Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pre's trail revisited

Last weekend I had to be down in Eugene, Oregon for a two day MRI conference to earn Continuing Education credits to keep certified in my profession. I don't mind, get to learn new things and maintain a solid network for possible future employment if needed.

What I really wanted to do was run a bit either before or after the daily meetings. O.K., let's be realistic, mornings don't happen with me. I'm pretty lazy. So, I would plan to run right after getting back to the hotel. I was only about a mile from the trail so that would make things easy.

Pre's trail is an inner-city trail along the Willamette River (Will-am-et), The only Northernly Direction Flowing River in the U.S.

I would only do a few miles each night but I was o.k. with that. Next week will being the ramping up week. I got there at about 5:30pm on Saturday. A few were out but I knew it would be a relaxing run on soft bark for the most part. Most of the trail is covered in bark-o-mulch making for a cushy run on these old legs. There are some paved bike path that connects to it for longer 20ish mile runs but I wouldn't be doing that this weekend.

I ran a bit with my I-pod on just really enjoying the bounce of the trail as I think they must have added some bark recently. After only about 15 minutes of running I run into L.B. Cool, I turn around and we run and talk together.

Craig on Right with Sunsweet shirt after AC. Chris, his brother on left.

Craig is feeling great ramping up for States. He seemed excited about it really. Will a top ten be in order for him again??? We will just have to see. We get back to the parking lot and and he said he is done. I have a bit more to go so I bid him fairwell and I run in the dark to finish.

I like the fact that there are lamp posts lit along the way. Not great lighting but it will do on this smooth trail.

So, this week I kinda had to "throw away" in terms of mileage. That's fine. It was a very relaxing week. Looking forward to a new change of pace now.

It was really enjoyable to be able to run on a great inner-city trail that is really set up for runners and walkers. Such a great place to visit and relive history.

You see I actually watched Pre run. I will date myself here... I watched him run in College and in the Olympic trials in 1972. I still have a program from that time. Went to the 1976 trials but missed the 1980 meet. I will be looking forward to the 2008 trials there starting June 27th. Hmmm, the Monday after States. Busy few weeks I figure.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

I didn't use my Abacus again!!!

Saturday January 20th I woke at 3am to drive North to Olympia, Washington to partake in the Capital Peak Mega Fat Ass 34 mile trail run. I drank my coffee and DIDN'T spill it, Yea. Ate my sandwiches on the way up.

This Ultra was my first Ultra in 2004, back when I had a little more speed than I do now. I knew what to expect, any kind of weather mother nature can dream up.

I met Eric and Michelle Barnes before the start. Nice to meet other NW blogers. Eric is on a qwest for Silver June 23rd. (Eric to below)

This day was perfect as weather conditions goes. Maybe only about 30 degrees. Not sure, but it was warmer than last weeks 19 degrees in Eugene running the MLK.

I had chosen my 4x4 trail shoes. Hands down the best traction of all my shoes. I don't normally wear them because they are like racing flats for trails but I knew the trail and knew the conditions that I would encounter.

Half way up to Capital Peak looking S.W.

Tony, a.k.a T.C., Covarrubias on the way up. (in black)

The run is two laps consisting of almost 17 miles each. The Mima Porter and Greenline #7 trails are the best maintained of any that are used in the Capital Peak ultras.

The first loop the trail was frozen or had snow. Good footing I thought. My goal was to not run under 3:30 for the first lap. But no, got stuck in the line and didn't step off. Idiot. I run the first lap with Eric. Finish in 3:15. Too fast man. We head out after I eat my beans and drink extra fluids as I was dry the last five miles of the first loop.

The second lap was as expected, less good footing. No big deal. The best part of the second lap is the sun came out! Yea, only the second time this has ever happened to me in the seven races I have done on this course. ( the top of Capital Peak with the Sun peaking through)

Eric and I got seperated and I turned on my I-pod. I don't normally run with this during races as I want to be able to hear people coming from behind so I can pull off and let them pass. But I needed it today.

