Monday, October 09, 2006

Back in the groove

Well, I think the season is completely over for me. But I already have my eye on next years schedule. Thinking about doing at least two 100's. Sorry, I am not Olga. But with that I will be getting after both of them I believe. Yes, I still have to put in for States. Better get going on that. That will be the focus if I do happen to get in but not counting on it. My brother is in as a two time loser. He did well at AC and took some good time off to rest and will be getting ready for States soon. He improved tons last year again. I really thing he could run in the top 10 at States. I will be watching him for sure on States day. How exciting.

Went for my first run in two weeks out from Rio. Very relaxing actually. Could tell the weather changes. Now it is time to get out the winter clothes I guess.

Looking forward to more relaxing runs.

Wait, I do have one more race this year, Autumn Leaves 50 miler. Now let's see if I can count to 10. Ten laps you know. A friend made me a split card. I will rely on that to keep count as last year I lost track. Just the "dumb" runner in me.


olga said...

I am looking forward next year too, and will be doing 2 100s as well:) And I do intend to get after them too - I am too bummed out about this year, but I've heard "bad year, good one" are supposed to alternate...hmm, I had 3 good years before, what does it tell me? better not to think about it!
I emailed Fritz that i want to volunteer, but never heard back. Not sure if he needs me, but might show up anyway.

stephruns said...

i had the same fear of losing count of the loops at the turkey swamp race. i put a pen in my shorts, but it fell off after running only 5 feet. i wanted to make marks on my arms!!!!!!!!!!!!