Friday, April 20, 2007

random thoughts

Well, I am headed into another weekend. Yes, a weekend of long runs. At first kinda dread them because I know how much work they are. But as the morning unfolds on the trail I wonder what I was thinking??? This is great.

I love the solitude of running on the trail with the headlamp on. I just love it. I have my i-pod on and just love running at a slow pace and just being thankful that I can do this kind of thing. I am in bliss for these couple of hours in the dark by myself.

I run by myself for the first half of the day because I run so darn slow. I wouldn't want to drag anybody out on the trail with me for that reason because it is at snails pace I tell ya. About the only thing I keep track of is total time on the feet and the miles I run. I don't stop my watch for anything, bathroom breaks, talking to friends, petting a really cute dog, nothing. It is all part of the run that day.

The sun comes up and the trail becomes populated. I might or might not have the music playing now because I want to be curtious to others that want by and I want to be able to hear them to move aside.

So, you see I tend to start early on the weekends. Up by 4:30am. Gad, I don't even do this on a work day. I can barely get up at 6am on those days! But I get up that early because I have to drive to a trail no matter where I want to go. I just don't live near any trail right now.

The second half of the day I often meet up with friends as they are doing their weekend run. I love this part also. They are training for their runs and I love hearing how things are going for them.

What I love is if they are doing a long run also. This is when it doesn't get any better. They run at a little slower pace. I can keep up with them for the most part. And we take breaks. Short ones but a break none the less. What I like about the breaks is I like to share food. A Payday bar, breakfast bar of sorts, or even the coveted meatloaf sandwich. Yes, I just pulled out of the oven a meatloaf as I write. Yes, I will be sharing it Saturday and Sunday on the trail. Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches are great to share even in their squished state that they get on the trail but a meatloaf sandwich is of gormet' proportions 20 miles into a run.

I was having one of the best runs ever two years ago. Bob "the beast" Lynes took four others around Mt. Hood. None of us had ever done that 41 mile trail. I had thought about it doing it solo but that would not really be all that safe. I was happy Bob was our tour guide that day. It was the best.

About half way I figure it was time to eat a bit. Some had Dorito's, some had Frito's, some had PP&J to share. I had a quarter of PP&J, and yes it was squashed, but it tasted devine. What was the best traded food that day??? A quarter of a meatloaf sandwich. Oh my, that was like heaven.

So, tomorrow I will be sharing a meatloaf sandwich with friends 18 miles into a 35 mile run. I just love sharing with others on the trail. Plus, I get to stop for a bit and take a break. I like that. As I am the same speed as everybody if we stop for a bit.

Have a great weekend. I am going to enjoy this 6+ hour run on Saturday even though I am going to get rained on again. I am just looking forward to sharing time on the trail with friends. And of course sharing a meatloaf sandwich.

have fun this weekend.


GB said...

Tom I've often had those thoughts myself! Beautiful pictures, as always. Thanks for all the Boston tips and encouragement. I couldn't have done it without your help. I will say it wasn't the piece of cake I thought it'd be, but from here on out, it will be! ;)

Backofpack said...

I'm all over the pb&j, but meatloaf? Not for this veggie. But now you've got me thinking - I'd like something a little less sweet, maybe even a bit salty, but what? There's a great lentil loaf I love sandwhiches from, but that may be too much fiber on the run, if you know what I mean...I'll have to think about this. Thanks Tom! Oh, and I hope you had the run you dreamed of this morning!

Addy said...

What a lovely post :) Sharing all that food reminds me of grade school (especially the pb & j!) and of a happier simpler time (which is something that I think often comes to mind when running for pleasure). I do love just spending hours on the trails and enjoying the camaraderie of it all.

Enjoy your weekend!

Sarah said...

Nice post! That's what its all about. I hope you found some mates to share your meatloaf sandwich with!

So what is your "snail's pace"?

olga said...

Well, there was no rain till 11 am:)

Journey to a Centum said...

Note to self: Meatloaf

stephruns said...

when i read your posts i'm always thinkging: where is this place where the people are all running trails? And get to share sandwiches???? right now it seems you are on a different planet than me..but's only 4000 miles.

Meghan said...


How was the meatloaf at 20 miles in? Doesn't it get all mashed and broken up and stuff? I guess it would still tast the same...

It sounds as if you had a lovely run lined up; I hope you enjoyed it!


keith said...

That looks like heaven up in those mountains. You run for all the right reasons.

mtnrunR said...

oh, the sandwiches get squished sometimes. but i have been toasting the bread before putting the sandwich together. it holds up better that way. then i carefully put it in my hydration pack and try to make sure nothing heavy is on top of it. the only time i use my hydration pack is when i have to do long unsupported runs when water is not available on the trail.

Sempre Libera said...

"just being thankful that I can do this kind of thing"

Well said! The best running days are the ones where I feel the same way. Those pictures are amazing - I'd love to run those trails!

OCRunnerGirl said...

Love the pb&j on the trails! Great post, as always Tom, with pics to match!