Tuesday, April 10, 2007

print your blog???

to all you boston bound folks have fun. remember it is a pr course. 442 ft of net loss for the course. and heartbreak hill is only a gain of 80 feet. go ahead and throw it down!! have fun.

to put it in perspective.... that's boston's profile down on the left.

found a site that will print your blog if you like. they will print it in book-like form. i won't be doing this but you might in the future.

i haven't read through all the particulars. i will leave that up to all you speedracers.


WynnMan said...

Hey Tom! good luck to you at Peterson Ridge, I know you'll kick ass! looking forward to a report. I'll try and hook a steely for ya.


Meghan said...

Hi Tom!

Thanks for the geturdun comment over on my blog. Boy do I ever want to geturdun right now!

I want to do a few local schmocal short races in April, May, and June for some speeeeeeed. I've decided to focus on speed and elevation at the marathon and 50k trail distances this year. Likely a 50 miler at the end of the season just for giggles. The Old Gabe 50k in Bozeman, MT in June, Beartooh Hill Climb in Red Lodge, MT in June, the Get High 50k in SLC, UT in July, Bridger Ridge Run in Bozo in August, either a double or single crossing of the Teton Crest Trail (not a race, but something to train for, my sweetie's going to do the double, and we'll see about me) in WY in August, and the Teton Races in WY in September. After that maybe another race or two somewhere out of the area in the fall, to be determined.

Happy running,

Meghan said...

Oh yeah, I'm back.

I can't remember if I told you, but I was planning to go to the Ridge Rumble this weekend, but now I'm not going. Lots of bad trainig doesn't yield a good racer, you know?

Have fun and good luck, though!

DawnB said...

Man that looks severe!!!!

Sarah said...

I love that graphic! Really puts things into perspective, huh?

Addy said...

That's such a fun picture :) A great way to put things in perspective (and make those hundreds look just a bit scary!)

Journey to a Centum said...

Tom - Where did you find that graphic? Makes me want to sign up for Hardrock right away! NOT

Have fun at the Rumble! I've got a 12 summits run on Tiger Mt. planned with tc.

GB said...

Looking at that graphic makes me feel like a dork for being so worried about the course. I'm going to remember my mantra! "Piece-o-cake." Thanks Tom!

mtnrunR said...

got the graphic off run100s.com

GB said...

Okay Tom, I think the weather for the marathon is officially going to suck on Monday. They're talking very high winds, heavy, heavy rain. I'm thinking I'll be lucky to get in under 4 hours. Anyway, at least I'll get to run Boston! I will run my hardest and see what happens. Still crossing my fingers for decent weather. My bib is 15579. Thanks for all your great support! Have a good weekend!

olga said...

This graph is very unfair for normal people. Don't forget, you are not normal:)
See ya tomorrow!