Monday, October 30, 2006

What's on your i-pod

So I'm running during my lunch our and I was thinking... (there I go again) I have ran with a radio on and off for the last 20+ years. Just think, (your turn) a Sony Walkman 25 years ogo went for $229 dollars. Really it did. After all I bought one. Well, I later returned it because there was a "humming" sound when the tape player was being used. It was large by today's standards. But I didn't care because it was what I was going to use when I rode my motorcycle. That was my only mode of transpertaion at the time.

But now I was given a great gift in the i-pod. I tend to go through a small FM tuner about once a year. Usually because I have dropped it for the tenth time. But now I have this light weight i-pod that holds more songs than I care to remember.

I don't use it during races. Want to be polite and curtious to other runners as they pass me. As I said, when I ran McKenzie River I had to YELL three times at a gentleman that had one on. I told him to turn the darn thing down and he didn't even hear that. Dude, it's single track! But at AL I might actually dawn it for a bit. After all, there is plenty of room to pass me.

What's on my i-pod??? Tons of techno. Groups that I couldn't even tell you who they are when the song is playing. Groups like:

Timo Mass
Organic Audio

Then there is the old school alternative:

New Order
Depeche Mode
(Personal Jesus is my fave.{pump mix})(Policy of Truth very good also.)

Then the Killers for some harder driving alternative.

Blues, gotta have some.

So, it is only about half full. How easy is it to down load? Heck I can even do it. So, maybe I might wear it the next time I run with Kyly. That way I won't have to listen to her. Just kidding Kyly. I enjoy good conversation. After all, I don't get it during lunch.

So, what's on your i-pod/mp3 player?


olga said...

Like your random posts. Great plan, and I'll see ya bright and early on Sat!

mtnrunR said...

So Olga,
What's on your i-pod? I've seen you run/race with it.

do share,

Sarah said...

I don't have an ipod...yet...
: )

stephruns said...

I don't have an i-pod, well, I have one but I'm not using it. I prefer my mp3 player from 4 years ago. 15 songs fit on it and I LOVE it.

If you want to fly, try these:

Dance4Life by Tiesto
Alpha Omega by Project Pitchfork
I close my eyes by DJ Inphinity
Moonshine by DJ Kaycee
love song by DJ Manian
Cocaine by DJ paul Oakenfold
In My Memory (Remix) by DJ Tiesto
Lord of Trance by DJ Tiesto
Seven days and one week by BBE
What else is there by Royksopp
Touch me - DJ Tiesto
I ran by A flock of Seagulls (my favorite running song!)

I also like VNV Nation, Depeche mode (especially remixes, Apotygma Berzek and everything that's trancy and fast.....

robtherunner said...

I will probably use the i-pod at Autumn Leaves, but I try to keep the volume low enough so I can still hear feet coming up on me.

Let's see-
Mercy Me, Jimi Hendrix, Coldplay, Pink Floyd, Shakira, Christina Aguilera, Tom Petty, David Crowder, Jimmy Buffet, etc. I still have tons of stuff to put on there. See ya Saturday.

olga said...

Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Deep Purple, Beatles, King Diamond, a couple of Russian group and other American of alike style of hard rock, plus Mylene Farmer (french singer). It is mostly my son's music - and ineterstingly, we have the same taste...
p.s. pardon my spelling of the names - I never cared to look at the CD box.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

I use music during the night parts of 100-milers. (I also used music on a very lonely 2nd half of the Heartland 50M, 3 weeks ago).

I carry two Ipod 1GB Shuffles. One has easy-going inspirational music, i.e. Coltrane, other Jazz artists, Blues, Reggae, Old Skool Led Zepplin, etc.
The other is loaded with music that gets my heart & legs pumping fast...NOFX, the Refused, Bad Religion, Jimi Hendrix, Techno, etc.
It works. All I do to "switch moods" is plug into the other 'Pod. It also gives me the possibility of up to 20 hours of music.