Friday, March 07, 2008

way too cool guesses

well speedracers, Way Too Cool 50k is Saturday. Boy, the field is deep for both men and women.

i don't know all the names but here is my guess in order of finish


matt carpenter--he might have some company for a while but he should prevail

erik skaggs-- i think he rocks at this distance

galen burrell-- fast. don't know much about this speedy devil

dan olmstead-- ok, he's running with the big boys now. a little inexperienced but maybe

craig has helped him since winning McKenzie last year. TAKE YOUR S-CAPS DAN!!!

lewis taylor-- won it last year. he better bring his "A" game saturday if he wants top three.

bring "it" chickenhawk

AJW, Skaden, Hal, they all could be near the front but i don't think any of them are gearing up for this particular race. yes, rich hanna should be up there someplace, just don't know where. Scott Wolfe will run fast but my guess he is in the same boat as AJW, skaden, and Hal. and there are about 10 other fast dudes that will jump at the chance if somebody faulters. it will be fun to watch.


also, i hope bili has a better race than last year. i think the last little bit of the race kinda fell apart if i remember right. there is a certain female that "chicked" him last year for the first time. my guess is he doesn't want that to happen again.

sean will be there, but boston is the priority. go get 2:40 colonal.

jeff browning will bring his best.

craig will see old friends

now the ladies

newer to ultra's, Susannah Beck is my pick hands down. she has run something like a 1:15 half and a 2:35-36 marathon. yikes. and a win at moab 50k isn't too bad. not sure why she didn't do the mcKenzie invitational last year but did run what looks like to be a easy 4:33 in saturday's race (injury?). just don't think anybody else has this kind of leg speed. wicked leg speed that is...

nikki--what, something like only two losses in 8 years, nuff said


bev-- she'll give it a go no matter what. way to go french kiss

craig, bev, and alan

annette bednosky-- could finish in front of bev if she has a good day and bev faulters

meghan--running really well at multiple distances but she has the trials coming up. this is not a focus right now. have fun G.M.

there are others both men and women that i am forgeting. since i am a mid packer at best, i just don't know all these folks. sorry if i missed someone.

but i will be calling bili after my saturday slog.

on a side note, Waldo has 49 entrants after just thursday, less than a week since the mail in application came on line. already i see a few fast folks for the USTAF OPEN AND MASTERS 100K TRAIL CHAMPIONSHIP already registered. almost half full, cool. at least i can toe the line with the fast boys in august.

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Anonymous said...

The race brings such nice memories, definitely one of my favorites.