Monday, June 19, 2006


I'm going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took this week off from work and I don't know if it was a good idea. With doing an honest taper and not hardly running there is way too much time on my hands. Sorry Olga, I'm only running twice this week and only a few miles.

Looks like the oven is going to be turned on for States. The weather report I checked said it was going to be 101 degrees in Auburn. I wonder what the canyons will have in store for us? Might have to throw the time goals out the window if it starts to bake me. Have to keep in mind the first goal and finish you know.

It is going to be fun to "watch" all the NW runners. After watching Sean and Jeff rock Bighorn we will have to feed off their efforts.

I don't know what Kyly has planned for me but we are going to have a blast. Just want to have "legs" when I see her at Foresthill. Then she has to get me down to the river to see Clem again and push me to the finish. I hope she has been practicing running "stealth". Just kidding, I'll keep the lights on. I'm no top 10 competitor.

No Kyly, I won't be "dropping" you are even "gap" you. I'll leave that up to the elite. Just get me to Auburn!

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olga said...

107F by latest:) Yep, what goals? See me alive at the finish!