Saturday, April 14, 2007


Just got a call from my brother after doing the Pear Blossum 10 mile run in Medford Oregon today. It has been around for many years in southern Oregon. He ran a 58 and change. He was happy. He does feel pretty hammered after poundin the pavement for an hour. He did finish ahead of Craig and Ticer both previous top ten runners at States.

The amazing news was that Lewis Taylor was third at American River 50 miler and Scott Wolfe was 2nd. Now Scott is in Western States. Both Lewis and Scott went into the race with no expectations. Just to run hard and enjoy it. They both train with my brother.

Oh, the mens race at States just keeps getting deeper. Scott, earned a spot after finishing in the top three at American River.

States will be fun to watch.

Now Ticer, my brother and Craig will be doing Peterson Ridge Rumble 35 milerish tomorrow.

Just more fun I figure.

have a good weekend.


Makita said...

Congrats to your brother! I'm looking forward to hearing how your 'rumble on the ridge' went today. We weren't able to make it out to cheer on the runners - I didn't get my runs in this past week and was determined not to let another opportunity slip by so I was on a trail myself, while DH stayed with the kiddos. :)

Journey to a Centum said...

Hey, how come you don't think I'm going to give your brother a run for his money? I did'nt see my name listed with the likes of Wolfe, Taylor, and Ticer. What's up with that? I'm ahh deeply hurt.

Of course if I tried to keep up with these guys I would be mortally hurt somewhere before mile 20.

Hope the Rumble when well for the Riley boys!



JOJIT said...

Congrats to your bro! It looks like running "runs" in your family...LOL

WynnMan said...

Hey Tom! damn you guys are one hell of a group of talented runners! you guys are gonna be a tough posse out there at States. Keep up the good work!

any results on AR or Peterson?


mtnrunR said...

results of peterson ridge rumble at


don't know about ar

mtnrunR said...

oh, prr was 38.5 miles this year. 2/3rds of the field got lost for up to two miles. more training i figure.

Jessica Deline said...

Yes it should be fun to watch!! I'm excited that I will be up there this year (I think).