Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Nice Long Weekend

It was nice to have a long weekend. Saturday had a good easy run with Kyly. Went a different route than we normally go. Nice to have a little change once in while. Both of us seemed to be dragging a little. That was fine, not a race you know. Even sat on a bench just to enjoy the view for 20 minutes I figure. Good that we ran easy that day because we were to run with Kyly's friend Fred the next day.

I don't know Fred all that well. Met him and his wife after States this year near Auburn. Both him his wife have done States. And Allie has done a few Ironmans too boot. Let me fill you in on who we were running with on Sunday... Fred decided to do a 100. He picked Superior. (The old course.) So, here is Fred doing his first 100 and he picks a fairly hard one. What does he do??? He goes out and wins the darn thing!!! Then the next year he finishes States in 22 and change.

Needless to say that Kyly and I were running harder than we normally do with Fred. He did have to stop and wait a few times for us slugs to catch up. That was fine. Kyly and I just got to see more detail in the surroundings because we were not flying down the trail. Fred was great. He didn't mind.

Just a great way to start a long weekend.

McKenzie River 50k this Saturday. Scott Jurek will probably win. But Lewis and Tice will be right there. This is a fast course. I have ran on it but never did the race. I am anxiously waiting to see what I can do. Kyly is to write my estimated time down and I don't get to look at it until I am done. I have guessed already. So, we will see. It is one of the most beautiful trails that I have ever ran. Wish Phil had a 50 miler like in years past. Oh, well it will be great none the less.

If you click on the title above it will provide a link to a short video of the 2005 race. Quality not all that great but you will get the idea. John Ticer (3:42) is the guy that is coming accross the bridge early and he is the winner. My brother Jeff (3rd, 3:54) can be seen early also. He is wearing the red hat and shorts with a sleeveless grey shirt. Meghan Arbogast is the womens winner (4:19) in the long sleeve grey shirt and red hat. Enjoy.


olga said...

Tom, I sent you an email last week - are you still at the same address? I'll be coming to RDL so I'll see you guys there. Have fun at McKenzie

stephruns said...

huh huh...what are all those crazy people running in the woods??????
that john ticer looks like a strong guy! wow.