Sunday, February 24, 2008

i'm a big girl, a perfect size 12

i'm a perfect size 12, yes i'm a "BIG GIRL"

i get to the race and the first thing is to see who has their game face on...

sean brought it last year with his cutzie little floral skirt made by kathy harshburger. i knew bushwacker would, but i can't compete with those long lushious shaved legs. (nah, he doesn't shave them but maybe he will have to next year to get top honors)

i walk up to the pavilion and i see dan has raised the race to a knew level... his little red, white and blue number was elegant but that red polk-dot bow on his visor was the topper. then i see one of the lizards with a hot little number, a pleated plaid school girls skirt and knee highs. man i had to "bring it" if i wanted to stand up to these guys.

game on boys...

right before the start i unveiled the works... a size 12 floral number. a dress that is not a lame little girly skirt.

so there it is, i think my little get up went over pretty well. funny, all the people with taste, women that is, said it was pretty hidious. hey, i had a little bow on the back, isn't that cute?

so, i think i raised the bar for next year. maybe bushwacker will shave his legs??? sean, your gunna have to come up with something new... maybe you and rod could have matching outfits??? rod???

mike "bushwacker" burke and
liz kellog
oh, there was a race too...

so, going into the race it was just about completing two laps around the lake and finishing upright.

i didn't want to do the out and back 3 mile section in 24 minutes like in past. i finished it in 28 minutes and that was good. but it seemed way to hard to even do that. i was wondering what the day would be like after that.

so now it was just run at a comfortable pace and just finsh after the out and back. i just concentrated on running easy and keeping the pace even.

the course was fast, 34 finished under 5hrs, last year only 14. new course record by neil olsen. me, i ran the exact same time i have for the past two years. i should have been 14 minutes faster given the smooth carpet ride for a trail this day.
the legs were tired even within the first five miles. but then i reminded myself that this was just a good training run. nothing more, nothing less.

i had fun. it was nice to not have too much mud. should i have run faster? yes. but on the second loop it was just all about controlling the damage. just run with even pace and check this one off.

it was fun to see rod, sean, mike burke, olga, darla and chris tear up the tarmac saturday. it is going to be fun watching them this year. run well at boston sean, i will be watching you every 2.5 miles on the web there. oh, i will be rooting for meghan the day before in the trials. and all of them have some hundreds in the future. of course burke has a little one coming up, HARDROCK!


darla brader and chris askew

oh, i missed seeing john and amy coffey. i had met them just a few weeks back. john was running his first ultra in 9 years!!! he holds the record for running around Mt. Hood in 6:24, that's 41 miles with over 10,000 feet of gain!!! and has ran states three times. once placing M4 in 17:48 in 1982!!! what has john been doing, just some little ironmans, that's all. amy is no slouch either, running fast at American River 50 and finished in style at a Old Pueblo 50, and a couple of Mt. Hood PCT 50's, and States in '05. and many more great races under her belt.

so for now i will just keep running. i will continue to run slowly. but i will continue to run.

no more wearing dresses though. my fat little stubby legs just can't pull it off.

see many of you at the rumble in april.

tanner creek aid station volunteer, kyly mcmurray and bob "the beast" lynes


caroline said...

Tom, I think you pulled of the dress beautifully. It sure lifted my spirits! None of us look as good as Mike does in a skirt and a tight little t-shirt...and we'll just have to live with that. :-)

Backofpack said...

Well, it is kind of ugly. Reminds me of something my Grandma would have loved!

saschasdad said...

Tom, I bowed down to you at the race, and I do again. That dress was grotesquely awesome! You really set the bar high, my friend. I triple dog dare you to wear it at WS! You're not scared...are ya?

Sarah said...

Yeah, all the women are jealous of Mike and his cute pink skirt. But you had the best dress! : ) Glad you had a solid run on an awesome day.

olga said...

I think you did the best dare thing with your dress!!! So proud of you - and running same great time in it without tripping over! Man, I don't think I could have walked in such long dress...and lets be quiet about Mike's legs because he is getting a big head these days:)

Meghan said...

"Grotesquely awesome."

I think that's a perfect description of, wow, your outfit. You are bold one, Tom! Awesome you can be so speedy in skirtage.


Danni said...


You need one of those "sport kilts" for men ;)

Makita said...

Despite your "grotesquely awesome" appearance, I am sure you had fun! Reading about your ultra adventures makes me want to join in the fun. :D

Steve S said...

Nice look and run Tommy. Maybe something a little shorter and in stripes would bring out your legs more. Glad to see you are running strong on the new meds. Run healthy and enjoy the trails.

Journey to a Centum said...

Did you get to "chick" anyone?

I think you really need to work on accessories next year. Matching purse, heels, nails, earrings, necklace, perhaps a bright pink thong.

You Oregon boys are a bit different.

Anonymous said...

you got guts. i'm a girl, and i'm not wearing any skirts.

but if I had legs like the guy in pink - i would reconsider!!!

DawnB said...

way to cute for words