Thursday, November 09, 2006

blah, blah, blah

I decided to take this week off. After all, I did run 40 miles on @#$%*&# hard pavement last weekend. Don't think I will reach my goal of 3000 miles for this year. Would have if I would have stayed after it. But that isn't going to happen. I will be close but not quite.

My goals for next year... have fun, keep the toenails coming in, don't fall too many times, and quit getting lost in races. Funny, a friend gave me a nickname last year, "gator", short for Navigator. Man that is an oxymoron if there ever was one.

Why did I get that name? Well, it was my job to keep track of what elevation we were at when we ran around Mt. Hood. I was not the leader that day. Heck, I didn't know the trails. I was just the "dumb" runner. I'm good at that you see. I take orders well, but I can't make a decision to save my life.

So, you see gator is just humerous in a way. I get lost almost every race I do. I try to pay attention, really I do. But for some reason I always take a wrong turn or two. And my decision making process is for the birds. If there's two choices, I always make the wrong one. Hence, taking a wrong trail.

So, I broke out all my winter running stuff. Yup, been using it now even though it hasn't been cold yet. Sorry, I'm a wimp.

What 100's am I going to do next year???? I can't make up my mind. There it goes again.... Can't make a darn decision.

Good to see friends on Wildwood this last weekend. Sorry Sarah, didn't recognize you right off. I did know it was you after you said "hi". Thanks. Saw the party girls and Michael McCarthy and Susan Kokesh. Yup, all put in for States.

Now there is even less spots left for States. Now that Montrail is a major sponsor the winner of the Montrail Series Races gets in. That is like 12 more spaces. Bummer. I wear some Montrails, maybe I shouldn't. I haven't liked their antics in the past. Just bias on how they handled a few things that is all. But anyway it will be even tougher to get in next year. Maybe I will just have to wait three years like brother. Less than a month will tell.

have fun, tom

ps Did you all see the comment on CCC on the list-serve? Also, did anybody see the wedding dresses hanging in the trees between mile 7 1/2 and 7 3/4? Two of them off the trail about 25 yards hanging in the trees. Creepy looking!


olga said...

So, what was the comment about CCC? I just saw the question.
I bet we'll be close to mileage, I was aiming for 3000 but don't think will squeek in unless pick up in December. I am 120 miles away.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog last week. Wow - you ultra runners just amaze me. It's always good to read the thoughts of a fellow Oregonian as well. Keep on keeping on!

Rose said...

"Gator" - that's cute! Like calling me "Grace."

I wish you luck on reaching 3000 - just being in the ballpark is some kind of dedication!

Wedding dress trees? That is just weird. But keep your eye out for the one with money! ;->

robtherunner said...

I saw the question as well about CCC, but have not seen much else. Of course I am one of the Yahoo people so I do not see the e-mails until 2 days later now. It would be nice if Markus sends out buckles, but I sure wouldn't count on it.

Sarah said...

Wedding dresses off Wildwood? I did not see those. But I was looking at my feet. That does sound creepy!

Good luck for your WS app! : )

stephruns said...

so what the heck is list-serve????

Annette said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog and doling out some motivational words. I appreciate it!

Wow - can't believe you ultra runners. I was very impressed at Autumn Leaves by the tenacity of you all! Funny how we bloggers end up crossing paths. :) Happy running!

Anonymous said...

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JeffM said...

Amazing- I did 2800 bike miles last year and that was a ton of riding. 3000 miles running- wow!!