I knew after leaving the start area on the second lap that I hadn't eaten enough on this day. I calculated that I will only have consumed about 1000 calories including all gu's, beans, fluids. I was thinking I should have had 1800-2000 calories! Crap not good planning!

I had three regular gu's with me. I calculated when I would be taking them as I knew my splits and wanted to even them out along the way. I normally have Crank products because they have 50% more of the slimmy stuff and they have 150mg of sodium, but not today. Took my S-caps on que also.

I take my last gu on the climb up CP. Had fluids but the electrolytes were diluted now as I topped them off with water! Crap, should have dumped all the electrolytes in one bottle that way I would know where and when I was getting calories. Couldn't calculate it when it was diluted! Oh well, just hurry up and get to the finish.

I know the trail, a SWEET gradual finish. This is great during the 50 miler! I get to Wedikind camp ground and know it is under an hour to the finish if I run the whole 6+ miles. Oh, it is not 6.6 miles. If it was I would be running 7 minute miles and that ain't happenin' in any ultra that I do.

After Wedikind I am now running on fumes. I just know it. Man did I screw up! I can't count worth a crap!

Maybe this is my new diet plan... Run eight-ten hours and DON'T EAT A DAMB THING. Maybe that is how I can loose this extra flab around the waist and hips. We already know that my hips look "REALLY BIG" with gu in the side pockets. And L.B. said my ass was definetly WIDER than last year at States. Hey, I'm workin' on it guys.

I am just the dumb runner as Kyly says. Man is she right. And this wasn't even a 100. The old age is really showing now.

Well, after the run there was a nice fire as usual. I ate my usual post race meal. And of course I had a nice cold Stout. No, I am not religous about everything. Yes, I now I should be having a recovery drink with the three chain amino acids but I'm a slacker. Plus, a cold one just seems to sound better.

I said good bye to Eric and Michelle as they left. Eric, you're goal time is way too soft. Plus, if you make a realistic goal time it will be easier for your crew to know when you are coming in to the aid stations and finish. This is actually quite important. Happy training Eric! (Eric finishing)

I finish in 6:55, 35 minutes faster than last year. I was O.K. with that. But next time I would like to run much more even splits!!!

Not much running this week in terms of mileage. Have to go to a conference in Eugene for work Saturday and Sunday. Have to keep my license for work you know.

The good thing, I will run after on Pre's trail. Very nice.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

MLK fat ass 34 miler

I drove down to Eugene, Oregon for one of my favorite runs of the year this last Saturday. The MLK fat ass 50k-ish. It is run on Ridgeline trail in South Eugene. Yes, the MLK used to be run about 30 miles outside of town near Lowell, Oregon but for the past three years it has been on Ridgeline.

For those of you that are local to Portland, it is a lot like Wildwood, very runnable. But don't worry, Stephan finds a few climbs. This year there was a new loop that added 500 feet of climbing to bring the total elevation gain to 8000.

After climbing Spencers Butte the ice was too prevalent. Afterall, it was 19 degrees when we started. Yes, we all fell. I think I fell no less than 10 times on the decent. I don't mind falling but when it hurts I do. So, with the consences, we would not make the 1000 foot climb in 1/2 of a mile on the second loop. We would make it up on a different part of the course.

Oh, the climb that we made up to Spencers Butte... Yes, it stands fricken on end. Yes, I can reach out in parts standing straight up and with a arm extended I can touch the trail ahead.

Below, E. David Granam using all fours to get up Spencers Butte. Yes, E. David was a 2008 Western States Lottery winner. Only 15 months to train E.David.

Well, as usuall I start falling behind. No problem. I'm warm and it is a great day with great views above Eugene.

