Monday, April 30, 2007

Eugene Marathon 4/29/2007

I backed off a bit last week, only 81 miles. I think this is good as I have had 7 weeks of 100+ miles a week. It was nice running on fresher legs this last weekend. They didn't feel like a heavy metal was running through my blood stream like at Peterson Ridge Rumble two weeks earlier.

My coach hasn't been happy with me. I should have had 2-3 high mileage weeks followed by a recovery week. I will do better in the future. Afterall, my coach knows way more than I do about this thing.

Last week I took off two days. The first days off I have had in 85 days. What did I do with those days? Well, I was a lazy bum on Friday but did pack for Capital Peak 50 miler on Saturday.

Then on Sunday I went and watched a ton of Ultra friends have great races at the Eugene Marathon. Here is a link to some pictures. Pictures here

Willamette (Will-am-it) River with runners on the bike path. Click on picture if you want to magnify.

Oh, the Willamtte River is the only Northernly flowing river in the US I believe.

The course... Much of it on Pre's Trail.


Sarah said...

It was great seeing you out on the course! Thanks for the pic!

stephruns said...

did you take those pics Tom? they are great. funny captions, too!!!!!!!

Makita said...

Great photos, Tom! The Eugene course was beautiful - I'm sorry I wasn't able to do the 2nd 13.1 miles (the broken wrist kept my mileage down)... I hope to do it next year!

Earlier I posted here that one of my goals was to NOT lose a toenail as I'd lost 8 last year. Well... that is one goal that will not be achieved this season. I will likely lose 3. Shucks. But there is a positive side... I get to buy new shoes (the ones I have are obviously too small)!

WynnMan said...

Great stuff Tom, also a kick ass job at Capitol! you da man


Gotta Run said...

Wow.. just when I think I am doing good I see that you are running some major miles. I must work harder!! Your blog is very motivating.