Wednesday, January 10, 2007

2007 Schedule???

Well, as far as this years racing schedule goes... the word is "improvise". Too many races are closing within minutes or days of when the applications become available. I.E. Cool, closed in 7minutes 33seconds!!! Miwok 100k closed within a week. I needed that one really bad, crap. Chuck-a-nut 50k is capped, Old Pueblo 50 miler closed, Twin Peaks 50 miler closed, Umstead 100 closed! The list of the obituaries continues. I can't look anymore.

Just going to have to get my applications in and $$$ sent. I can only manage one 50 mile race before my first 100. I wanted at least two and a 100k three to four weeks out of the 100. Now it looks like I might just have to do two more 50's and a 100k solo instead of using a race. Well, more chance to take pictures I figure.

Oh, I could use a marathon or two but really they are two short and I wouldn't spend enough time on my feet to be benificial. I mean I could do a marathon and finish in a little over three hours but I need longer training runs-MORE TIME ON MY FEET! Plus, they cost way too much money. Somebody is getting their backside padded!
Like last year every weekend needs to have a 5 to 12 hour run at least on Saturday followed by a 3 to 6 hour run on Sunday. I'm no H.M., doing back to back 10-12 hour runs with a 50+ miler every other weekend!!!

So, my schedule looks a lot like last year. 14-16 ultras, 2-3 100's and a spattering of other races in between. Not going to spend near the $$$ like last year! Probably won't get in quite as many miles but I do look forward to the 100's. Going to race the first one. Second, enjoy. Then if I do the third one, get after it also.

Then's there's Waldo 100k in between the 100's. Perfect timing. Perfect race. Going to get after that one again. Have to figure out my splits for the first half as that is where the course is shortened to bring it to a proper 62.2 miles. Might even try to recruit a pacer for that one. Too bad I couldn't have one after Mt. Ray. I have never ran that section well. I will be focusing on that section to run better this year that is for sure before getting into Charlton. The only bummer part of the race is no climbing the Twins, bummer. Well, maybe I won't go dry between 4290 and the Twin #2 aid stations like I do every year because we will only be passing by the Twins August 18th? It is going to be a blast this year again!

So, the schedule is written. Nothing is in stone except for Waldo and the two of the 100's. Starting to get excited about late in the year when the big ones come up. They should be fun.


Backofpack said...

Which 100 milers are you doing? Did I miss it? Is CCC one of them? If it is, I'm sure I'll see you there. I'll either be volunteering or crewing for Rob or both.

mtnrunR said...

THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL I'M DOING CCC WITH THAT RD! I will do it when he is out of the picture only!!!

Backofpack said...

The current buzz is that the selection process for a new RD is under way. Keep it on your possibles!

robtherunner said...

Yes, the selection process is on and we will see what happens. I have not heard a peep out of M.D. since the race ended. Hopefully the race will get back on track. I have not decided whether I will be running or not. Better get those applications in before they all fill up on you.

a said...

wow, how cool that ultras are selling out. (bummer for you tho!)

love the pics.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

um, that was me. sorry.

olga said...

CCC will have a fine RD this year. No DM for sure. I promise.
So, what exactly are you 100s? And why didn't you register for Miwok on time? You knew it's popular, you sand serenades for it yourself:) I know of and wnat to run more 50s than I have weekends on hands, so I am sure you'll have your picks.
I love to plan. Great picture of the Waldo lake (or what was that lake?)

OCRunnerGirl said...

Races are selling out quick these days. WOW! Good luck with your schedule. Sounds like you have some great races lined up. I hope to meet up with you on the trails this year but you won't see me doing any 100 milers yet. Maybe next year....

mtnrunR said...

That was the first of three Rosery lakes heading up PCT on the Waldo course. You run by this just as the sun rises heading up to Fuji on race day.

The picture of the mountain is of Mt. Jefferson. Haven't been there in over a year, bummer.

stephruns said...

Ultra running is so popular right now. I see people at the gym wearing 100 miler race t-shirts, my biggest boss tells me his son in law runs 100 milers....

My race schedule is very thin so far; I guess I will run the less popular ones!

GB said...

I really like the pictures you posted. What a gorgeous place. Okay, now I feel like a wimp if marathons are "too short" for you. Someday I'll try ultras. The key word being "someday." Great site!

Sarah said...

Yeah...I'm hoping they don't start charging as much for ultra's as they do for marathons. Good luck with your schedule and no worries about posting to Michelle on my blog. : )

Clark said...

As a co-race director of a small marathon in the Pacific Northwest I take exception to your comment about cost. I can tell you that our backsides are not padded. I could earn more money playing a harmonica on a street corner with a tin can for donations. And I can't play the harmonica

The reason marathons are so expensive is because today's marathoners are whimps! They are spoiled! I love and appreciate them, don't get me wrong, but give me a break. Today marathoners want T-shirts, finisher medals, aid stations every freaking two miles, choice of two beverages, snacks, post race treats, an announcer who will call their name out as they finish, a photographer who can take their picture, a pasta dinner, a expo and the list goes on.

I ran my first marathon in 1978 and we were lucky to receive a cup of water at the one or two aid stations that were available. Now days they are every two miles, what the hell !?! We ran without shoes, over broken glass and rocks.

But, I am happy that so many runners are now running the longer races and bringing the events to the front of the media. This helps all of us. Right?

In our race management we look at marathoners, not as runners, but as customers who are looking for the best buy. We put on a great race for a good price. Guaranteed.

In my opinion this is why ultras are gaining popularity - the event is still about running. Plain and simple running, nothing more. Long live simple running!!!!

Want to run our event? Check out (Actually this isn't our marathon, it's a competitor, I don't want the hate mail.) :)