Sunday, January 14, 2007

MLK fat ass 34 miler

I drove down to Eugene, Oregon for one of my favorite runs of the year this last Saturday. The MLK fat ass 50k-ish. It is run on Ridgeline trail in South Eugene. Yes, the MLK used to be run about 30 miles outside of town near Lowell, Oregon but for the past three years it has been on Ridgeline.

For those of you that are local to Portland, it is a lot like Wildwood, very runnable. But don't worry, Stephan finds a few climbs. This year there was a new loop that added 500 feet of climbing to bring the total elevation gain to 8000.

After climbing Spencers Butte the ice was too prevalent. Afterall, it was 19 degrees when we started. Yes, we all fell. I think I fell no less than 10 times on the decent. I don't mind falling but when it hurts I do. So, with the consences, we would not make the 1000 foot climb in 1/2 of a mile on the second loop. We would make it up on a different part of the course.

Oh, the climb that we made up to Spencers Butte... Yes, it stands fricken on end. Yes, I can reach out in parts standing straight up and with a arm extended I can touch the trail ahead.

Below, E. David Granam using all fours to get up Spencers Butte. Yes, E. David was a 2008 Western States Lottery winner. Only 15 months to train E.David.

Well, as usuall I start falling behind. No problem. I'm warm and it is a great day with great views above Eugene.

The day is uneventful after not slidding off of Spencers Butte. I see my brother, as he woke up late. He has already been running 95 mile weeks. He already has his splits and plans for States. No pacer this year! He will have a crew though. Going to get after it Solo. He asked me if it went o.k. for me at Rio as I had no pacer or crew. I said I really had fun running solo. Playing cat and mouse with others behind me. I ran "stealth" several times to see where they were at without them seeing me. I loved it. I could have used one to help find trail markings! Or lack there of I should say. But he is going for that top 10 without somebody barking at him for that last 38.

Brother Jeff in red.

Meghan (a.k.a. G.M.) will be running Boston to try to qualify for the Olympic trials. She missed it in Sacramento. But she has a good shot in Bean Town. Heck she PR'd there and so did I. Go get it Meghan. I want to be in Eugene to watch you in '08 tear it up in the Marathon.

Training for a marathon is very different than training for States. I wonder how she will do? We will just have to see.

And now that I am on the Subject of States. L.B. got in because he was nominated by a aid station. Good for you Craig, (former top 10)

Craig and Jeff to left.

WS lottery. O.K. on lottery day there were 371 names drawn. How is there 421 now? Hmmmm interesting. More will be added as the Montrail races are completed also. And yes, the 371 included prev top 10, 25 from foriegn countries, two time loosers, board members, aid station nominees, Gordy, etc. I just wonder how the number rose so greatly.

What 100's do I do? I can't seem to figure it out. Jeff is going to do States and then possibly Tahoe or Vermont three weeks later. Is he getting an itching to do the SLAM next year???????? I wonder.

It was a great day. Spent eight hours on the trail. Did spend a half hour helping bro with car in the parking lot as it was parked on a sheet of ice on a hill with somebody parked behind him. He was able to get out without hitting them thank goodness.

And yes, this is why I take S-caps.

Craig and Laurie had us over afterwards. Great food and drink. Great conversation. They went bowling afterwards as usuall. I drove over to Jeff's for conversation as he couldn't stay at Craig and Laurie's.

Jeff has been training with a 2:20 marathoner lately that might get invited into States because an aid station might nominate him. Wow, that would make the mix interesting. The mens field already looks pretty MEAN this year. I think it is stacked much more so than the last few years. The womens field is strong just not quite as deep. I wonder about those 21 Australians??? Are they going to make a showing? Oh, it will be fun to watch.

Oh, by the way, Yes I was DFL. Two for two I figure.


Backofpack said...

I hope there's no ice for me next week! Okay, I'm confused by the E.David 2008 WS lottery winner stuff - does that mean he's a two-time loser, so he's in for 2008?

mtnrunR said...

No, E. David is not a two time looser. He bought lottery tickets like I did and he and another woman won. The lottery ticket money is used for trail work costs. Last year was the most expensive year ever to work on the trail as WS had to spend almost $20,000 to open up Duncan Canyon again.

robtherunner said...

