Friday, October 20, 2006

Planning and Rambling

Yesturday I put in for vacations for next year. The dates... Funny, they all are around the dates of 100's. Three to be exact. Will put in for a half day off the Friday before Where's Waldo 100k, the best race ever I might add.

What does that all mean? Yup, hooked. Starting to like the 100 distance. Why? I'm too darn slow for the shorter stuff. Plus, you can walk in 100's. I like walking. I even walk in my little six mile lunch time runs.

Bummer though. I would like to do Leadville sometime. But it is always the same weekend as Waldo. I'm not giving up that. But maybe in three years after completing five Waldo's I will do it. We will have to see. Cool think about Waldo, it might be the 100k Masters championship this next year. Craig has already wheeled off the start to take off four miles because the course is long (66.36 miles). So it looks like we will be hiking straight up the ski slope. No running there. The race filled last year so I am sure it will fill if it is the Masters championship. Just love that race. On a side note, there might not be relay teams for the race anymore. Just 100k solo runners. I don't mind, I do it solo. Plus, I won't get passed like I'm standing still by the relay runners anymore. And I mean they are flyin' by me after the halfway point. Quite demoralizing to see them breezing by. But the good thing is they always have encouraging words as I do for them. Gotta love this sport...

San Diego this weekend. Will be "watching" others from the PNW. They should do well. Dan Harshberger did really well at Heartland. I am glad for him.

Now I have to figure out where to run this weekend. My friend is injured that I run with a lot. The injury is getting better thank goodness. But it will be lonely for my long runs this weekend. Well, just makes running with friends the next time that much better. Have to appriciate it. Have to see if I get rained on this weekend. Yes, the seasons are changing. Got to love the trees right now. Just wonderful to be on the trail in all seasons.


olga said...

You are funny:) I've got same vacation requests, though I don't need to do it so much in advance.
And I like to walk too! I don't think you'll be walking in 2 weeks though - I predict 7 hrs!

Sarah said...

Enjoy your trail runs this weekend. I think there'll be some sun. : )

stephruns said...

great excuse to run 100's only!!!

are you still thinking of doing RR?

If my injury passes by soon I will run this one as my first 50 miler. Just really need to train super hard December and January then. Besides I have never been to Texas!