Thursday, May 25, 2006

I am now at close to the end of my training for my first 100 mile trail run, Western States 100. I was fortunate enough to be selected last December 3rd, 2005. I didn't get in last year. I am bummed my brother Jeff didn't get in this year as he has had a great year. He had a great 100 at Javalina Jundred, he won it in 17:10 for only his second 100. He did WS two years ago in 20:08 for 20th place in his first 100. Good thing though, he is in WS next year after being a two time loser. He will do great.

I am looking forward to doing States. I won't be fast but it will be great to finish. That is my goal, to finish. I am using the knowledge of my brother, Kyly McMurray, Clem LaCava, Craig Thornley, John Ticer, Meghan Arbogast, Ronda Sundermeier, Stacy Bunton, Michael McCarthey, Olga Varlamova, Kristen Jossi, Kami Semick, John Pearch, James Varner, and many others in the Pacific Northwest to help me train and get ready for such a great event. All of them have great knowledge about trying to finish a 100 and I am trying to leach off them as much as possible.

I started training Janurary 3rd and everything has gone pretty well. I did tear my vastus medialis muscle in mid April. That did throw a big wrench into the training. But I was lucky, as it was only a Grade 1 tear. It healed very quickly and in two weeks I was back on track.

Before getting into States I was only a 35-45 mile a week runner. But now I will have completed almost 12 weeks of 100+ miles a week for some solid training to finish States. I am looking forward to it. I have done the best I can to prepare for the event and to finish. I don't have any real time asperations as I am venturing into a whole new world in running a 100 miler. I am looking forward to it in less than a month now.

I am really looking forward to "watching" others do at States. John and Craig have been training super hard. They will be fun to watch. Megahan and Kami will be super fun to watch also. Beverly Anderson-Abbs and her husband Alan will do great. Bev will be aiming for a top spot again as she was 2nd last year. But Alan is a very gifted runner also and he will do great. Then there is Ronda and Stacy... Ronda finshised 8th last year and Stacy is basically the same speed, maybe they will both finish in the top ten this year along with Olga again. They will all be fun to watch.

I am doing the Western States Training camp this Memorial Day weekend. Running 30 miles on Saturday, 20 on Sunday and, 20 on Monday. It will be great to see almost 70 miles of the course. I will take as many pictures as possible on the runs. I am looking forward to it.

Have a great weekend. I will be enjoying the fact that I am healthy enough to be able to exercise the way I do.

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