Tuesday, March 20, 2007

early birthday present for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just got an early birthday present... Nine months early mind you. This is the best present imaginable right now. I will tell you in a bit.........

I saw my family this last weekend. John (Jeff's twin) had us over for a barbeque. Good tri tip, wonderful salad and some awesome baked beans. Do I get Stephanie's recipe for beans for my next fueling in a 100? Hmmmm, maybe....

Jeff to left on his way to winning Javalina 100 two years ago

Jeff on left, John (his none identical twin in green)

We had a great time visiting. My mom was here from Illinois and that was the reason for the visit.

The kids played on the trampoline 90% of the time. Wow, what a great baby sitter.

Yea, that is "jumpin' jack jeff" hanging out with the kids.

Jeff is doing great. Really fit right now hammering out 100+ mile weeks and hanging out with some pretty awesome runners on Wednesdays doing crazy speed work, yup 5 minute miles x6 just last week.........

Scott Wolfe, a sub 2:30 marathoner, Craig, aka Lord Balls, Thornley, a previous top ten x2 at States, Tom Adkins, just plan ole' fast, Lewis Taylor sporting a new nickname, King, aka King Cool (no more LC, lower case even if you write for the local rag in Eugene). Winner of Way Too Cool!!!! You fricken rock Lewis.
Lewis just after driving down to Lake Tahoe before pacing Dean Karnazes at States last year. No he hasn't had any beers. I just suck at taking pictures.

Anyway, Lewis is in States now because of winning Cool. He will be in the "mix" for sure. It will be fun to watch him in the next few years. He has only been running ultra's for two years and he just fricken smokes every trail he touches.

So there it is, States is only three months away. I will be going down to take a ton of pictures with my new 35mm Digital Canon camera.

I will be routing on Team Sunsweet like no other. Lewis being the newest to receive the dried fruits. Along with runners from the Northwest.

What this whole post was about is my early birthday present....

Jeff was originally going to go without a pacer at States. He asked me at the MLK run (50k fat ass in Eugene) in January if a pacer helps. I said that I thought it is most crucial the last 20 miles of a 100. I just think it is a big help at that jucture in a 100. I ran Rio solo and I think I walked sections maybe 20 steps too long. I was running well but I think I just should have kept the hiking sections shorter.

But this weekend he asked me to pace him from the river to the finish. I was in fricken' tears after he asked me. I have been waiting for this for two years. I just got the best birthday present ever.

You have to understand how proud I am about my brother and I am not talking just about running. Jeff used to drink too much. So much so that when we worked at the mill together that we would stop for beer for him every night on the way home. He drank all my wine I got for my brine for smoking the deer that I got and it was wrank by anybodies standards. He smoked and drank so much that he couldn't make rent several times.

But then one day he decided to go into treatment. 30 days later and he was changed. Hasn't drank a drop sence. Oh, he still smoked for two years but that was it. He then married his High School sweet heart. Then he entered college after the mill closed and he graduated at the TOP of his class with a bachelors degree in teaching. He got a national award in St. Louis for it. He's the smart one in the family.

Met him one day on Pre's trail in Eugene, Oregon for a five mile run. He had to stop after two miles. Still smoking here. But the good thing is he wasn't drinking any more. We ran a 10k in Salem together along with our Dad and had a great time. That was it. He was hooked.

Jeff ran marathons, finally going sub 3 after missing it three times by less than a minute. Then Craig got him hooked on trails. I followed suit. No, I will never do a sub 3. I just loved running the McKenzie River Trail with him. I was hooked. Plus, I am too slow to run marathons any more.

Yup, some falls you see along the McKenzie River Trail.

So, I am glad I picked Kettle 100 to run three weeks before States. Actually I did this on purpose. If not pacing brother I would be happy to pace anybody that asked. I just wanted to be recovered by States. That is why no Bighorn 100 one week before States. I'll leave that one to Jeff Browning, and Olga.

Really, I am on cloud nine right now being able to pace Jeff. I am going to seperate the brother thing and get after him.

I am going to hammer him to get that top ten finish. It will be tough even if everything goes right. And now Lewis gets in and that is another wrench thrown in the picture because he will be in the "mix". That is o.k., we will be rooting for King Cool.

But I figure Bili has to finish in 18:30. Yikes! A little slower course after opening up the section into Millers Defeat, and tons of talent are in this year. I don't care. I'm going to kick his ass all the way to the finish. He may yell at me, cuss at me, I don't care. I am going to ficken hammer him. We are going to drop headlamps all the way to the finish. And they are going to know it. I am not going to let anybody pass us. We are going to get top ten!

I just got the most awesome birthday present even though it is early. Stay tuned for more of my bragging about my brother, I am just so proud of him.

Happy running. I had a great 33 mile run last sunday. Looking forward to about the same this weekend. Whew, another 100 mile week. Only nine more to go.


olga said...

Tom, this is an awesome story!!! There was a reason I fell for Jeff when I met him at Cap Peak last April:) What a guy! And congrats on your present, that.s an honor for sure! You better get in cracking whip shape, man, we are talking top 10!!! What will help you to break top 10 at Kettle. Oh, so cool!!

Sempre Libera said...

That is so great about your brother. Being able to share a sport with a sibling is a really remarkable thing. Good luck to both of you!

Meghan said...


