Thursday, February 22, 2007

pre Hagg Lake 50k

Well, this Saturday a full race contingent will be slogging their way around Hagg Lake near Forest Grove, Oregon. I'll be there too. Really only as a training run like last year. Just another way of spending 5+ hours on my feet.

The web site is appropriately named... . And with it raining all week the North side of the course will certainly be a slog. Yup, the mud sticks to your shoes in that section and then you are running with what is like flying saucers on the bottom of them. Not exaggerating here. By the second time around the lake it is pretty churned up!

(RD's Ronda and Stacy in Yellow jackets. Bill [Ronda's husband] in Black at start of last years race.)

Why do I run this race? Well, to be honest this course is the worst among the Oregon Trail Series . The organization is wonderful, it's just the course sucks. I really only run it because it is close to where I live and it is always a good way to start off the year. I don't ever run fast here but that's o.k. Map of lake

My time??? Well, ran 5:13 last year and I had a 5:19 a couple of years ago. The course was in much better shape the last couple of years. My only real goal is to not get get caught on the first lap by the 25k'ers.

Nicer sections of the trail on the West side below.

Last year I had 4 weeks of 100+ miles a week already before running it. I am not running near that much this year. Just 3 weeks of 70+. The good thing is I have logged 4-6 hour long runs the last 4 weekends. Those long runs will help along with a couple 7 and 8 hour runs in January. Not sure if I will carry my camera or not. Really not that much to see.

Hope your weekend has good running in it. All I can say is I am lucky to have soo many races close to me with the Oregon Trail series providing so many races. Have fun.

(picture of me on part of the North Side last year)

Wet feet... imagine that

forcast is for rain, I don't think it will be like it was last year for part of the race.


OCRunnerGirl said...

You are so lucky to have so many great trails around you. Are there any really great 50k's worth driving up there to do?? I'd love to get back there sometime soon.
I've only been there once and it was 10+ years ago.

olga said...

Lets pretend we don't know any of it:)
Kim, come for PCT 50k, its' worth it! If you need to suffer a bit more (more elevation change) - MacDonald Forest 50k is great for it! If you want an "easy" runnable course - Peterson Ridge Rumble 60k it is. If you want it later in a season - McKenzie River 50k in September. Oh, we have awesome races!!!

mtnrunR said...

Oh McKenzie is super beautiful also just like S.O.B. But with McKenzie you have to print your application Sunday April 1st and send it in Monday, April 2nd or you WON'T GET IN. It closes the first day with mail in entries. (no on-line registration)

This year is the 20th year. They are having an invitational for all the big guns to run the same course on Sunday. 20 or so of them. Several have run marathons sub 2:30!!! Ticer has won the race three years in a row but watch out "Hot Newman" (H.N.) Mr Wolfe is a sub 2:20! Tice is a 50 year old firman with 7% body fat! Oh, he wips out 500 crutches a day just for fun! Meghan is a 2:45 marathoner and trying to qualify for the trials at Boston this year. Penny is a 2:53 marathoner I believe.

Olga is right we are blessed with wonderful races. Now all we need is a 100!

Sarah said...

See you there! I'm going to keep that picture with blue sky in mind as I slosh through the puddles. : )

angie's pink fuzzy said...

good luck; have fun! take your camera, i want to see the pictures!

Ironayla said...

I hope you have fun... in the mud tomorrow :) I look forward to hearing about it!