The day is uneventful after not slidding off of Spencers Butte. I see my brother, as he woke up late. He has already been running 95 mile weeks. He already has his splits and plans for States. No pacer this year! He will have a crew though. Going to get after it Solo. He asked me if it went o.k. for me at Rio as I had no pacer or crew. I said I really had fun running solo. Playing cat and mouse with others behind me. I ran "stealth" several times to see where they were at without them seeing me. I loved it. I could have used one to help find trail markings! Or lack there of I should say. But he is going for that top 10 without somebody barking at him for that last 38.

Brother Jeff in red.

Meghan (a.k.a. G.M.) will be running Boston to try to qualify for the Olympic trials. She missed it in Sacramento. But she has a good shot in Bean Town. Heck she PR'd there and so did I. Go get it Meghan. I want to be in Eugene to watch you in '08 tear it up in the Marathon.

Training for a marathon is very different than training for States. I wonder how she will do? We will just have to see.

And now that I am on the Subject of States. L.B. got in because he was nominated by a aid station. Good for you Craig, (former top 10)

Craig and Jeff to left.

WS lottery. O.K. on lottery day there were 371 names drawn. How is there 421 now? Hmmmm interesting. More will be added as the Montrail races are completed also. And yes, the 371 included prev top 10, 25 from foriegn countries, two time loosers, board members, aid station nominees, Gordy, etc. I just wonder how the number rose so greatly.

What 100's do I do? I can't seem to figure it out. Jeff is going to do States and then possibly Tahoe or Vermont three weeks later. Is he getting an itching to do the SLAM next year???????? I wonder.

It was a great day. Spent eight hours on the trail. Did spend a half hour helping bro with car in the parking lot as it was parked on a sheet of ice on a hill with somebody parked behind him. He was able to get out without hitting them thank goodness.

And yes, this is why I take S-caps.

Craig and Laurie had us over afterwards. Great food and drink. Great conversation. They went bowling afterwards as usuall. I drove over to Jeff's for conversation as he couldn't stay at Craig and Laurie's.

Jeff has been training with a 2:20 marathoner lately that might get invited into States because an aid station might nominate him. Wow, that would make the mix interesting. The mens field already looks pretty MEAN this year. I think it is stacked much more so than the last few years. The womens field is strong just not quite as deep. I wonder about those 21 Australians??? Are they going to make a showing? Oh, it will be fun to watch.

Oh, by the way, Yes I was DFL. Two for two I figure.

Friday, January 12, 2007

rambling along

I was doing my little lunch time run here at work today and my mind was wandering... O.K., that is what it pretty much does all the time. You know it when you see me. You look into my eyes and I am just staring like a deer into headlights. Yup, not a lot going on up there most of the time. But a few thoughts came into mind.

One, it is time to start ramping it up. No not a ramp to get up into bed. Ya, I am short but not that short. I'm talking running here. I keep telling myself that my measly 50 miles a week is o.k. But really for me I need high milage for 100's. No, many do just fine and actually really well on much lower. So, by the first week in February I will shoot for close to 100 miles a week.
What kind of milage are you shooting for the first week in February?

It was a little cooler for my run at work today. No, not International Falls, Minnesota cold, no way. But it was brisk. Beautiful day and I could see Mt. Hood. Pretty cool. But I was thinking about those pictures I saw of the guys doing the Western Washington Fat Ass NOT WEARING HATS. Dang, my little bald shaved head can tell you when it hits 40 degrees. I guess they grow them tough up in Washington.

Second I was thinking about what interesting things that I have seen on the trail. Really nothing that exciting. I mean I know of two runners that have seen NAKED WOMEN out there. Yup, they were hiking, not just skinny dipping in a high country lake or anything. And if I remember right one of them was on Wildwood!
What interesting thing have you seen on the trail?

Wooden parrot on Wildwood seen on the Purge and Splurge above.

