Monday, May 18, 2009

are you ready???

--- well, some of you have some big 100's coming up soon... are you fit???
what are some of the signs that let you know that you are ready to start racing after mile 62?

--- was it your time in that last 50 miler or 100k a few weeks ago? was it faster than last year? or did you just feel great the whole way after a 100+ mile week the week before and still posted a great time???

--- maybe you just knocked off a 100k and a 50k back to back weekends and ran faster than ever before??? then the next weekend you did almost 10,000 ft. of climbing at rooster rock dropping your pacer to cap off the day. you have to know you are fit here.

-- maybe you didn't do any races... you just hammered out a 144 mile week and felt great the last day doing a 52 miler.

--- or have you had the most high mileage weeks ever in training???

--- if you are not anton... you are now going through a pair of shoes a month (or more)?
--- or you are amazed at the weight you are dropping and still eating 5000 calories a day?

--- you notice that with the weight loss the last few weeks that you aren't starting any fires anymore with your thighs rubbing together while running. yes, less body glide to buy.

--- you now look at not entering anything less than a 50k because it just wouldn't be enough time on your feet at this stage of the game. that's right, you don't even want to know of the local 10k in your town, that just wouldn't cut it.
--- you check how much climbing you've done in the last week... 10,000-15,000 and your quads don't remind you of what you did on the downs. i'm sure the corvallis gang is on the upper limits here.

--- you look down and you smile because you only have four toenails at this stage of the game.

--- you look forward to loosing the last of them in a few weeks even if you paint them before the race.

--- for the men: or if you live in eugene (coburg, oregon too)... you might be fit for your 100.2 if you have your eye out for the best ladies shaver that will make your legs nice and smooth for your little dance coming up. shaving the arms too???

--- you go into the local mini mart and somebody notices you saying, "hey, you are the "jogger" i see EVERYDAY while driving home from work".

--- you reconfirm what the factory says about the battery life on your I-pod shuffle on your last long run... it only lasts 12 hours.

--- you've been going through your elastikon and tincture of benzoin and frantically make your next order for two more rolls and one bottle for race day.
--- you take your watch off to change the battery and you notice nice little tan lines where the watch sits on your wrist.

what tells you that you are fit?
have fun at your 100 coming up soon.
seagull junker


Makita said...

I can only dream of saying all those things ... someday ... when the kids are grown ...

Best of luck to all you who are there today!

olga said...

You just kind of look at the calendar and say "oh, shit", and then go on with your merry life:) but you do feel better than you did 3 months ago on a long run.
btw, where are the pictures from the Mac??
are YOU ready?

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom,

is it that time again?

I thought the "jogger" was really funny. Anyhow; looks like you have been training tons and are ready for WS.

rustyboy said...

I checked off more than a handful on that list. 'specially the eating part. MAN, can I put away the burgers and beers and not see a change. I should enjoy it now, because after September, it'll all pack back on.

I can't believe WS is so close. Finally, a sports "finals" I'll tune in to!