAge50m or Zane Grey? Part of me wants to IceAge because it will get me more exposure on the course before Kettle, and it's one of the best races out there. The only question is that it's 3 weeks before Kettle, however Kolb won Ice AGE and Kettle in 05, and the 3rd week out is usually a peak week before the taper... Curious as to what you think, as you know far more than I do.

Thanks Tom!
ps- great pics of Waldo!

WynnMan said...

O yeah, I plan on peaking for Superior Sawtooth in Sept, hence saving Waldo for next year. I really want to do well at Superior. I worked an aidstation there last year and helped Larry out with the race. Extremely technical and tough. I'm going to study that course like mad this summer. I've done the last 30 of it during my DNF at Superior50k last year. I want this one more than any. I think courses that you live near, or that have grown up with you have something extra special, kinda like Waldo for you. Even more special when they are tough!

stephruns said...

hi tom-

oh no! that sucks! well, i'll tell you all about it when i get back!

Journey to a Centum said...


I've never really thought much of being a medical experiment. What did they do to you at WS? Is that why you wore a skirt at Hagg? Since everyone knows where Lake Waldo is shouldn't the race be called running by Waldo? More importantly, are there any fish in Lake Waldo and what's the bite?

So, half seriously what type of medical study did they do to you at WS and did it slow you down at all?

mtnrunR said...

No I can't blame anything on wearing a skirt but the challange that Sean threw down.

Olga and I were involved in a muscle soreness study. We ate little candies like Charlston Chews twice a day for a few weeks before, during, and after the race. Olga got a placebo. I never did find out what I got. All I know is I wasn't sore after two days after the race.

You have two choices this year which is cool. Put on by the same Dr.

I liked my brothers study when all he had to do is give blood before and after the race to measure muscle damage. My muscle damage was measured also. Minimal for a 100 miler.

The studies happen every year now. The race gets $$$ for everybody that does it and CROSSES the finish line.

Olga and I got a fleece WS jacket for doing it.

We were good little mice...

WynnMan said...

You know much about LeGrizz 50m? I've been interested in that run as well, look to do that one in the near future. I know Mark Tarr has owned that course for awhile. I love Whitefish, MT.

I' guessing Miwok can't be as challenging as Waldo... Miwok is gravel roads mostly isnt it?

Wow a Duluth native! nice, well then you will for sure have to his Superior at some point. Let me know if you need me to help pace or anything.


GB said...

I'm loving those pictures! Maybe someday I'll run Waldo just so I can take in those views. Gorgeous!

Jessica Deline said...

and I will be watching from even further back in the back! sending in my application today