Another thought passed quickly through the grey matter... I was wondering what my favorite food was. Why did this thought come to mind you say? Well, it was lunch time and I thought I really have to start eating better again. Mine... I guess I should say Pizza. Sorry, that is a boring answer. But the peculiar thing about that answer is I HATE CHEESE!!! Always have. Can't stand it on a sandwich. Don't even think about putting on a hamburger for me. And you can't make me eat that hot spinach dip with cheese and garlic. Ain't happening. The smell of cheese just nauseates me. Aghhhhhh.
What is your favorite food?

And lastly, will I finsh DFL again this year at MLK fat ass 50kish? Probably. I don't give a crap. Afterall, I just hope all the CHEESY lasagna is GONE by the time drag my sorry ass over to L.B.'s house. I don't mind pretzels after all, it goes well with a Guinness.
fast dudes from last years MLK below. Brother in Orange.

Have fun this MLK weekend...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

2007 Schedule???

Well, as far as this years racing schedule goes... the word is "improvise". Too many races are closing within minutes or days of when the applications become available. I.E. Cool, closed in 7minutes 33seconds!!! Miwok 100k closed within a week. I needed that one really bad, crap. Chuck-a-nut 50k is capped, Old Pueblo 50 miler closed, Twin Peaks 50 miler closed, Umstead 100 closed! The list of the obituaries continues. I can't look anymore.

Just going to have to get my applications in and $$$ sent. I can only manage one 50 mile race before my first 100. I wanted at least two and a 100k three to four weeks out of the 100. Now it looks like I might just have to do two more 50's and a 100k solo instead of using a race. Well, more chance to take pictures I figure.

Oh, I could use a marathon or two but really they are two short and I wouldn't spend enough time on my feet to be benificial. I mean I could do a marathon and finish in a little over three hours but I need longer training runs-MORE TIME ON MY FEET! Plus, they cost way too much money. Somebody is getting their backside padded!
Like last year every weekend needs to have a 5 to 12 hour run at least on Saturday followed by a 3 to 6 hour run on Sunday. I'm no H.M., doing back to back 10-12 hour runs with a 50+ miler every other weekend!!!

So, my schedule looks a lot like last year. 14-16 ultras, 2-3 100's and a spattering of other races in between. Not going to spend near the $$$ like last year! Probably won't get in quite as many miles but I do look forward to the 100's. Going to race the first one. Second, enjoy. Then if I do the third one, get after it also.

Then's there's Waldo 100k in between the 100's. Perfect timing. Perfect race. Going to get after that one again. Have to figure out my splits for the first half as that is where the course is shortened to bring it to a proper 62.2 miles. Might even try to recruit a pacer for that one. Too bad I couldn't have one after Mt. Ray. I have never ran that section well. I will be focusing on that section to run better this year that is for sure before getting into Charlton. The only bummer part of the race is no climbing the Twins, bummer. Well, maybe I won't go dry between 4290 and the Twin #2 aid stations like I do every year because we will only be passing by the Twins August 18th? It is going to be a blast this year again!

So, the schedule is written. Nothing is in stone except for Waldo and the two of the 100's. Starting to get excited about late in the year when the big ones come up. They should be fun.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I've been Tagged!!!


Just got tagged. Just another reference that I am slowing down in my old age. Oh well, still fun to play along. Just like in an ultra... I will never win a race but it is always fun to get out there in the mountains and enjoy the trail. Kim http://ocrunnergirl.blogspot.com/ got me as I was running accross the playground during my morning recess. So, here it is...

1. Find nearest book
2. Name book and author
3. Turn to page 123
4. Go to 5th sentence and copy the next three to blog
5. tag 3 others (this might be hard. I might have to hide around the corner to catch somebody)

Here's mine...

1. Book: Stedmans medical dictionary, sorry, I'm at work and that is the closest book.
2. Author? I'll name the Chief Editor, Margery S. Berube
3. Yes, I'm now looking at page 123, counting to five here. (Good thing I have that many fingers.)
4. Calor (Kal' lor) n. A The bodily heat indication an inflammation.
Caloric (Ka-lor'ik) adj. 1. Of or relating to calories.
2. Of or relating to heat.
5. Hidding now to catch somebody instead of trying to run fast and tag them.

