Saturday, August 05, 2006

Pulled the trigger

Well, I pulled the trigger today. Sent in my application for Rio Del Lago 100. Yes, only six weeks away. Just riding the fitness wave I figure. Plane tickets are reserved and asked for time off from work already.

No, not as hard as States but it is still 100 miles! Have to respect the distance you know. This one can offer the same kind of heat that States dished out. I have to admit, I don't hope for 110 degree temps again.

My goal for Rio... Only to finish. Afterall, this is only my second 100. Just have to take care of business along the way.

Waldo will help with this. It is only two weeks away and it always challanges me. Such a great race it is. Just like a mini States I figure. Have to get under 16 this year. Have to get the "hat" you know.

Well, tomorrow will be a hill repeat day at Dog Mountain. It will help for Waldo. Had a good hour and a half run today. Nice to get on the trail again.

Hopefully my brother is starting to taper for AC. He should do really well. He is just a very hard worker and very smart about his races. I look forward to watching him do well. Just great timing for States next year as he is a two time looser and automatically in next year. I look for him to run for a top ten next year. He will be very focused and trained better than ever. I can see him do it. Next year will be exciting. I look forward to going down and watching him.

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