Friday, January 12, 2007

rambling along

I was doing my little lunch time run here at work today and my mind was wandering... O.K., that is what it pretty much does all the time. You know it when you see me. You look into my eyes and I am just staring like a deer into headlights. Yup, not a lot going on up there most of the time. But a few thoughts came into mind.

One, it is time to start ramping it up. No not a ramp to get up into bed. Ya, I am short but not that short. I'm talking running here. I keep telling myself that my measly 50 miles a week is o.k. But really for me I need high milage for 100's. No, many do just fine and actually really well on much lower. So, by the first week in February I will shoot for close to 100 miles a week.
What kind of milage are you shooting for the first week in February?

It was a little cooler for my run at work today. No, not International Falls, Minnesota cold, no way. But it was brisk. Beautiful day and I could see Mt. Hood. Pretty cool. But I was thinking about those pictures I saw of the guys doing the Western Washington Fat Ass NOT WEARING HATS. Dang, my little bald shaved head can tell you when it hits 40 degrees. I guess they grow them tough up in Washington.

Second I was thinking about what interesting things that I have seen on the trail. Really nothing that exciting. I mean I know of two runners that have seen NAKED WOMEN out there. Yup, they were hiking, not just skinny dipping in a high country lake or anything. And if I remember right one of them was on Wildwood!
What interesting thing have you seen on the trail?

Wooden parrot on Wildwood seen on the Purge and Splurge above.

Another thought passed quickly through the grey matter... I was wondering what my favorite food was. Why did this thought come to mind you say? Well, it was lunch time and I thought I really have to start eating better again. Mine... I guess I should say Pizza. Sorry, that is a boring answer. But the peculiar thing about that answer is I HATE CHEESE!!! Always have. Can't stand it on a sandwich. Don't even think about putting on a hamburger for me. And you can't make me eat that hot spinach dip with cheese and garlic. Ain't happening. The smell of cheese just nauseates me. Aghhhhhh.
What is your favorite food?

And lastly, will I finsh DFL again this year at MLK fat ass 50kish? Probably. I don't give a crap. Afterall, I just hope all the CHEESY lasagna is GONE by the time drag my sorry ass over to L.B.'s house. I don't mind pretzels after all, it goes well with a Guinness.
fast dudes from last years MLK below. Brother in Orange.

Have fun this MLK weekend...


stephruns said...

that's a lot of thinking I agree. thinking is my biggest weakness...sometimes i wish i could just shut it off and take it all easy.

i'm not running as many miles as I said I would so far...barely 30.
I really haven't seen anything interesting on a trail!
And my favorite food? It's a mood thing> mashed potatoes, pasta, pizza...Lately I am having fun though eating protein!


Sarah said...

I've seen the birds on WW, but sorry, no naked women. And I'm still looking for the wedding dress. Where is that again? Is it still there?

Favorite food? I was trying to think of the one ingestible that I look forward to every day. That would be coffee! Does that count? I eat peanut butter nearly every day too so that's gotta be up there. I like cheese too, but I don't want to gross you out too much. : )

GB said...

Mileage for first week of February is about 40-50, so I'll shoot for 50.

I've seen only the typical things on the trail: snakes, geckos and BIG HAIRY spiders. I hate those damned spiders.

Oh food, I love it ALL. I LOVE CHEESE and make a MEAN lasagna using Monterey Jack CHEESE and cottage CHEESE. My favorite food of all time is Ice Cream though. If I could have it at least twice a day, I'd be a happy (although quite round) woman.

robtherunner said...

I'm hoping 60+ with an easy week every month to help with recovery. It's tough to do with my schedule and my lazy butt not getting out of bed in the a.m.

Unfortunately I have not seen very many interesting sights out on the trails. I was doing a training run on the first half of the White River 50 course and we had two huge elk come charge down the mountain about 50 yards in front of us. That was pretty cool. I think I would prefer naked women charging down the mountain though. Good luck at MLK.

olga said...

Mid-60 in the first week of Feb.

When I ran in Van Cortlandt park in NYC, I saw a couple of partially naked "showing" men - pretty scary thing.

Best of fun at MLK!

Neese said...

lol this post cracked me up.... sadly i sometimes catch myself in the "deer in the headlights" mode...which, maybe is better than thinking too much sometimes.

have fun @ MLK

sister smile said...

I think 45-ish by the first week of February. Work is kicking my butt right now.

I saw a naked guy on the subway once. Does that count?

angie's pink fuzzy said...

i'm late catching up!

first week of feb mileage: hoping for 15.

favorite food: the government has it all wrong; the four food groups are cheese, bacon, bread and chocolate. In that order.

seen on the trail: gila monster, other assorted wildlife (including 3 bears), and two folks going at it.