Monday, February 12, 2007

Ed Sullivan Comedy???

Been away for a while. Had a terrible weekend of long runs two weeks ago. SLOGGED through a 4:15 hour run on that Saturday followed by a 3:30 hour run on the following Sunday. Both were a HUGE struggle. Glad I was alone. No one running with me could have possible gone that slow.

But last Saturday and Sunday were much better. My almost five hour run on Saturday was much better. No not fast, just better. Well, I did forget my handhelds, food, S-caps. But I was lucky that I put my hydration pack in the truck the night before and I had a handheld in there also. I was thinking this could get ugly with no electrolytes.

So, I ran my usual slow pace. Yes Olga, I do train slower than most. And yes, I don't keep the same pace as you when training. Everything went well. I did notice depleating energy supply after about four hours. Even worse the last 15 minutes. I was glad to finish on a better note than the week before.

The real reason why I am writing is what I was thinking about last Saturday.... What was the funniest thing(s) that I remember last year during training and racing??? I pose the same question to you.

1. It happened the last two miles at Where's Waldo 100k (66.36 miles actually)

I had caught up to Sean Meissner who was not having the greatest day. He was going after the "wet Waldo" award since he was not in the "mix" at that point. After waiting for him to submerge himself in the 1st Rosery Lake we ran together for a bit. I couldn't keep up after a mile or so. I let him go.

(1st Rosery Lake, off of PCT on the Waldo Course below)

Then all of a sudden I hear through the woods... "FU#$" "What happened I thought?" After running for only a minute or so, there it was... A DIRT ANGEL!!! It had Sean written all over it. There it was, smack in the middle of a trail, a imprint of Sean, slightly wet from coming out of the Lake. I could see him now, full frontal mud and dust all over him running to the finish.

I was laughing all the way to a sweet finish. Just made my 14 hour day epic. Sorry Sean, all in good fun.

2. Laughing so hard that my sides hurt after commenting to Kyly that I hope she doesn't have gas right now pearing over the 100ft cliff at Silver Star Mountain. (Wouldn't want her to go flying off you know.)

3. And the last one, really two, was during training on Wildwood. I can't really pinpoint the two times. I just remember that twice I almost rolled over on the trail with laughter after Kyly commented on something stupid I was doing.

What was some of the more funny things that happened to you last year out on the trail???

Afterall, that is why we do this right? To have fun? (to quote Jeff Riley, one minute before the start of WS while I was at the start line.)


olga said...

I think you ran a great clip. It just since your race times are so awesome, I was afraid I won't be able to keep up and slow you down!
Meeting you for couple of miles made my run even better. I am glad I ran into you.
That's some picture of Jeff! Now I really want to go for Hagg, even if I don't run it, then volunteer. Are you up for a skirt award? Bushwhacker and Sean are competing, don't let them rip the prize!

GB said...

What a great photo at WS. Tell that guy, "Nice buns!" He can run in front of me anytime because that would certainly keep my mind off of any pain!

I'm going to think about the question you posed to us all and get back to you on the answer.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

oh man, you've got me thinking!

mtnrunR said...

Oh, I don't know who the dude with the cheeks is, DL took that last year at a race in CA.

stephruns said...

Tom, is this YOU wearing that cute thong!!!!!??????

Sarah said...

What I love about trail running is that when I look back, all I can remember is the fun! Its just one big mess of fun! I know there was pain and hardship, but that's just a fading memory....

: )

OCRunnerGirl said...

Great pictures....boy - that would be distracting to run behind him;)

DawnB said...

Tom I just know that if I'd someone on those long runs my pace would pick up.

Nice memories!!!

GB said...

Okay, thought about the question you asked about the funniest things that've happened on the trail recently. Nothing really funny, but just odd to me. Two women running in BIKINIS. Not running bra and bun hugger running shorts, but BIKINIS. I thought, "Hey, at least they have the bods for it. Biotches." ;)

About a month ago on the same trails, an "ugly naked guy" was spotted several times running the trails (thank God not by me). Not harming anybody, not acting vulgar or lewd, just running. At last check, he had not yet been spotted by park rangers! To that I cringe and say, "EEEEEEEEEEWWWW."

runliarun said...

I am slow too. Does it matter? It's not as if we are competing in the Olympics and might just miss the gold medal.

Lorena said...

Thanks for writing this.