This is a great story. Your excitement and pride and brotherly love just oozes out from this entry. What a great read. I hope the 2 of you are able to work together to bring him to the Top 10 finish that he wants.

Wait, there's more. How many 100 mile weeks are you running this spring? Are you taking any rest weeks in between? Tell us your training plan!!!!!


mtnrunR said...

when i finally pick a 100 i plan on running 12 weeks of 100 mile weeks. the word here is "try". I usually try to do three 100 mile weeks followed by an easy 70 mile week and then back up to 100 for another three and so on. every run is slooooowwww. i'll do races along the way but they are part of the training schedule. no days off until one week before the race. i run every day, twice a day monday-friday. do a 50k or greater one day a week except for a hill repeat week. can only muster 20 miles of hill repeats but that is close to 10,000 feet of gain on those days....tired just thinking about it. hill repeat weeks are the 70 mile weeks. you see i am on a quest to master running 14 minutes a mile. that is all i need for the next 100. i'm hoping to be damb good at it.

so there it is.... lots of work but most importantly, lots of fun.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

It's such an amazing thing to be able to share such an experience with your brother. I hope both of your training goes well and you have the time of your lives there.

sister smile said...

There's nothing like family; it's the greatest gift any of us can ever have. Good on you both.

(Sempre - nice to see you here!)

GB said...

Tom, I loved the way you told that story. I'm very happy for you! I can see why you're so proud. Jeff went from what sounded like a depressed alcoholic to a life loving talented and gifted athlete. I wish you both the best of luck, and I know you will pace him perfectly! Can't wait to read your blog about it.

keith said...

You can take pride in the big part you played in his recovery. That was a great story. Thanks for sharing!

OCRunnerGirl said...

That IS great news. I started tearing up just reading about your brother. Thanks for sharing and congrats on your 100 mile week. You rock Tom!

DawnB said...

This is so wonderful. What a great story. I really trying to keep my keys dry. What a wonerdful birthday present!!! I can't wait for the report!!! Happy Birthday

stephruns said...

jeff is an awesome inspiration.

hey - what pace will he be running at the end?

mtnrunR said...

Probably between 10 and 11 minute miles at the end. Of course that counts all weigh-ins and brief stops at aid stations. Hoping to be very efficient though. Not giving jeff many choices, two at the most. Water or Gu2O, etc.

Sarah said...

What a great post! You have every reason to be proud of your brother. But the same goes for you too! : ) See you on the trails!

Scott Dunlap said...

Tom - that's fantastic! Tom and Jeff is a LETHAL combo for States. And I know you can ace that section.

Bring him home...


robtherunner said...

Great gift indeed! I am sure it will be a memorable experience.

Makita said...

What an awesome story! I'd love to share a sport with one of my brothers - we aren't very close anymore. What an honor to be asked to pace someone - even more special that the someone is your brother. You have every right to be proud. Congrats to you both. :)

WynnMan said...

Hey Tom! awesome post, you guys look to be in great form! yep, getting those quads ready for superior indeed! luckily i figured this out now. I figured just figured they would be sturdy doing uphills. Yep definitely feeling the quads this week. Hopefully it will go away by raceday this weekend.

I'm trying to work up to be able to do 4x10min at 5:46 pace. I think by midsummer or something. I think I could muster 4x10 at 5:50. I don;t want to rush it though. Your brothers speed days, wow!! now that's fast 5:00! miles, damn i can't imagine!


Journey to a Centum said...

Jeff is a lucky man and I'm sure he knows it! Does he know what he's gotten himself into? His brother is a maniacal speedster when it comes to running at night! You da man!

P.S. - Did he ask you not to wear the skirt?

mtnrunR said...

sorry man, no skirt for this one. this is all bizzzzness for this one. so much so, he might not like me very much for three hours or so.

Steve said...

Your pride and enthusiasm for your brother is wonderful. I hope to provide Eric with as much positive energy and support. I am excited to be a part of it all and to be a first time pacer. Good luck and see you at Westeren if not before.

Steve Stoyles

DawnB said...

Tom I do wish I was running Boston!!!but I have qualify yet!! It mat never happen but the dream is still there!! I'm just giving this guy alot of marathon advice. I just hope I'm helping in some little way!!!

Donald said...

This is a beautiful post. I hope you have a wonderful time pacing your brother.

Addy said...


This is such an amazing story :) You just have so much pride and love for your brother and it sounds like the two of you will have a wonderful experience to share in this. Plus, to get him into a top 10 finish would be amazing! It sounds like you have some pretty incredible athletic talent/drive in your family. Perhaps I'll be able to meet your brother at Tahoe! It'd be quite the honor :)

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and the reassurance that the TRT is a good pick for my 50k. I'm very much looking forward to it!

WynnMan said...

Hey Tom! thanks for the kind words! I think with patience it will come. I ran my first "road" style 50k in October in 3:40 up at EDFITZ, so the times are dropping slowly but surely. I need it to get down a bit more though.

Well I'm going to stick with my guns and want SUPERIOR to be my peak, but I'm hoping good outings at Iceage and Kettle. Looks to be some tough competition at Kettle though with you and Joe Kulak, and Mark Tanaka. Should be fun!
Hope you had a good weekend and are not getting the rain we are here.

You're right, your brother is very talented and running smart like he did at Javelina in 04 proved to be the difference and a great time to boot!