Wednesday, March 07, 2007

arrrggghhhh... A coach for me??????

Well, I went and did it............ Hired a coach. What am I thinking????? Apparently I did this late at night while my brain was in a fog.

My coach is super knowledgeable and loves sharing knowledge of training and racing. Coach has won a few races and has held age group records on a race or two. Super strong in 100's with many under the belt.

The thing that coach radiates is the love for the sport. Not so much about the time one finishes but the fact that you are on trails and can take in some great scenery while out in mother nature. Coach is what trail running is all about... Great sport, cares about other runners, and thanks volunteers, and cares about the trail.

As of now Coach is making drink more water, making sure I do my long runs, and making sure I have recovery days. There is water in coffee right??? Coach makes me have a recovery drink with the three chain amino acids after long or hard runs. Also makes sure I eat close to my weight in grams of protein a day also. Even before I hired coach I was banned from fried foods... Dang when will I get to eat catfish again!!!

Coach is a great motivator also. C has been known to pick up a stick and prod me to get up a hill faster. Throwing stuff at me isn't out of the question either.

Some people have coaches that are "on-line" coaches. That is fine. I just think it is important that a coach can watch you run once in a while, I have that. Coach makes me have good form on climbing, hammering the downs, etc. I just think it is important for an expert to watch your gate and make sure you have good form. I need help on the climbs maintaining good form and not waisting energy. I think this will be the biggest help.

Coach is able to see my running log on a daily basis if needed. I keep one on-line just for that reason. Keep a log book also. Have to in case the running log site goes away. Plus, I like flipping through the book better anyway. Sometimes I am fearful to open my on-line log. I wonder what intense training program that coach might have for me??? Oh well this will be a good thing, right???

Coach makes me be efficient in races. No sitting, changing shoes or socks in 100's. Maintain constant forward motion. Limit aid station stops to three in 50k. Eat and carry my beans down the trail AFTER drinking my Pedisure, remember to pee on the run, have water bottles open before getting into an aid stations, switching race belts instead of refilling them, all this helps me get down the trail. I am too slow to have scheduled stops in a race.

So for now I am the only client!!! Coach is picky with clients. I better not screw up or I will be dropped kicked in a hurry!

"gulp", sorry another sip of water.


olga said...

Wow? May we learn who is that?
I think it's awesome to have a structure prescribed by a coach who can, unlike we ourselves, think through why and what we need to do to train hard, but not over-train, and peak at the right time.

Sempre Libera said...

I'm pretty sure I'd need a personal coach if I ran half as far as you do!

Journey to a Centum said...


I typically always look at the upbeat side of things, a poly-anna of life. I understand that coaching can provide you with insight that you may ordinarily overlook but I won't be hiring a coach anytime soon. I'm afraid it would create a vortex of work that would suck the fun out of my recreational outlet. This certainly falls under "To each his own". I'll continue to take the advice of experienced runners such as you, Olga, TC, Rob, and many others regarding training, fueling, and gear. I really appreciate our running community and the great resources and friends that it provides.

I suppose if you have a goal to break a certain time or win a certain race then a specific training regimen would be in order. I'm guessing that's your motivation.

Maybe I fear coaches because of my old HS football coach that would grab me by the facemask and scream in my face with little spittles spewing forth as he tore you a new one for not making a play or being out of place. Perhaps I should enter therapy to work this issue out. Oh wait, that was yesterday, screw it!

Meghan said...

Hiya Tom,

Awesome about your coach! Good luck getting your but kicked into awesome, spectacular shape!

Regarding Where's Waldo: Last week, I printed 2 applications and stamped an envelope so that my sweetie and I could sign up for the race. About 2 hours later, when I checked my mail, but before we sent off the applications, I received a wedding invitation for that weekend. Horrible timing! I guess I will just have to live Where's Waldo vicariously through your blog. :)


WynnMan said...

So you're gonna get whooped into shape now I hear! You're an animal already man!

say, you know much about LeGrizz 50miler? other than Mark Tarr has owned that race. I love that area of Montana.


mtnrunR said...

don't know much about Le Grizz other than it is fast and involves way too much road running. yea, i know gravel road, but still no single track. i am sure it is a great race but i would rather do more climbs and run on single track.

I don't know anybody that has ran it but olga might know of somewone.

good luck,

keith said...


thanks for letting me link to your blog. all my friends will be envious of the terra you have to stomp on out there.

i'm from st. paul, mn, about 2 hours south of duluth...

Dori said...

Wow, you pay money for that abuse? Just kidding; it would be great to have a personal coach. Here's hoping you PR after your time with your coach.

Thanks for visiting my blog. You know you and Eric are way out of my league, but I love the sport of running.

Sarah said...

Sounds like this coach is going to whip you into shape! No slacking for you now. ; ) ; )

GB said...

Very cool Tom! How much does Coach charge, may I ask? I think it's a great move, and it's one I might make sometime down the road.

Who's that little cutie pie in the picture?