Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Favorite Runs

Well, it isn't quite the end of the year yet but most of the racing is over. What were your five favorite runs for the year? (Following LB's thread.) Here are mine...

1. States of course. Hotter than heck, 110 degrees in the canyons, 85 degrees at midnight and lowest finishing rate in 20 years. Finished 54th. In a "normal" year I would have finished about 100th. Finished ahead of many that finish around 23 hours. I finished in 24:29:57. Totally happy. Kyly was instrumental in getting me to the finish line. She was pushing me super hard after Foresthill. Maybe that is why we NEVER GOT PASSED THE LAST 38 MILES! (oh, by the way, the new 2006 splits for States are now posted. Check it out, the only time I gave up any places during the race was at Last Chance because I was so f&^%$#d up! And they mad me sit for a few minutes. Started out at Red Star in 137th place and finished 54th, pretty cool.)

2. Rio Del Lago 100. 22:33:33. Just happy to finish my second 100. Finished 6th And I DIDN'T GET CHICKED!

3. Where's Waldo 100k. Tough course, 12,000 feet of gain. Happy to complete my third. Masters Trail 100k championship next year. Big guns will show up I am sure. Will actully be 62 miles instead of the 66.36 in years past. Finished in 14:00:03. A 2:17 PR, swwwweeeeeeet.

4. MLK fat ass 50kish. My first of three DFL's! I didn't care, I knew about the big picture. Ridgeline trail all runnable just like Wildwood??? Heck not on this day. 7500 feet of gain was found. You would think I was on the Mac course. Brunch at Craig's house after was awesome. Food, beer, wine, great conversation with O.D., L.B., Bili, and other ultra studs. C ouldn't get any better.

5. S.O.B. 50k. Just three weeks after States I went here just to enjoy good friends and a great course. Took almost 70 pictures along the way. Only missed my PR by one minute. The only PR I missed this year. Almost DNF'd that day too. Fell, smacked my ankle on a rock and was quite painful. Couldn't run downhill and resorted to walking the downs. Finished. Beautiful day, beautiful course. One of the best in the PNW.

Had a great year. 14 ultras. six out of seven PR's. 14 toenails lost. No, I am not Polydactyl. Just a great year. (We'll talk numbers later.) Was able to share it with friends who also had great years.


olga said...

You are back! I was worried what happened to you:)
I'll go by calendar:
1. Zane Grey. Tough as a nail, pretty and good time
2. Miwok - always a friend's reunion
3. Squaw Peak - surprised with how good of a race it was, but then again, it fills up in a day, why surprise? Nice day, great course, should get back at some point, after more new runs.
4. WS - despite a f* up year, I LOVE this race and its course and energy! I'll be back for more.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

sweet! i'll have to think about mine...

stephruns said...

one toenail for each race - ha!!!!!!

what were my fav races?

Nope, it wasn't Vermont and it wasn't NYC was:

the "finger lakes" 25k, and "Run Until the Violence Stops", 5K

Backofpack said...

Fourteen toenails in a year? Don't you have ten toes like the rest of us? Mine don't grow back quick enough to lose 14 in a how long does it take for a toenail that is totally gone to grow back? I'm hoping for pretty pink polish this summer - even if I have to paint the gnarly toe bed.

Congrats on a great year of running!

Journey to Centum said...

You had a very busy year of running! Congratulations on your PR's and accomplishments for 2006. I look forward to running into you again in 2007. Happy Holidays!


robtherunner said...

Nice list Tom! You had a great year and I hope you can duplicate it next year. I'll have to think of my own five favorite races of the year, especially since it was more a year of could have been's and what the heck is going on?

Sarah said...

Congrats on a great year! Best wishes that 2007 is even better.
: )

My fav of 2006 was my first ultra ....PCT Mt Hood 50k. I'm going for the 50 mile in 2007!

Anonymous said...

Is NOT getting chicked really that important?