Thursday, March 01, 2007

Where's Waldo 100k, What flavor this year?

o.k. speed racers...

The application for Waldo just came up this morning like Craig a.k.a. Lord Balls,(L.B.) said. I printed out mine and will be mailing it after work. Rememeber it is the 100k Trail Masters championship this year. It will fill like last year. Sorry, no relay this year. You just have to run the whole thing and have that much more fun.

(1st Rosery Lake to left)

My only dilema is do I sign up with the USATF? If I do I can't have a pacer from Charlton on the way in. But really, I don't need one. I just like having one to really push me. But really I won't be in the mix to win $$$ anyway. Just have to think about this a bit..........

Oh, this is going to be fun!!! Jeff (brother) will be at the twins volunteering and that will be fun. As you pass through this aid station twice four hours or so apart. I just love jamming into this aid station the second time through. Still lots of work needs to be done after this but this is a great aid station. Yes, Maiden Peak is still in front of you.

(jeff to left on his way to a win at Javalina 100 two years ago, being doused by L.B.)

But this is a swwwweeeeeeetttttt run. Smokin' single track baby! Yes, 99% pillowy soft single track! It doesn't get any better!!!

The Volunteers are awesome. Super knowledgeble just like at Miwok. When you are running/hiking up to the Maiden Peak aid station with 50 miles under your belt, they are running out to you on the trail grabbing your bottles and asking what you need. By the time you get to the aid station your bottles are filled and all food requests are layed out on the table ready for you to feast. How great is that??? And I am a mid pack runner!!! They do this for everybody! Yes, I was a back of the pack runner in the past and they still did this!!! What a fricken awesome race this is!!!!!!!!

Plus, Barbra Ringstat is at the last aid station to wipe your face off with a baby wipe telling you that you have to look good when you finish. How great is that!!!!!!! (but I have never let her do it, have to show off all the salt encrusted on my face to show all the hard work that went into the race.)

Now I have the carrot out in front of me. My training has been so so this year. But I logged almost 300 miles in February. Four runs between 4 and 6 hours on each of the four weekends. Ran EVERY day in the month. Yes, I had over 400 miles in the month last year but I had a bunch of carrots dangling in front of me then. Not this year. But it is time to get going and with Waldo that will not be a problem any more.

(Waldo training run two years ago with Dan Harshburger and Kyly to right.)

This year L.B. has the course just over 62 miles. It was 66.36 miles in the past. So now we go straight up the ski slope and onto skyline ski path before joining up with PCT. Interesting. I wonder if we will be running or hiking this???

The course will be about 30 minutes to one hour faster. I predict about 40 minutes faster. Or about 1.5hrs slower than Miwok now. (2 hours with the old course)

I actually kinda want the old course. We won't be climbing the Twins this year. What a great view!!! But on race day I won't miss it. I always run dry between road 4290 aid station and Twins 2. An 8 mile long stretch that is exposed for much of it. Now that section will be about six miles.

Alan sent out invitations to the fast folks, I wonder what big guns will show up? AJW likes this race, maybe again? Ticer, a.k.a. "Hot Newman" will be there. He normally points the way coming off Maiden Peak so we can jam down the Leap of Faith on our way to the finish. Bev and Alan will probably be there. Bev (F2) will push Meghan (F8) I am sure. Oh it will be fun to watch them at States!

So, speed demons, get your application in soon. This race ROCKS!!! And if you are speedy you could win some serious "bank".

(Rachel Landon and Kyly above on the course two years ago) (Yes, Rachel has done H.U.R.T!!!)

It is my favorite race of the year. I figure it is about the third hardest 100k. (H.U.R.T. and Hellgate being harder) What a great accomplishment to finish this monster. A huge drop rate, almost 50%. The second half has more climbing and it is warm by the time you leave Charlton.

I am now ready to train.

(Me finishing in just over 14 hours last year, Whew! Is all I thought!)

I wonder what flavor of hat will be offered this year to FINISHERS? Vanilla, Orange, blueberry, or tomato? Or a new flavor??? We will just have to finish.

(Jeff and his twin brother, John in Red after last years 2:17PR)

PS, I signed up with the USTAF . Not really sure why, oh well. Sent my entry in today just after my lunchtime run. Oh, it's gonna be a blast!!!! (you couldn't tell that this is my favorite race of the year, huh?)

Come on speed racers, join the fun!


Sarah said...

That looks like such an awesome race. I can see why its your favorite! : )

olga said...

I am glad you got into USATF. It will push you even more if it's possible:) Awesome race! When the heck do I come around it? This year I'll be pacing Gail (I am running CCC100 following weekend), so at least i'll get to see part of the course!

GB said...

Look at that course profile! Um, I think I'm going to have to skip Waldo for quite a while. I've gotta get this happy arss in serious shape first!

Congrats on being a USATF member! Now you will be forced to race with really big dogs! You'll just keep getting better and better.

stephruns said...

hope my email reached you after you had problems with it.
Meant to say I'm really hoping this will work out!

sister smile said...

Looks fantastic! How do you plan to train for it?

DawnB said...

Good luck with your training. the race oh my!! good luck

keith said...

looks like you have some awesome places to run! mind if i link to your blog?

mtnrunR said...

yea, go ahead an link my blog, no problem.