I think a DFL with the runners you are running with isn't anything to hang your head over. Some speedsters there. We should be in for more snow next week, I imagine.

stephruns said...

oh my..were you cold at all??? it looks brutal.

i don't understand the WS100 registration have to win the lottery - randomly? How come Twietmeyer ran it 25 times then????

GB said...

I have to admit, reading about all this ultra running is peaking my interest. Hmmmm. Maybe I'll start training for those after Boston. I sincerely admire you ultra runners.

mtnrunR said...

Western States has a lottery the first week of December every year.

New is the lottery that you can buy lottery tickets for a FREE entry into the race a year and a half from now. You can buy lottery tickets for $5 a piece or something like that. They had such a big responce two years ago that they choose two people now. The money from the raffle goes to pay for trail maintainence on the WS course. Last year it took close to $20,000 to open up Duncan Canyon again because of the forest fire.

The main lottery takes place the same day in December. They pick about 350 names. But there are many automatic entries:

1. WS Board memebers, Twiet has been one for many years and is the President now. He told Craig to run ahead of him if they entered the track together two years ago when they were in 10th place together at hwy 49. Very cool. (Craig ended up gapping him at the finish, so it was a non-issue) So, Twiet finished M9 last year but is not running this year. Thus, an open spot there is not invited back.

2. Top 10 female and male get invited back.

3. Top 25 first entries from foreign countries excluding Canada.

4. Aid station Running Clubs can nominate one runner.

5. Gordy and CowMan

6. Winner of American River 50 mile, male and female

7. Certain sponsor agreements

8. Nine time finishers going for their 10th, first attempt only here.

9. Two time loosers of the lottery

10. And now winners of races in the Montrail Ultra cup. 5 or 6 races. I don't pay close attention to this as I will never have this issue come up.

11. Special consideration also. I think David Terry got in two years because of this. Special consideration is VERY HARD to get in with.

12. Invitees... I think they invite some runners. i.e. Dave Mackey two years ago to try to contend with S.J.

I am SURE I am forgeting some other considerations but that is the jist of it. The biggest factor in getting in now is the two time loser rule. Two years ago one had a 48% chance of getting in. Last year it was only 25%. What will it be next year?

So, States is VERY hard to get into even though it is by far NOT the hardest 100. It is just the first. It has the most hoopla by far.

Twiet finished in the top ten almost all those 25 years and the ones he didn't he was on the board of trustees. I think he only finished outside of the top ten two years ago when Craig finished ahead of him. He has won the race five times!

mtnrunR said...

Oh, two years ago they didn't have the "two time looser" rule that is why the higher percentage entry chance.

OCRunnerGirl said...

Thanks for explaining Ws to me/us. I did not understand it either. Great post and pics to match! Looked like it was so, so cold out there but from the pics - you guys had a blast! Great read!

Sarah said...

That looks/sounds like a tough run! I'd be proud of your DFL. : )

olga said...

At this point of my life I'd take your DFL in a second...I'd beat you to it, beat you greatly, by a few hours:)
Nice run!

stephruns said...

thanks for explaining this.

Bob Gentile said...

Great post and pics of the event, that race looks tough!!...

and thanks Tom for that explanation of the WS100 entry... I have the DVD "A Race for the Soul"-WS100...pretty neat to get a closer look on what it's like.

Anonymous said...

Sounds/looks like some tough conditions for the run! Good for you for finishing - who cares what place, I'm impressed that you did it! I couldn't even dream of that accomplishment!

Thanks for the words of support on my blog. I agree with your training partner that the politics of education are the challenge.

Also, thanks for the info. on the ultra runs. I think it's great that they require volunteer work. What a great way to give back to the sport!

DawnB said...

Truely amazing, thanks for visiting and giving me hope!!I can't wait for that mother son marathon!!!

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Nice photos.

Happy trails in 2007,
Bad Ben

teacherwoman said...

Beautiful photos! My ex-boyfriend was from Oregon, but I never did make it out there to see it with my own two eyes! Just lovely!