Thursday, August 03, 2006

3 mile dash but not for cash

So, I have started to try to run hard on Wednesday nights now for the past few weeks. Last night I drove north to Vancouver to join Kyly for a three mile run at the Washougal Dike. These are organized 3 mile or 5k runs in and around Vancouver. Funny, it is 40 miles to Kyly's house but it takes me almost two hours to get there going through Portlands rush hour traffic, how fun.

So, we do the out and back next to the Columbia River. I don't notice the scenery much because my heart is trying to jump out of my chest. I just haven't ran this hard in a long time. I think I finish right around the 21 minute mark. Funny, I used to be able to do marathons at 7:15 pace! How the speed goes away.

Kyly finally beats her nemisis... A 77 year old man! Way to go Kyly!!! Way to go after the young ones.

We had fun. Kyly likes seeing her cross country kids out there running in the off season.

Now for a good weekend of hill repeats getting ready for Waldo.


stephruns said...

a marathon at 7mm pace? makes me faint just reading it! wow.

stoutlover said...

You really have good leg speed. I'm sure these shorter runs are good for you.