Friday, June 16, 2006

Well I just got my fat content tested. I did this just after the lottery in December to see if I could make an improvement. December it was 25.1% and today it was 17.2%. Yes, that is still fat for a runner but a good improvement I figure. Plus, I have 25.26 lbs of the gigly stuff to fuel me to the finish at States. Sorry John, you are just going to have to eat more than me.


olga said...

My, look who's got the blog! Isn't it contagious?
Told ya you'be 17%, didn't I? And yet you still don't beleive I am not racing for top 10? Well, you're up for a disappointment then:)
Less than a week, huh? I better get excited...I just need to get there and see everyone!

stephruns said...

hey...just saw your blog for the first time! maybe i should create a link to your site :-)