Tuesday, April 03, 2007

question... Goals for this year???

Well, I know the racing season has already started and we all have goals... Yea, the usual running goals, have fun, stay healthy, run fast (for you speedracers that is)...

What I am asking is do you have any peculiar goals that you like to strive for in the upcoming year??? Keeping your shoes tied for the whole race, not to loose your cookies in more than one race, not to get bit by a dog, not to do a header more than two times in a race, keeping your skirt up the whole race...

What are some of your different or peculiar goals for this year???

Here are two of mine...

1. Not get "chicked" in one race, that is all, just one. Maybe this won't happen but I can always dream right?

2. Don't have to scroll. Huh? you say. Here it is, to not have to scroll for my name when I open the results page of any given race. Or to go to the second page in the results in Ultrarunner Magazine.

So, there it is. A couple of goals that stay with me all year. And actually I don't really have that much control of the results. Because you see that it really all depends on who toes the line in any given race to see where I land in the finishing place. But it nice to be suprised when either of these two things happen.

I would like to hear what kind of goals you have for yourself this coming year.

On a running note, I am "OFFICIALLY" tired now. Last month was pretty big and this one will be the same.

Have fun. tom


WynnMan said...

Those are some great goals Tom and I know you will achieve both, You the man! and your training is going great as well as some fantastic finishing times. I'm glad to hear you're realistic as hell. Yes we love the outdoors, camaraderie, trails, etc... but cmon people! just admit it! we want to do well!!! we want to be a force to be reckoned with or at least some of us do. At least that's my goal. I want to win damnit and I aint ashamed to admit it. I enjoy running for many of the same reasons as everyone else, but one of the things that makes it even more fun and enjoyable for me is being very competetive.


stoutlover said...

I know you'll do both. I even bet you can achieve both goals in the same race. Yes. I believe you can. One question. Will you do it wearing your skirt???

GotLegs! said...

Well, in order to satisfy your "not to scroll" goal, enter an unpopular race. You may also be able to accomplish the "not getting chicked" goal as women are smarter and tend to stay away from dumb races. By coincidence, I did both this past weekend.


The, "not getting chicked," was touch and go there.

Other goals for me: I'd like to get healthy and be able to run a bit faster (as I did in 2005). As it is, I am struggling with hamstring and hip issues on the road. I like running fast on the road and want to get back to it.


Makita said...

My 'peculiar' goal for this year is...
to not lose a single toenail!! I lost 8 last year. :)

Backofpack said...

As of the reading of this post, I now have a new goal - not to run into that guy in the picture!

I have a goal to eliminate all problems with my toes. Or, maybe just eliminate my toes!

stephruns said...

I'm laughing - your are funny!

I think you need to sleep for a little while. I know how hard it is and somehow knowing you run and run lets me keep running...
lets run until we fall asleep while running!!!!!!!!

Journey to a Centum said...

Be careful what you dream because dreams do come true! I don't mind being chicked, I just wish I knew who the woman was who said "Call yourself a man?" when she passed me. Is that rude or what?

You already know my goal for this year. Cross the finish line at WS 100. My second goal after that will be going to the LazyBoy Chair Store and picking out a big old cushy chair to grow old and fat in. Nix that second goal!

GB said...

That middle picture was so HOT! I think I'm blind now. ;)

Peculiar goals:
To place in the top 3 of my age group at every race I run (highly doubtful, but a goal nonetheless).

To own at least 5 different running skirts (because I run 5 days a week).

To check the Runner'sWorld Message Boards only ONCE per day instead of the 4-5 times I do now (I need a life).

To have my own "duel in the sun" with another runner during a race.

Meghan said...


Now you've done it. You've officially posted the funniest photo ever.

As far as amusing goes, your goals are also in that category.

Happy running!

keith said...

GOAL: to design a bandoleer of little pill bottle sized water bottles to wear around each shoulder pancho villa style and then get rich, rich, rich when all of the cool ultra-runners start wearing it?

Sarah said...

My goals are to finish every race I enter and to stay healthy and off the injured list! : )

OCRunnerGirl said...

My goal: to have fun during all the runs I do. I am not fast so I do not get all serious about finishing towards the top. I just like being on the trail meeting some new peeps!

Addy said...

Some great goals, Tom! Sounds like, with the way training's going, both will be w/in your reach quite soon :)

My big goals for the year are of course to finish my first 50k and also to run my first 50 mile race this year. Nothing too exciting for an ultra newbie ;)

A more peculiar goal is to stop being so afraid of mountain lions! I'm a bit of a paranoid trail runner:P


Josh said...

Well, I really like the goal of going a whole race with my shoes tide, but I will just have to face the fact that will never happen.
Other than that I would like to go a race without getting smoked by someone old enough to be my grandfather. Again, this may be asking to much, those old guys can run.