Monday, April 16, 2007

What a morning...

The Sisters here. We got great views of these Central Oregon Mountains all day.

7am in the morning of Peterson Ridge Rumble. It couldn't get any better. Today was a 38.5 mile run in a beautiful place.

South Sister here.

RD, Sean Meissner....... this is what you follow guys and gals....

Sean, did you try to hide them at some intersections??? Just kidding. Yup, over 2/3rds of the field got anywhere from a 1/4 mile off course to 2 miles. No big deal. I didn't care.

the early starters.

It was great to see friends at the race. I ran my first ultra with Theresa, Sean, and my brother three years ago.

Beverly Anderson-Abbs, brother, Ed Willson before the race.

Alan Abbs and Craig Thornley

Van and Olga basking in the sun after.

others want to play too.

brother in Sunsweet shirt. Caroline, always smiling, Klug taking a sip before the start.

we are lost so why not take pictures

Well, Rod Bien just tore up the corse Sunday. Rod in yellow and Kelly Woodke in orange shorts.

Rod finished in 4:42, 28 minutes ahead of AJW!!! Man he is going to be in the mix also at States.

Bev and Kami yo-yoed a bit during the race until Bev had little low point after the 2nd to last aid station. Kami got after it. She made the comment to Jeff, "Well, somebody had to put the hammer down." She was right.

Jeff was happy with his race. He wanted to start of conservative and just run hard the second half. He was in 16th place at that point and just started picking them off. He finished in 6th.

Pretty much nothing went right for me. I couldn't get my camera to work halfway during the race... I was slow to-boot. I won't bore you with the laundry list of what went wrong. About the only thing that went right was I finished upright. That's pretty much it.

With all the problems I was trying to solve the thing that I was thankful for it was such a beautiful day. Great run and great friends to say "hi" to AS THEY PASSED ME BY. I JUST GOT TO TALK TO MORE OF THEM THAT WAY! But all in all I did have fun.

About the only thing that went right during the run is I hit my target 87% of the time when spitting...... Yea, I even missed the ground doing that. That pretty much tells you how my run went. Arghhhhh.....

But truely, this is why I like to run here.


olga said...

It was a glorious day, truly! Sorry you had it not go too well, I wondered of your time...crap happens, especially after 115M week. Good work there!

Theresa said...

It was so great to see you!
I had a lot of fun with the social part of my race, otherwise I had a day much like yours... Just think, next one is going to go our way!!
For a bad day, stopping to take photos- you sure are fast!! Can't wait to see what your race is like when you don't have troubles. You have come a lonnnnggg way from that first race I ran with you. Now I can only hope you will always stick around at the finish to say hi.

Sarah said... looked really strong out there! It sure was a beautiful day. I posted a few pics of you on my blog. Feel free to grab a copy of you want.

Addy said...

Sometimes finishing upright it about all you can ask for. Sorry the race didn't go as well as you had hoped, but congrats on finishing nonetheless. Those pictures are great! Such gorgeous views :)

Backofpack said...

The pictures are beautiful - it looks like everyone had a fun day. I can't believe that even your spitting went wrong! You have a great attitude about the day and the experience.

Jessica Deline said...

Looks so beautiful!!

WynnMan said...

Great images Tom! looks so beautiful! I wish I would have taken a few shots of the Brule for ya.

Looked like PR was a good race! despite the mixup, which is always somewhat discouraging. Happened to me at Lakefront last fall.

Looks like you boys are all in the mix for a lot of races this year. Keep up the great work. You guys are amazing!

States is really going to be interesting, especially if Crowther gets it, will be interesting to see how he does on trail.


Sempre Libera said...

Sorry to hear you didn't feel so great! The pictures look amazing though.

Makita said...

I'm sorry it didn't go as well as you'd hoped. The pictures are beautiful! Perhaps I'll actually get to run it next year? One can hope.

Meghan said...


Sorry to hear that this race just wasn't your day! I echo what others have said: SO BEAUTIFUL! My goodness, I feel like I really missed out!

Take it easy,

stephruns said...

I'm missing a picture of you here!!!!!!!!!

The landscape is incredible - love it!!!

maniac hippo said...

I wasn't paying attention Tom. You were smiling so much during/after the race that I hadn't realized that it wasn't the best day for you.

Well, you certainly had some company (me and others) and it was great to see you again. I'm so indebted to you for all the helpful comments and suggestions you've made to me at the last few races - I can use all the help I can get!

Meg said...

Sorry the run wasn't how you had hoped. Still, way to go! You're doing something a lot of people can't even fathom themselves doing. Keep on truckin'