Thursday, March 13, 2008

fast times at cool

well the pacific northwest did pretty well at cool this year. dan olmstead doing what is probably his second ultra had a good day taking third. erik skaggs ran another fast 50k coming in second. then todd braje came in a first. man he was off my radar. i knew he was fast but i just didn't see his name. i've seen some pretty fast marathon times from him and he won McDonald Forest 50k last year.

the womens field was equally impressive... Susannah Beck taking honors. Bev came in second. and Joelle Vaught came flying in at third.

rumor is not all the top three men are going to be doing states. one may sit out. we will have to see about that.

lewis will just have to bring it at american river 50 april 5th. but that field is stacked too.

me, just training. on a last minute thing i decided to do Pacific Rim One Day Run. i'm not going to do the whole 24hrs. just run 50 or so miles. why not the whole thing? worried about recovery. oh, i know many use this to build confidence for doing a 100 or staying up 24 hours. they all did fine when they showed up to the big dance in june. but for me, at least this year, i'll just use it as a long training run. just take it easy, practice the eating drinking thing.

kinda glad i'm doing pac rim now. kinda nice to join others for a day. sure will make time go by faster i'm sure. plus, i didn't have anything going for this month. breaks up the usual weekend training i figure. it should be fun. too bad we are going to get rained on, bummer.


robtherunner said...

See you there!

Sarah said...

It'll be fun watching you crazies run around in circles! ; ) Sorry...I couldn't resist writing that. : ) See you there! Hopefully it will be light rain.

Backofpack said...

What do you mean rain? It's not gonna rain on my 50 mile parade, right? Right????

Anonymous said...

Eric Skaggs is not doing Western States

Dan Olmstead was racing for a Montrail Cup Spot. I don't know a thing about Todd Brajje. I heard them talking to Scott Jurek after finishing.

I heard that there have been and will be more runners DQ'd for not running the whole course. I knew those times seemed really, really fast. I don't know very many of those names in the Top 25.


caroline said...

Tom! So glad you're joining in the monotonous fun this weekend! I'll be there, running as far as my recovering body will let me. I'm still getting over that horrid cold/flu thing that is making the rounds. Coughing up gunk. Blech. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

have fun tomorrow.

olga said...

Did you go to PacRim? How come I missed you?