Friday, September 15, 2006

Lokum Ridge, Mt. Hood

Bob "the Beast" Lynes invited Kyly and I for another adventure the day after McKenzie River 50k. We were to explore new trails to Kyly and I up to Lokum Ridge on Mt. Hood. I knew it would be a good day with the wonderful weather we were having. Have to remember to bring my camera for sure.

How many hours will be out. Bob says 5-6. Translation, times that by 1.5-2.0. That is how long we will be out. So, had my hydration pack and two 24 oz bottles filled. Some food. I didn't have time to bring something to share because I had the race before and travel the day before. Kyly was nice to provide a meatloaf sandwich and fritos. Thank you Kyly.

We got kind of a late start knowing how long we would really be out. That was fine. The only date I had was with Bob and Kyly. Locum Ridge is on the north side of Mt. Hood. Next to Reid glacier. The sorce of the Sandy River.

A lot of hiking early on. I had ran on parts of this trail last year. Some on the PCT. We met a few hikers and Mike who was taking the 41 miles trail around Hood. He didn't start until 8:40 am. We thought that might be a little late. Sure enough he crossed the White river in the dark with chest high water. Not something I would want to do.

We were able to do a little running.

We were taking our time mostly. We were just having a great time. Sometimes laughing so hard that I couldn't keep the camera still.

Bob and Kyly next to the "Locum Ridge Gargoyle". The blackish rock to their right that stuck out from the others when looking up at the formation at 7000 feet.

Kyly showing she is "the strongest person in all the land".

Kyly found a rock... O.K., so it is heart shaped. Way to go Kyly.

You have heard of "out on a limb", well here is my version on this day. Hurry up and take the picture Kyly, I don't like it out here.

Kyly likes running the technical sections. Well maybe not.

Bob was a great guide. We saw four volcanos and was on the fifth. What a great day.

Kyly loves all the rocks and river crossings.

Well, maybe not again.

Where has your Hagg Lake Tee shirt been?


olga said...

I saw Bob's pictures. Very cool outing!

Sarah said...

That looks like it was a lot of fun! Nice pictures. Good luck at RDL!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

what great photos!!!