Friday, November 17, 2006

things have to change

Well, for me to do a 100 I have to do high milage. I know that isn't what everybody does but that is what I need to do. Many can complete 100's on just 40-50 miles a week but that is not for me.

I have taken a good break and it is time to start getting after it again. Last year my goal was to do 12 weeks of 100+ miles a week mixed in with 70 mile weeks every third week for a break. Didn't quite get that with tearing the vastus medialis early on so I only got 10 weeks of 100+. But I was able to get three of 90+ added in there so I was fine with that.

Last year I was able to run six miles during lunch and then another 6-8 after work. After eating my daily peanut butter and jelly sandwich, yes, 113 of them in six months. But this year I cannot depend on being able to get out every day Monday through Friday duing lunch because of patient load.

So, I am going to run before work for one my runs for the day. Then if I get the chance to run during lunch great. If not, I will still have time after work. That is the plan.

When do start this? I'm thinking the first week of December. Then when I pick a 100 that I want to "race" I will count backwards and set up a 20 week training program and have 15 of those weeks 100+ a week.

So, there it is... I made it public.

There are many other goals within the plan but I won't bore you with that just yet.

So, I am not waiting for the New Year to come around to make changes. I figure this will be starting the year off right.


stephruns said...

I can't imagine someone running a 100 miler and training only 40-50 miles/week!!! Don't they say as many mile per week as the race has miles????

Let me know how your morning runs go. I failed - again!

mtnrunR said...

I have never heard that but that sounds like a good way to go about it.

Someone once told me that the average person training for a 100 probably only runs about 70-80 miles a week.

Remeber that if a person is doing low milage they are only trying to finish a 100. I don't think they could "race" it. That could spell for disaster I think.

Now if you want to talk "elite" then their mileage is through the roof. Heck John Ticer was doing a 50 mile run every weekend and then doing 12 hours of hill repeats with almost 20,000 feet of gain last year getting ready for States and he is 49!!! (yup 150-210 miles a week)

mtnrunR said...

I ment Tice was alternating 50 miles one day on the weekend followed by hill repeats the next, thus alternating long runs and hill repeats.


Sarah said...

Good luck getting your runs in! I'm not naturally a morning person, but running first thing in the morning seems to be the only time that works for me.

Rose said...

I love morning running - it's a great way to clear your mind to start the day. If the morning just wasn't so darned early in the day . . .

I would say that your plan to start the new year off right is a great way to finish this year off right! Good luck with the training.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a plan! :o) i love setting new goals

robtherunner said...

I would have liked to run 100 mile weeks before my 100, but only managed to average in the 60's with a high of 92 and a few weeks in the 80's. This past year when I DNF'd I was averaging in the 40's and it was way too low. If I decide to give it a go next year I definitely will want to get back up into the 60+ range with hopefully 4 weeks of 100+ mile weeks.