Saturday, January 20, 2007

I didn't use my Abacus again!!!

Saturday January 20th I woke at 3am to drive North to Olympia, Washington to partake in the Capital Peak Mega Fat Ass 34 mile trail run. I drank my coffee and DIDN'T spill it, Yea. Ate my sandwiches on the way up.

This Ultra was my first Ultra in 2004, back when I had a little more speed than I do now. I knew what to expect, any kind of weather mother nature can dream up.

I met Eric and Michelle Barnes before the start. Nice to meet other NW blogers. Eric is on a qwest for Silver June 23rd. (Eric to below)

This day was perfect as weather conditions goes. Maybe only about 30 degrees. Not sure, but it was warmer than last weeks 19 degrees in Eugene running the MLK.

I had chosen my 4x4 trail shoes. Hands down the best traction of all my shoes. I don't normally wear them because they are like racing flats for trails but I knew the trail and knew the conditions that I would encounter.

Half way up to Capital Peak looking S.W.

Tony, a.k.a T.C., Covarrubias on the way up. (in black)

The run is two laps consisting of almost 17 miles each. The Mima Porter and Greenline #7 trails are the best maintained of any that are used in the Capital Peak ultras.

The first loop the trail was frozen or had snow. Good footing I thought. My goal was to not run under 3:30 for the first lap. But no, got stuck in the line and didn't step off. Idiot. I run the first lap with Eric. Finish in 3:15. Too fast man. We head out after I eat my beans and drink extra fluids as I was dry the last five miles of the first loop.

The second lap was as expected, less good footing. No big deal. The best part of the second lap is the sun came out! Yea, only the second time this has ever happened to me in the seven races I have done on this course. ( the top of Capital Peak with the Sun peaking through)

Eric and I got seperated and I turned on my I-pod. I don't normally run with this during races as I want to be able to hear people coming from behind so I can pull off and let them pass. But I needed it today.

I knew after leaving the start area on the second lap that I hadn't eaten enough on this day. I calculated that I will only have consumed about 1000 calories including all gu's, beans, fluids. I was thinking I should have had 1800-2000 calories! Crap not good planning!

I had three regular gu's with me. I calculated when I would be taking them as I knew my splits and wanted to even them out along the way. I normally have Crank products because they have 50% more of the slimmy stuff and they have 150mg of sodium, but not today. Took my S-caps on que also.

I take my last gu on the climb up CP. Had fluids but the electrolytes were diluted now as I topped them off with water! Crap, should have dumped all the electrolytes in one bottle that way I would know where and when I was getting calories. Couldn't calculate it when it was diluted! Oh well, just hurry up and get to the finish.

I know the trail, a SWEET gradual finish. This is great during the 50 miler! I get to Wedikind camp ground and know it is under an hour to the finish if I run the whole 6+ miles. Oh, it is not 6.6 miles. If it was I would be running 7 minute miles and that ain't happenin' in any ultra that I do.

After Wedikind I am now running on fumes. I just know it. Man did I screw up! I can't count worth a crap!

Maybe this is my new diet plan... Run eight-ten hours and DON'T EAT A DAMB THING. Maybe that is how I can loose this extra flab around the waist and hips. We already know that my hips look "REALLY BIG" with gu in the side pockets. And L.B. said my ass was definetly WIDER than last year at States. Hey, I'm workin' on it guys.

I am just the dumb runner as Kyly says. Man is she right. And this wasn't even a 100. The old age is really showing now.

Well, after the run there was a nice fire as usual. I ate my usual post race meal. And of course I had a nice cold Stout. No, I am not religous about everything. Yes, I now I should be having a recovery drink with the three chain amino acids but I'm a slacker. Plus, a cold one just seems to sound better.

I said good bye to Eric and Michelle as they left. Eric, you're goal time is way too soft. Plus, if you make a realistic goal time it will be easier for your crew to know when you are coming in to the aid stations and finish. This is actually quite important. Happy training Eric! (Eric finishing)

I finish in 6:55, 35 minutes faster than last year. I was O.K. with that. But next time I would like to run much more even splits!!!

Not much running this week in terms of mileage. Have to go to a conference in Eugene for work Saturday and Sunday. Have to keep my license for work you know.

The good thing, I will run after on Pre's trail. Very nice.


olga said...

