Monday, May 07, 2007

Game on!!!

Game on speed racers...

Jeff (brother) called me tonight and he and Laura (wife) just got back from a great 11 days down at Michigan Bluff on the States course. Jeff, Andy Jones-Wilkins (M6 at States), Scott Wolf, (2nd at American River), Lewis Taylor (1st at Cool, 3rd at AR-80% effort), and Craig Thornley (prev. top ten x2 at States), and others racked up some pretty hefty miles at the usual training camp every year. I believe Beverly Anderson-Abbs (F2) and Alan Abbs showed up also.

Jeff, Craig, and Scott were there all 11 days. Lewis had to bail just short of their second 50+ mile run as he and his wife had beautiful healthy Cinco De' "Alice" . Congratulations Lewis and Rebecca!!! AJW flew in from Idaho for part of the training camp.

The boys racked up 222 miles in 11 days!!! I am wondering if Jeff made his tray of brownies each day after the runs???

Jeff is feeling good. They got a little heat trained with a few days in the 90's and both 50+milers were warm. They were all stoked about this. They were hammered those days but they were happy to have a little sun while they were down there.

Brother is excited about States. The mens field is deeeeeeep. He knows that. All he is going to do is do his best. With Greg Crowther (wins this year just unbelievable, so many to list!!!) Lewis, Scott, Craig, AJW, Rod Bien(4th at Miwok, fastest Oregonian ever), James Kerby, David Terry, (and all the other top ten from last year) running really well, being in the mix might not happen but all he knows is he has prepared himself the best he can. He is going to have fun.

I am more excited about this day than any of my races. So far I am crew #2... Flying solo, yikes. I'm on my own to get to the #2 aid stations. Have to figure out how to get to the different aid stations in time.

I will be glad when I just have to pace him from the river to Auburn. That will be the easy part.

But for now it was exciting to hear how he is doing.

He congratulated me on my 45 minute PR at Capital Peak. That was very nice. But I am more excited about his race at States, hands down.

It is going to be fun June 23rd. I am sure you will hear more from me about this.

The best part... As a the only pacer it is my job to paint his toenails before the race. Why, it is what "team Eugene" does. See, then with your sandles, flip flops, etc, you stand in all your glory when you go and pick up the buckle. Last year "Cosmic Plum" was the color. What will L.B. bring to the condo this year??? Of course, you have to have your toenails at the end of the race to show off the pretty toes first. I lost five on race day, three more later. Thank goodness I was sporting a speck of the color of the day on my big toenail. Have to be part of the team you know.

Happy training. And for those that live in the PNW, we finally have sun for a few days. Yea!


WynnMan said...

Tom! excellent photos and it looks like the crew got a great workout on the course. I'm looking to do a 2 week mini camp this summer on the superior trail. Jeff looks primed as does the rest. You guys are a fun and extremely talented group of runners!! States will definitely be deep! You guys are ready though. The hay is in the barn. Your bro couldnt have a better pacer!


may I offer glitter nail polish

GB said...

I'm loving that Cosmic Plum color, Tom! ;) I'm so envious of you getting to run in the States, and pacing someone along! Awesome. I can't wait to read all about it. June 23rd is my birthday and I will send some good vibes your way.

Can you recommend a good book (informative but not boring) on ultra marathon running? I want to learn as much as I can about it.

mtnrunR said...

Gb,ok, this is long, and by the way I am no expert on ultra's. but here is my 2 cents...

Ultra's maybe??? Really, the best place to learn is at


Kevin Sayers site is just as good.

Really, there are so many links to information it will keep you busy for a long time.

at Kevin Sayers site you can subscribe to the Ultra list. A forum that holds discusions on ultra stuff. it can be informative and sometimes the topics are not worth reading, because of personal interests. All you have to do is say you are a runner and would like to join the list. The only problem is you will get anywhere from say, 20-80 emails a day. it is going to get really busy before and after states, like always.

but even these two sites have links to books.

basically you build up milage the same way you do in marathons, but just to a greater degree. oh, you do have to learn about taking care of your body much more in an ultra (ie, salt intake, foods, hydration, etc, etc). you just can't fake an ultra like you can in short races.

much easier on your body running on the trail. plus the commradarie is incredible. how great is it to have a leader of a race cheer me on when i am at the back of the pack when they have done the out and back in some race? pretty cool i think.

the scenery? incredible. ok, there are some pretty awesome marathons too. but really being in the mountains running with friends, an me, taking pictures is pretty awesome.

plus, it is cheaper than marathons. i think i paid $40 for my last 50 mile run. (that's 4X cheaper than a marathon mile for mile for the most part) and i did 3 50k's last december and the total for ALL events was $3.

good luck checking out those sites. if you want to email me feel free.

tom riley,
have fun in whatever you do.

Gotta Run said...

Love the photos of your feet!!! Glitter would get my vote as well.

Question: I have a 50k on June 3rd and then a 50 mile in November. Should I take any time to lower my miles following this 50K or just continue to build. I am thinking that building would be best. My mind has shifted to using the 50k as another stepping stone.

Your thoughts. I just love all this!!

mtnrunR said...

gotta run...

oh, you opened up a big can of worms there... there are so many ways to train. some do high milage, others low. most do speed work. there are many experts on this and i am not really one of them. but really my guess is continue to build a little. continue on your excellent training what works for you. and check out the web sites that i mentioned above. also, what will help is running with friends that have done ultas. pick their brains and do what works for you.

that is good that you are in a sence building by doing the 50k. but some don't even do that, some jump right into a 50 miler. wow, is what i have to say to that.

building, like i said is a lot like building for a marathon, just maybe longer runs every so often. and maybe a touch more miles per week. but some complete 50's,100's on much lower mileage. they are probably not the elite and my guess it would take much longer to recover if running on lower milage.

i think doing the long runs are most important to build confidence in completing the distance. and that really helps having confidence.

speed work is important if you want to run fast. afterall, you have to train fast if you want to run fast.

cross training is great. just one way to help be stronger and help being injury free.

oh, this is complicated.

but have fun. you have to like what you are doing. heck, i even carry my camera in 80-90% of my races. yes, i am competative. but within myself. i will never rise to the top in any race but that doesn't mean i'm not competative.

check out the web sites,


and ask others, friends, etc, etc. some great knowledge out there.

good luck

i don't know the 50's in your neck of the woods but which one are you doing???

Gotta Run said...

WOW... thanks for all the info. I am but a sponge and will absorb all that I can on the Ultra matter. I have told my family that the 50 mile will likely be the longest distance that I will run but we all know that that is not the entire truth. :-)

Mountain Masochist 50 Mile Trail Run, Nov 3rd. It fills fast and I am in!!! I am running this with 4 other girls. We will train together for our long runs but come event day everyone will do their own thing. Should be a true adventure and one I am ready for! We have picked a few trail marathons to use as training runs leading up to this event. Lots of planning but we are loving this time in our lives.

Thanks again! I am sure you will hear more from me in the coming months.


DawnB said...

congratulations on your 50 miler as always a great report and wonderful photos!!

Makita said...

Great report and photos, as always. What kind of camera do you tote along with you?

Love that the sun has come out! But, now I have to start running earlier! :)