Whew! I was worried when I had to turn to page 123. Didn't know if I was going to have to write about something of the disgusting nature.

Hmmm who will be coming around the corner next. Yes, I am hiding right next to the doors back into the school. The teacher Miss Anderson will be blowing her wistle soon I am sure of it...........

Hey just got Olga,

Now Stephanie,

Waiting paitently.....

Ahhh, Got Michelle

Now I'm off to go back in class. Can't play tag until lunch recess. I'm safe for a bit. And yes I did have a crush on Miss Anderson in Second grade.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Bad Ass 50k...

Saturday was the inagraul Bad Ass 50k near Bend Oregon. The venue... Cinder Butte. One two mile out and back and then three loops around and up Cinder Butte. The low point along Smith River Canyon at 3680ft and the high on top of Cinder Butte at 4380. Total run had 3600 feet of gain.
I woke at 4:15 am for the drive over the pass. I woke up about an hour late. I woke at 3:15am to start the coffee but laid back down for a few minutes. Low and behold this was the wrong thing to do.

I had packed the night before. So, I just got dressed and poured a thermos full of coffee and out the door I went. I get down the I-5 and think I forgot to grab the camera. I turn around and come to find out the camera was in the truck. Agh... Waisted 20 minutes doing this.

Drive over was uneveventful. Some snow on the pass. Just slowed down. Make a wrong turn in Bend. Realize I am going to be late. No big deal. Turn down the wrong snowy road to the trail head, slide off the road and slam into a tree. Nice. This is all I need.

Well, make it to the start a half hour late. That is fine. I just skip the out and back and attempt three loops for 27 miles.

Stan and I do start on the out and back but only do a mile and pick up his wife of 20 years, Maura. Head back to the start and I pick up "Fat Boy" Eugene Trahern.

We head up Cinder Butte and it is really windy. And I'm talking "Capital Peak" windy! My new gloves did great. Keeping my hands nice and toasty. They will come in handy in two weeks up in Olympia.

Well, the day warmed up a bit and I would run with first Stan and then Maura on the final laps. We alternated the loops around Cinder Butte to mix things up. We enjoyed good conversation and Stan and Maura brewed a new batch of beer for their fat ass event in two weeks.

So, a good run. Two (almost) 50k's, two weeks in a row. Now MLK 50k next weekend. That should be more fun.

Another Ultra runner is born, April Bean from Bend ran her first Ultra!

Killer enjoyed the run also...

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Crunching the Numbers...

So I kept track of a few things this year. Just wanted to see what crazy things I did and what it all stacked up to be. The motivator... States of course. The word... Focused.

You have to remember that this was my first 100 and I was scared to death. I had run Waldo twice and that is a good challange. Probably the third hardest 100k in the states. (H.U.R.T. and Hellgate being the other harder ones.) But it was still only 66.36 miles, not 100.

I had written down my goals Janurary 3rd, 2006. I still have them hanging on the peg board at work. I didn't get my goal of 12 weeks of 100+ miles a week. Tore my Vastus Medialis early March. Grade 1 tear thank goodness. (small white line close to the bone on the right side of the picture.)(SEE KYLY'S NASTY TEAR OF HER HAMSTRING IN PREVIOUS ENTRY!!!)

Did get in 10 weeks of 100+ and three weeks of 90+ and two weeks of rest with 75+. Eight races leading up to States. DFL three times!!! (didn't care, remember the goal)

So, here are some crazy stupid stats for this year. No, I am not a Hot Newman, LB, Bili, G.M., O.D. French Kiss, White Trash, Olga or the stud of them all...Delicate Flower. I am new to this ultra thing. (those initials are nicknames of real ultra studs!!!) Yes, one of them is my brother. Guess which one?

