Tuesday, April 24, 2007

saaaawwweeet another PR

Well I had a good year last year. PR's in 13 of 14 Ultra's. The only one I didn't have a PR in was at S.O.B. (Siskiyou Out and Back) 50k, three weeks after States. And I was only one minute off my PR there even though I took almost 70 pictures during that race. So, all in all I had a good year last year.

Remember that I will never finish towards the top at any race. So all I do is try to enjoy the race and do the best that I can each time. I will continue to try to improve each year even though I approach 50 years old in a few years.
I am getting slower as time passes but that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy running on the trail. I may appreciate it that much more now.
I was never a "runner" in High School or College. I ran a bit to try to stay in shape. Three or four times a week, a few miles at a time. But what I enjoyed was wrestling. Yes, you are part of a team but really you are on your own out on the mat. There is no one to pass to, no one to block for you, no one to catch the fly ball for you, you are on your own. So, wrestling is a lot like running. No one can bail you out. No one can run for you. You have to put in the time and training. You just can't fake it in an Ultra.

So, today I had another PR... I washed 16 pairs of trail socks. One of the best PR's that I have set. O.K., I don't think I can top Waldo but this is pretty close.

I just love running on the trail.

I just love having a PR.

I will be running Capital Peak 50 miler this weekend. I dought that I will have a PR but I will enjoy this race none the less. I will take pictures again. I just don't think I can top the PR I had today in washing 16 pairs of trail socks. How great is that?

What is your favorite PR?


WynnMan said...

Hey Tom! thanks for the kind words. Thanks for reminding me! I need to get some more socks, mine are gettin a little thin.

Great to hear about all those PR'S, keep on truckin! with you're training you'll kick some Capital Peak butt this weekend!!


Dirt Runner said...

I have a current PR of 12 pairs of Injinji Socks.

Makita said...

16 pairs of socks! my oh my :)

My favorite PR??? Hhmmmmmmm

Jessica Deline said...
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Jessica Deline said...

lol. that is too funny. What a PR! I wonder what other odd PRs we runners can brag about??

GB said...

That's a helluva PR. I don't even own half that amount of running socks!

Very impressive races over the last year. 13 PRs out of 14 races is awesome!

And I was a wrestling stat in high school. Does that count for anything? :)

Backofpack said...

Um, shouldn't you be doing laundry a little more often? I just hope you have 16 pairs of shorts and 16 shirts to match the socks, else I don't want to be too close behind you on the trail!

Have fun this weekend! I won't see you, but you can look for Eric, Steve and Rob.

Meghan said...

Haaaaaah Tom, this is hilarious. Recently, I back read through your site and read about your end-of-year tallies about things like PB&J sandwiches. I think the sock PR beongs in the realm of this stuff.

Good luck this weekend!

Gotta Run said...

Trail running ROCKS!! I long for it during the week and love every minute of my Saturday morning trail runs. Come to think of it.. my trail shoes are better than my road shoes.


Addy said...

Awesome PR! My current pr for trail socks is...two :(

I've really got to get shopping!

Have an awesome time at the 50M this weekend. Can't wait to see all the pictures :)


Gotta Run said...

I am running in a 50k in June, Hitchcock Woods 50K. November, 3rd I am registered for The Mountain Masochist 50 Mile Trail Run. Not sure I will ever run a road race again.


Bob Gentile said...

CONGRATS Tom, that is awesome!!...

you are a very dedicated runner so I truly believe that that Sock PR will be crushed next year-lol

My current PR is ONE pair of Injinji Socks...wanted to try them out & see how those toe socks feel & would help with my blisters...well worked great!! going to UP Injinji that PR really soon :-)

Enjoy ur race this weekend, look forward to the report & pics:-)

olga said...

2 years ago I had 12 pairs of running shoes at the same time. My family had to make me stop buying till I got rid of (ran mileage in ) every old pair, and now I have 5 (2 roadies). But for that sacrifice I bought 4 pairs of regular shoes...and don't wear them! I am such a girl...not!

Sarah said...

Glad you finally decided to wash your socks! ; ) : )

At Eugene, if its warm enough I'm going to wear my black and yellow marathon maniacs singlet. And I'll likely be wearing my maniac hat, which has a neon greenish yellow bill. Maybe I'll see you there!

JOJIT said...

Nice PR!
I, too, wrestled when I was in high school. I did not win a lot of matches but I believe those were the time when I was really in top shape eventhough I was 280 lbs.

I think my favorite PR was when I was able to run my 1st 5k on my own w/out stopping at 48:30!!

stephruns said...

Have a great race this weekend. Can't wait to see the pics!

DawnB said...

hope the race went well and I'm looking forward to you breaking this PR!!! :)