Friday, May 25, 2007

Proud Parent!!!!

I am a proud parent of a new lens today. I love taking pictures of places I've been and adventures that I endure. This will be my "workhorse" for sure.

No, I won't be taking it down the trail on runs. I will have to leave that to the little portable Kodak.

I had to throw down some serious bank for this one. But I have wanted it for a long time and it will fill a greatly needed void that I had. O.K., actually I am really only getting started but this lens will help greatly.

The thing that this lens brings to the table is the quality. Very fast apature with superior quality optics compared to it's brothers and sisters that have been part of the clan. It will give the ablility to take pictures in much lower light settings without having to use a flash. The apature is a 2.8 throughout the focusing range while my others were f4-5.6. Believe me this is huge.

So, welcome to the family Mr. 2.8. I will be putting you to work right away... Taking pictures of the PCTR 50k on Wildwood this Sunday in Portland.

Don't worry, I will take good care of you. Here.... Here is a UV filter to protect your optics. There, no scartches for you. Don't worry. I will keep you warm and dry. No rainy days for you.


olga said...

Aww...hope it also takes pictures that only show us pretty:) See you Sunday, give a warning for the camera!

DawnB said...

good luck Sunday!!!wow thats alot of camera!!!

Backofpack said...

You've set yourself up for sure! I expect to see some great pictures in the next post!

WynnMan said...

Tom, I'm passionate about photography and I teach an Intro, Advanced and digital photography classes here at the high school. I also own a medium format Pentax and a Nikon D-70. You definitely picked up some gems!!!! Canon is one if not the best camera/lenses on the market besides a Leica. I always tell people that pretty much all camera bodies are the same, they control light, it's the lenses that make or break! You get what you pay for. I've seen really crappy lenses and the results are crappy. You my friend have exquisite glass much like Leica lenses, Nicor lenses and Swarovski lenses manufactured with the finest glass. Lenses cost more than the cameras. My favorite lens is a 35mm wide angle. Man ya can't beat the peripheral view (Ansel Adams style). I took a once in a life time shot with my digital camera yesterday after my run when I was soaking in the river. I will post it on Tuesday. It's one of those images that keeps you on the trails, plus keeping your camera with you at all times really rang true! I've missed so many good opportunities by not having my camera with me.

I will be rolling into Whitewater early afternoon on Friday.

The electrical device is called a TENS system. They are great! electrical impulses that loosen muscle, promote blood flow and healing. Often times you will get this treatment at a PT if you have inflamation, similar to ultrasound. Sometimes they do one step better and will put cortizone patches on. More of a topical approach. In the end, icing, stretching and softball seem to work just as effective.


Sarah said...

Nice! I agree with Olga...only pretty pictures please. ; ) : )

Anonymous said...

Nice lens, take good care of it and it will take good care of you. See you in a week.

GB said...

Congratulations on the new "toy." Definitely money well spent!

JOJIT said...

I'd give my arm and leg to have one of those! Congrats and I'm sure it will be put into good use

stoutlover said...

I know the lens will take great pictures, but sometimes your subject is the problem. Nice thing about digital - you can delete so easily.

stephruns said...

Tom, you are turning into a photographer!!!

Addy said... pretty! I'm obviously into taking photos as well (my blog pretty clearly shows that ;) ), but only the very amauturish sort! That lens looks like it will be lots of fun.

Hope you had a great time Sunday!

Gotta Run said...

You sound just like my dad. He has such a love for his camera and the lens attachments that he has bought over the years.

I love it!!! LOL!