2006 Stats...........

1. Miles driven to trailheads to run: .................7370.5
2. Times I checked WS website: ....................536
3. Times I e-mailed Kyly: .................................660
4. gu's eaten during training: ..........................82
5. Cans of baked beans eaten: .....................39
6. bandaids used preventing
nipple chafing(sorry ladies, it happens): ......54
7. Pounds of pasta (dry wt.) eaten: ...............9
8. Inches of duct tape used on feet: .............100"
9. Cans of tuna/salmon eaten: ......................287
10. Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches
eaten before heading out for my second
of the day: ......................................................115
11. Days of doing doubles: .........................115
12. Days ran in the year ...............................244
13. Days ran in September! ........................7
( I was a slacker!)
14. Times got sick during a race ...............22
15. Toe nails lost .........................................14
16. Pairs of shoes worn out....................... 9
17. Money spent on States
(includes all food, gas, clothing,
everything for six months leading
up to WS and cost of races.) ....................$3000.44
18. Miles ran up to and including
WS in six months....................................... 2003.2
19. Times Kyly said my hips looked
with gu in my pockets ................................6
20. Ultra's ran ............................................14
21. Days taken off in
April and May ............................................2
22. Weight loss in six months .................12lbs
23. Body fat reduction in ..........................24% to 17%
first six months
24. Weight gain in last
six months ................................................10lbs
(fatty now)
25. Hours running for
the year .....................................................534.5
26. Times ran a 50+ miler
and had a PR!!! .......................................3
27. Favorite Races
(Waldo, States) .......................................2
28. S-caps
(can't count that high)
(let's just count
the # of bottles)................................1.25 approx
29. Marathons ran............................0
(I'm too slow to run
them anymore!)


30. Miles ran for the year ......................3007.25

What are some of your #'s?

Monday, January 01, 2007

muscle tear

Muscle tear...

Well, I scanned Kyly's butt today. She has probably about a grade 3 muscle tear in her hamstring. Yes, the worst tear that you can have. It doesn't look good. It is the worst MRI muscle tear that I have ever seen. She is so pationate about running. This will take time to heal. I feel bad. This is the worst news that a runner can hear. I hope her doctor has some answers. Not a good way to start off the new year!!! (yes, muscle tear on the right or on the left side as you are seeing picture. But really you are viewing the picture as if Kyly was standing in front of you, facing you. The tear is in the right hamstring. You can see the fluid all the way down her leg. This is not good.)

Plurge and Splurge

The 13th anual Plurge and Spurge happened on Sunday the 31st of December. A run that was started my Johnny Swietzer, Eillie, and Kyly. It is a unsupported run that starts at the end of Wildwood and continues the entire length of the inner city trail in Forest Park in Portland Oregon.

Wildwood is a continuous trail of 29.75 miles. From the end on Newberry Street to the end at the Portland Zoo, there is only 2900 feet of gain and loss of about the same. So, really a runnable trail.

Today, there was over 30 of the local ultra community doing the friendly run. Some of the group started out an hour early. Not sure why. They were the fast group. Then there was also the local road running group doing there own run. They went zooming by us all day with no water bottles, hydration packs or food.

Kyly had a couple of hard falls. It aggravated her hamstring. I am wondering if she tore it a few months ago? It has taken forever to heal. I just wish it would get better. I want to see her happy again.

Kyly above after fall.

Well, it wasn't great for Kyly. I am wondering if she tore her hamstring a few months ago. Because she took a couple of falls today and aggravated it. She was reduced to a walk the last mile and a half. I don't wish that on anybody!

Burke and I were talking the whole way. Like my brother and Craig at Waldo. Two little school girls, non-stop conversation. I was just loving listening to him. He has such a knowledge base in running. Plus, he knows a few things about Kyly that I didn't know... Love that.

We saw the woodpecker and other birds along with the wedding dress in the trees.

Plus, we saw the axe. I wonder how long it has been there. And I wonder about the story about it.

The P&S is a great end of the year run. Thank you Johnny, Ellie, and Kyly. Thank you.