Sunday, April 27, 2008

Capital Peak 50 miler

my first long run since last september was last saturday. well, longer than 34 miles anyway. this was the third time Capital Peak 50 miler has been ran. none of them on the same course of previous years. we had a little bit of snow up on the ridge trail and from capital peak all the way to wedikind aid station, about 4.5 miles. then some snow for about 1.5-2 miles climbing out of wedikind and running the ridge trail out and back for 18 of the last 24 miles.

this snow on the ridge trail climbing out of wedikind aid station. (mile 26)

the weather was awesome. not often, only the second time in 6 times that i have been on this course, either running the 55k or 50 miler, that we have had good weather.

more snow on ridge trail. got a little deeper in places but not too many times did you have to post hole.

winner brian morrison heading back to wedikind (mile 43 coming back). finishing 7:37. my guess is the CR of 7:31, would have dropped today if no snow.


darla brader and chris askew not is a hurry in this 50. getting ready for kettle 100.

bushwacker taking an extra 20 minute scenic route before getting back on track. getting ready for bighorn and HARDROCK!

michael mcarthy getting ready for bighorn

yes, i am BEHIND all the above folks!!!

.laughing moments:

1. looking at race belt that i didn't refill after peterson ridge rumble, 3 S-caps. nice. like that is going to do for 50 miles

2. forgot camera in first drop bag. what, am i supposed to draw pictures for my blog? scary.

.3. picking up second race belt in last drop bag only to find 4 S-caps. wonderful, sweaty boy. this is going to be interesting trying to figure out how to not to have muscle cramps for 24 miles.

4. wait, i remembered my camera in this bag. good. "mr. aid station person, can you throw away these drawings for me?" "thanks"

5. leaving same aid station... nice, forgot the beans that were in there. oh, goody, 2 gels for two hours of running. i do need to go on a diet anyway.

well, not a bad day. not as fast as i had hoped. i'm a little worried about my fitness level but at this point i will keep plugging away. the run went better than peterson ridge 55k twi weekends ago. did have a low patch for 15 miles. nothing wrong. i was just tired. but i just concentrated on eating and drinking. WHEN I HAD SOMETHING TO EAT THAT IS!!! ARGGGHHHH!

the last 15 miles were better. got a little redemption i guess. i knew the last 6.5 miles was a sweeeetttt finish. almost Waldo sweet. i knew my splits from years past: 60,54,55 minutes. (in ether a 50k finish or 50 miler) today 54 minutes. and that is missing the newly built bridge and me opting to run over the bridge that was OUT!!! "DUMB RUNNER" and this wan't even a 100. #6, last laughing moment.

on the fifth aniversary of Scott McQuenny's passing i crossed the finish line running backwards. just as scott ran the portland marathon backwards on a bet his daughter did not have cancer. i believe she is in college and doing very well now.

finished in 9:08, 10th. a good training run for sure. not too much climbing, 6660 ft of gain for the day.

now onto miwok next weekend, ouch.

i think the eugene gang will be over at michigan bluff next week too. hammering out some freakish splits with AJW one or two days. doing monster miles, 160+ i'm sure. two of the runs will probably be 50 miles or so. don't know who is all going but i know brother is planning on going along with a few regulars. but they also get a few more friends to show up on a day or two to add to the fun. it will be interesting to hear how it went when they get back.

i'd like to try their ice cream sandwich run some day. start at cal 2 run to the swinging bridge then run back to cal 2. take a break at foresthill for an ice cream sandwich and a soda. then try to run to cal 2 under 1:15 without puking. now i know i can't run that in 1:15. but maybe at my own break neck speed i do it without hurling. maybe someday.

capital peak up top in middle


Danni said...

Excellent work! I'm wondering whether I shouldn't try to run 50 miles sometime soon. Something tells me it will take a few hours more than your 9 if I do. . .

olga said...

Bushwhacker actauuly posed for the camera? But still no smile...
Dummy, shoudl have looked at your fuel supply, but I did it before as well:) See ya this Sat!

Sarah said...

It was a beautiful day for running! Good luck this weekend. : )

Steve S said...

The laughing moments were excellent. Tenth place in 9:08 and you forgot to mention the early miles of mud is a good training run. You have set some tough standards for yourself. I was happy to keep you in sight on the climb to the peak on the way to my short 55K. Well done and I wish I was running with you and Olga at Miwok. Maybe just to pace one of you. Cheers and have a safe journey.

Backofpack said...

Looks like a fun day out there. You'll have to take a lesson about bumming s-caps off your buddies from Eric!

Have fun at Miwok!