Monday, October 30, 2006

What's on your i-pod

So I'm running during my lunch our and I was thinking... (there I go again) I have ran with a radio on and off for the last 20+ years. Just think, (your turn) a Sony Walkman 25 years ogo went for $229 dollars. Really it did. After all I bought one. Well, I later returned it because there was a "humming" sound when the tape player was being used. It was large by today's standards. But I didn't care because it was what I was going to use when I rode my motorcycle. That was my only mode of transpertaion at the time.

But now I was given a great gift in the i-pod. I tend to go through a small FM tuner about once a year. Usually because I have dropped it for the tenth time. But now I have this light weight i-pod that holds more songs than I care to remember.

I don't use it during races. Want to be polite and curtious to other runners as they pass me. As I said, when I ran McKenzie River I had to YELL three times at a gentleman that had one on. I told him to turn the darn thing down and he didn't even hear that. Dude, it's single track! But at AL I might actually dawn it for a bit. After all, there is plenty of room to pass me.

What's on my i-pod??? Tons of techno. Groups that I couldn't even tell you who they are when the song is playing. Groups like:

Timo Mass
Organic Audio

Then there is the old school alternative:

New Order
Depeche Mode
(Personal Jesus is my fave.{pump mix})(Policy of Truth very good also.)

Then the Killers for some harder driving alternative.

Blues, gotta have some.

So, it is only about half full. How easy is it to down load? Heck I can even do it. So, maybe I might wear it the next time I run with Kyly. That way I won't have to listen to her. Just kidding Kyly. I enjoy good conversation. After all, I don't get it during lunch.

So, what's on your i-pod/mp3 player?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

random thoughts

I will try this again as I completed the entire blog and as I was getting ready to publish it vanished into electronic cyber space. Technology, love it, hate it.

Today I was not that busy at work and I had a lot of random thoughts. It almost hurt thinking that much.

Most of the time I stick strickly to running in this blog. But today will just be a lot of rambling. Some on the topic of running but mostly just obscure thought put into type. So here it goes...

I was thinking, why do I have 14 bottles of salad dressing in the fridge? I mean I bought as many salad dressing bottles as I did running shoes this year. Thank goodness I retired some of the shoes after putting 400 miles on a pair but I can not say the same about the salad dressing. I was greatful for donating 13 pairs of warn out shoes at S.O.B. At least they might end up as part of a Junior High track some day. And why do I have over a half a dozen different kinds of hot sauce and tabasco bottles? Heck I have that many different kinds of mustard also. I don't even like mustard all that much. But no, I still have seven bottles of the yellow stuff in the fridge.

O.K., some running content:

I had written down Janurary 3rd of this year to run 14 Ultra's. Nice, did all of them plus one. Well, I did substitute RDL 100 for Sunmart 50 miler. Not bad substitue I figure. Nice to check off the races as the months went by. Plus, six out of seven PR's. And a couple by more than an hour. (only non-PR was S.O.B. three weeks after States. I just ran and took 70 pictures that day while on the course. Missed a PR that day by one minute) I figure next years schedule will look close to the same. Either three or four 100's though. (sorry not an Olga or Catra) Going to start the year off with three fat ass runs in Janurary. Heck, they will only cost me $3 total for entry fees. Can't beat that. Just a great way to enjoy the trail and see friends. Got to love the Oregon Trail Series also. Just great training and racing. They just fall into great timing for the 100's that I want to do. One more way to see great places and friends.

Non-running content:

Goals. Yes, already started thinking about goals for next year. No, I don't make New Years resolutions. I just set goals. Like to lose about 10 pounds. Lost a little over 10 pounds last year. Went from 24% body fat to 17% getting ready for States. Oh the days of less than 7% body fat are long gone. Heck, I'm not 18 any more. Oh, got to get rid of some of this gut. I had abbs 30 years ago. Would like something that resembled abbs just one more time. No, I won't be a John Ticer. A fricken ripped 49 year old fireman that will obliterate the Super Masters record at States when he gets in again at age 50 or more.

Black. Yes, I said black. I am surrounded by it. My truck is black. My dinnerware is black. Stereo, watch, wallet, birkenstocks, and back pack are all black. I run in black shorts along with black sunglasses. O.K., Kyly did make me run in the puke green shorts at WS so she could see me coming into aid stations. Had to do it you know. Can't piss of the crew chief/boss.

But I always choose black. Why is that. Is it a "guy" thing? Heck my toenails were black for six months also. (at least when I had them) Have to follow suit I figure. The beverage... Black. Yes, Stout is the beer of choice. Black as Black can be. And let us not forget coffee. Black. So black you could swear that a spoon could stand up in it. And almost a pot of the stuff a day. Oh, that can't be good. I guess it goes with the Guiness I can be seen drinking now and then. So it is black.


A couple more goals. Run all 100's in under 24. And of course get under 14 at Waldo. Don't know about Miwok yet. Will do it if I get into States. But I wasn't that impressed by it last year.


