Tuesday, April 15, 2008

some pictures from peterson ridge rumble 60k

rod getting ready for miwok

karen gnass, oh, she's slammin'

jon gnass, yea, he's slammin' too

sean wants to run "sub bien" this year at states

stacy bunton always smilin'. she'll be doing spartathalon soon

sander nelson, 2nd at san diego last year. mike burke getting ready for hardrock

it was a beautiful day in central oregon for a great race.

more pictures here


olga said...

Good to see you, Tom, you're always so focused before/during/after...how about a smile for me next time? :)

Backofpack said...

Those are great pictures Tom. I'm sorry the 30K didn't get to go on that loop. Great seeing you again!

Journey to a Centum said...

Do you know when we will get paid for the photos we took on the course? Ha Ha Ha...

It was a great day for both running and photography. I think it's the first time in many months I've seen Glenn when he wasn't freezing his ass off while taking photos.

I'll be down in CA for Big Sur during Capitol Peak so have a good run if you are participating this year.

Trail Scat

Rod Bien said...

Great to see ya. Wish I had a chance to hang out with you more. I had to work at the store after the race though! How was your race. Mine was so-so. Just sort of died after a while and just putzed along... No Miwok for me this year.. I'm letting Sean out of the shop for a few days to go run it. My races are: SOB, Hood, Waldo, and AC. I'm excited about he line up! Anyway, great pictures and just good to see you out there. Look forward to more of a "catch up session" next time. Take care, my friend.
Rod "the turtle" Bien

saschasdad said...

Thanks for coming out and supporting the Rumble - I really appreciate it. Great pictures, my friend.

Makita said...

Great photos! I'll definitely have to Rumble next year. :D

Sarah said...

Nice! What a beautiful day it was.

Danni said...

Twas a great run! I must have seen you but not even known it.