Brr, looks freezing cold! Good run, Tom! And awesoem pictures to show the conditions!

Meghan said...

Hi Tom,

I think I might have sort of "met" you out there this weekend. Maybe. Were you the guy who passed me (twice) on the portion of the loop between Wedekind and Falls? On the second loop, I asked you how far it was back to Falls. If so, nice to see you other there!


mtnrunR said...

Yup, that was me. (More on you're blog) Have fun in Costa Rica!!! Us in the PNW will all envy you!!!

Steve said...

Nice write up and you weren't the only dumb runner. I was also in that little group (red shirt)including you, Eric, and Matt down to Wedekind and a few miles past. We talked about your runs in Oregon and upcoming events. I'm sorry I wasn't very social since I was starting to fade and already concentrating on keeping moving down the hill. I hadn't fueled enough either and slowed down the last 4 miles and came into the Falls camp about 3:18. I tried to load up at the start of the second loop and made it up most of the climb to Cap Peak (about 4.5), but then turned around deciding 26 was enough for time. It was great meeting you and hope to see you at more runs this year. I'm impressed you still finished strong.

stoutlover said...

Great pictures ! I'm so impressed that you had ANOTHER PR. You are amazing.

stephruns said...

love your race report! i can imagine you all were "dancing" on the ice!!!!!!!!

Backofpack said...

It was great meeting you this weekend! Thanks for sharing your WS wisdom with Eric - we both appreciate the input.

Jenny and I both loved the run - it felt really hard, but really good. We tried to get a picture at the top, but the camera wouldn't work - too cold I guess, because it worked fine once we were back at the car.

I didn't go too scientific on the food - I stuffed two pb&j's in my pocket (ate one and a half) and two packages of those sport jelly beans. I really like that sour flavor during a run. I ate about one pack of those. I also used s-caps - at least two total, maybe three, can't quite remember. That's another thanks to you for suggesting them. They don't make me sick like the ecaps and I feel much better post-race when I use them. That is the thing I need to work on though - drinking during the run. I carried one hand-held and only drank 3/4 of it during the 5:23 I was out. Not so good. I don't feel thirsty when it is that cold out. I'm working on it though.

Journey to a Centum said...


Nice report, what do I owe you for this press release of my run? Steve actually pushed me up the second climb before he turned back. I recovered by the time I started the decent over the last 8 miles or so.

Had I brought my favorite post-race beer it would have been a Black Butte Porter.

Enjoy your run on the Pre Trail. It's been a while since I've made that run in the early morning along the river. It's very peaceful and calming. I particualrly enjoy the short section of trees that forms an arched tunnel for about 1/4 mile. The sections of trail with bark on them should feel good on your post race bones.

Thanks again for your comments and advice. I really meant to try some beans during this race. I'll try them on the Pigtail Run in two weeks.


Matt said...

Hey thanks for stopping in. Cool race report. There's not many ultra's here in the South. That'd be cool though. Awesome pic of the shoes. I have those same blue Vasques! Looking forward to reading more about what you are doing.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

woo hoo!

OCRunnerGirl said...

Hey Tom~
Nice race report and pictures. BBBRRR too cold for me. Congrats on a great run and an awesome time. You stud!! Way to go!!

Meghan said...

Thanks for all the commentary over on my blog! I will definitely be back out your direction for racing later this year!

Yes, I'm doing The Coastal Challenge, the taper has begun. I cannot wait. :)


GB said...

That's a great race report Tom. After reading it, I think I really want to give Ultras a shot sooner rather than later. Great finish and congratulations on the new PR there!

runliarun said...

You mean you do all this and also go to work?

There are lots of calculations here for someone who did not use an abacus.

Great run and great pictures (could feel the cold by looking at them).

Sarah said...

Great run,'re smokin'! Like your pics too.

Meghan said...


Ah yes, alchohol. The purveyor of the unnatural pre-race feeling of contentedness. I'm trying to stay away from that stuff!

The Sunsweet challenge that you wrote about over on my blog sounds outstandingly fun. Will have to Google that one.

Me thinks Mrs. Anderson-Abbs will be fun to watch at the Coastal Challenge from my vantage point behind her. :)

Bob Gentile said...

Great Race Report Tom!!

robtherunner said...

Nice report Tom. Sorry I missed you out there, but it sounds like it was a good run.