I was thinking today, when I last had a piece of chocolate. I honestly can't tell you the last time I had any. I mean it might be up to at least a year. Really. Just don't crave the stuff. Oh yea, I love the stuff. I remember as a kid that I would have halloween candy left over from a year as the next holloween would come around. But I just don't remember when I had any chocolate last.


Changes in training next year? Not a whole lot I guess. Will do an early morning run because I can't always get out at lunch time for my first run of the double for the day. That way I will be assured of getting in doubles every day. Will try for 12 weeks of 100 miles a week instead of 10. Still focus on 15-18 weeks of 90+ again. That seemed to work. Plus, I get to eat six meals a day when I do that. Yummy.

Eating: Push the protein again. 287 servings of salmon/tuna did the trick last year for six months leading up to States. Figure can't change what worked. 113 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches might have to change for those six months though. Maybe throw in a turkey sandwich or two. The baked beans... Gotta stick with them also. The 35 cans I had during six months of training gave me some good solid calories to finish those long six hour runs. Heck I will be eating two more at Autumn Leaves 50 miler. Eating and running. Eating and running. Round and round we go as Rob said. Very well put. Gotta love it.


Cheese. I hate the stuff. The smell, the texture, everything. I remember working in a Pizza Parlor in high school and the smell would nauseate me when I would first set foot in the door. Really it would. But then again why do I like pizza? Really, I could eat it every day. I did for a few years as I ended up managing the pizza parlor. Pizza every day. Heck, I had pizza for dinner tonight. So why is that? Don't put cheese on a sandwich, an omlet, or even a hamburger. I will not take a bite. Yuk. I hate cheese. (oh, hate mushrooms and olives also.) (same kinda thing, smell and texture.)


O.K. Like I said, I was slow today at work. The synapses were working overtime. I think I might have hurt something actually. The grey matter just hasn't had that much electrical current running through it in a long time. I wonder if I bruised something? O.K., that is physiologically impossible. Well, I can have my co-worker do and MRI on my brain tomorrow to make sure everything is intact. But then again he would really have to do a "functional" MR to see the brain activity. And really that could be quite depressing. Because you see, there isn't a lot going on up there most of the time. I will leave well enough alone. Now it is time to finish my very "black" Guiness and call it an evening.

Now I look forward to my next run. Really enjoying these last few weeks. Just thankful that I was given the gift to do this. Very thankful and look forward to next year.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Planning and Rambling

Yesturday I put in for vacations for next year. The dates... Funny, they all are around the dates of 100's. Three to be exact. Will put in for a half day off the Friday before Where's Waldo 100k, the best race ever I might add.

What does that all mean? Yup, hooked. Starting to like the 100 distance. Why? I'm too darn slow for the shorter stuff. Plus, you can walk in 100's. I like walking. I even walk in my little six mile lunch time runs.

Bummer though. I would like to do Leadville sometime. But it is always the same weekend as Waldo. I'm not giving up that. But maybe in three years after completing five Waldo's I will do it. We will have to see. Cool think about Waldo, it might be the 100k Masters championship this next year. Craig has already wheeled off the start to take off four miles because the course is long (66.36 miles). So it looks like we will be hiking straight up the ski slope. No running there. The race filled last year so I am sure it will fill if it is the Masters championship. Just love that race. On a side note, there might not be relay teams for the race anymore. Just 100k solo runners. I don't mind, I do it solo. Plus, I won't get passed like I'm standing still by the relay runners anymore. And I mean they are flyin' by me after the halfway point. Quite demoralizing to see them breezing by. But the good thing is they always have encouraging words as I do for them. Gotta love this sport...

San Diego this weekend. Will be "watching" others from the PNW. They should do well. Dan Harshberger did really well at Heartland. I am glad for him.

Now I have to figure out where to run this weekend. My friend is injured that I run with a lot. The injury is getting better thank goodness. But it will be lonely for my long runs this weekend. Well, just makes running with friends the next time that much better. Have to appriciate it. Have to see if I get rained on this weekend. Yes, the seasons are changing. Got to love the trees right now. Just wonderful to be on the trail in all seasons.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Back in the groove

Well, I think the season is completely over for me. But I already have my eye on next years schedule. Thinking about doing at least two 100's. Sorry, I am not Olga. But with that I will be getting after both of them I believe. Yes, I still have to put in for States. Better get going on that. That will be the focus if I do happen to get in but not counting on it. My brother is in as a two time loser. He did well at AC and took some good time off to rest and will be getting ready for States soon. He improved tons last year again. I really thing he could run in the top 10 at States. I will be watching him for sure on States day. How exciting.

Went for my first run in two weeks out from Rio. Very relaxing actually. Could tell the weather changes. Now it is time to get out the winter clothes I guess.

Looking forward to more relaxing runs.

Wait, I do have one more race this year, Autumn Leaves 50 miler. Now let's see if I can count to 10. Ten laps you know. A friend made me a split card. I will rely on that to keep count as last year I lost track. Just the "dumb" runner in me.