Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pre's trail revisited

Last weekend I had to be down in Eugene, Oregon for a two day MRI conference to earn Continuing Education credits to keep certified in my profession. I don't mind, get to learn new things and maintain a solid network for possible future employment if needed.

What I really wanted to do was run a bit either before or after the daily meetings. O.K., let's be realistic, mornings don't happen with me. I'm pretty lazy. So, I would plan to run right after getting back to the hotel. I was only about a mile from the trail so that would make things easy.

Pre's trail is an inner-city trail along the Willamette River (Will-am-et), The only Northernly Direction Flowing River in the U.S.

I would only do a few miles each night but I was o.k. with that. Next week will being the ramping up week. I got there at about 5:30pm on Saturday. A few were out but I knew it would be a relaxing run on soft bark for the most part. Most of the trail is covered in bark-o-mulch making for a cushy run on these old legs. There are some paved bike path that connects to it for longer 20ish mile runs but I wouldn't be doing that this weekend.

I ran a bit with my I-pod on just really enjoying the bounce of the trail as I think they must have added some bark recently. After only about 15 minutes of running I run into L.B. Cool, I turn around and we run and talk together.

Craig on Right with Sunsweet shirt after AC. Chris, his brother on left.

Craig is feeling great ramping up for States. He seemed excited about it really. Will a top ten be in order for him again??? We will just have to see. We get back to the parking lot and and he said he is done. I have a bit more to go so I bid him fairwell and I run in the dark to finish.

I like the fact that there are lamp posts lit along the way. Not great lighting but it will do on this smooth trail.

So, this week I kinda had to "throw away" in terms of mileage. That's fine. It was a very relaxing week. Looking forward to a new change of pace now.

It was really enjoyable to be able to run on a great inner-city trail that is really set up for runners and walkers. Such a great place to visit and relive history.

You see I actually watched Pre run. I will date myself here... I watched him run in College and in the Olympic trials in 1972. I still have a program from that time. Went to the 1976 trials but missed the 1980 meet. I will be looking forward to the 2008 trials there starting June 27th. Hmmm, the Monday after States. Busy few weeks I figure.


olga said...

The trail looks wonderful, soft dirt and trees. It is good to visit places and run new paths, especially if you have memories. Call it a cut-back week and think of its benefits.

stephruns said...

i just looked up Prefontaine for the first time; even his pic is so popular I have never really researched him. So sad he died at 24. But i'm sure he lived to the fullest.

How great you were able to run on this trail!

mtnrunR said...

Rent the movie about him. No it is not the greatest theatrical performance by anyone but really it is pretty darn accurate.

Pre was a fricken animal. He just got after it in races. He just wanted to see who had the most guts to win, not just who was fastest, but who had the most guts. He was just amazing.

The Eugene Marathon will probably not go by Pre's Rock (near wear he was killed) but it will remember him none the less.

Remember this is where Nike all started and he was a part of it.

OCRunnerGirl said...

I just watched the movie "Without Limits" the other weekend. Great, great movie about a truly magnificent runner. That is great that you actually watched him. I am jealous! How awesome that you were able to run on his trail too! Thanks for sharing.
Happy Day!

stephruns said...

Yeah, some animal he must have been.

Quote: “The only good race pace is suicide pace, and today looks like a good day to die.”


DawnB said...

What a beautiful trail. Its ok to have a down week. And thank you for the advice on the sneakers!! I will certainly try. But I will bring out one of the old ones just in case I screw up!! :)

stoutlover said...

"throw away miles" do you even knowwhat they are??

Sarah said...

Nice pictures! They make me look forward to the Eugene marathon in April. Very cool that you got to see Pre run!

GB said...

Gorgeous trail. I'll have to run on it someday. Lucky you, got to see Pre run! That must've been somethin'!

GB said...

This quote of the day from the Final Sprint website made me think of you and all Ultra runners.

“Some may ask why I am running such long distances. There are reasons. During the ultras I come to a point where my body is almost dead. My mind has to take leadership. When it is very hard there is a war going on between the body and the mind. If my body wins, I will have to give up; if my mind wins, I will continue. At that time I feel that I stay outside of my body. It is as if I see my body in front of me; my mind commands and my body follows. This is a very special feeling, which I like very much … It is a very beautiful feeling and the only time I experience my personality separate from my body, as two different things.”

- Yiannis Kouros, Greek Ultra-Marathon runner

Anonymous said...


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