Sunday, May 20, 2007

Silver State 50 mile

Pictures below. (all pictures here)

Took 75 pictures on the course of Silver State 50 mile run near Reno, Nevada.

The goal for the day was to run comfortably and don't push the "effort" button at all during the day. Run when it is flat or downhill and hike EVERY uphill section.

10,000 feet of gain. Beautiful day. 83 degrees for a high. Race run on 40 miles of jeep roads, and less than 10 of double track through the ponderosa pine forests. Only three miles of single track, yup that's it, just three. Two major climbs. 25oo foot climb right at the start, 4800-7300 feet. Make another 1000 foot climb at mile 26. Then hit the coveted single track into Boomtown at mile 27. From mile 30 at Boomtown climb from 4700 feet to 8700 feet. 4000 foot climb on road and four "grunts" in 7 miles. Yes, I hiked all of these seven miles!!!

Work your way down to 8000 feet from mile 37 to 42. Mile 42 start some technical downs. Not quite Zane Grey technical but you do need to watch it as you hammer the 3200 foot decend on jeep roads. Let the 4x4, atv's pass, they out weigh you.

No cougars or bears seen this year. Definately not a "snow" year. Jasper Halekus won in 7:49. 2nd Paul Sweeney 8:32. Womens winner Karalee Morris, 9:05. Tina Ure 2nd, 9:17. The legandary Kathy D'Onofrio finished third in 9:40. Scott Dunlap had a very comfortable run and finished 5th in 9:05. Hal Koerner was in the lead when he took a wrong turn and only got credit for a 50k. I do not know the times for the 50k.

This was the 20th year running of Silver State. This will be the last year on this course because the railroad system will not allow the race to cross the tracks getting into Boomtown. So, the course will be moved or altered completely. Possibly moving south near old mining towns or just staying on the south side of Boomtown and winding through those hills.

Don't know when the results will be posted as this is a pretty low key event. Many I ran with during the day are using this as a last tune up before States or Bighorn.

I made a scheduling error when signing up for this earlier in the year. I thought it was three weeks out from Kettle but it is only two. Well, everything was paid for so I went ahead and did it. It might be a mistake for doing so. But if not it is good training for Waldo. Now for some serious tapering and a massage Tuesday.

Olga finished 6th female in 11:16 and had a great run all day. Felt great all day and just enjoyed it. I finished in 10:30. 12th I believe. Tired heavy legs most of the day. Let me think, I live at 180 feet, ran at 7000 most of the day. Maybe a little oxygen to the muscles might help a bit. Would they allow me to carry oxygen? Probably not.

didn't come here for this

Scott Dunlap and Olga at Pre race meeting

On the way up at the start

Start off with a 2500 ft climb in 4 miles

Yea, I have to go up there
(click and mag on picture on this one. that is how far behind i am at the start)

Sage Brush and Aspens at 6000ft

What we ran on for 40 miles

making a turn

oops, not that way

dude in red turned around. Is going to do a 40 mile 50k after making a wrong turn. do the 50 man!

Dawn Inferna-Bean on a small 1000 ft climb at mile 25

the ONLY section of single track. a 3 mile down


That mountain accross the way is where we are headed (Dawn and John Nicolls heading down)

heading up on the 4000 foot climb in 7 miles

still heading up

clumbsy camera work

a little farther

hearty flowers at 7000ft

one of the few patches of snow on this "grunt" at 7500 feet

nice at 8700 feet

you can dip here if you want from snow run-off. at 8600 feet

double track

seeing double

olga finishing

finishers scribble


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Tom! Great job on your possible 12th place finish, also, great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

robtherunner said...

Great pics, Tom!

Addy said...

Great pictures and description of the race! Thanks for sharing :)

Backofpack said...

Wow, Tom, that looks dry, hot and dusty. Thanks for sharing the pictures and race - and congrats on a well-run race!

olga said...

Thanks for hanging out with me:) It was a good day. And I think 2 weeks out is good for Kettle - I did it in 2005 and had an awesome 100. Think positive!
I counted I am 7th on your picture of results. am destined for this number this year:)

Meghan said...


Nice job! Hope you had a fun time in Reno!

I think you will be fine for Kettle. Your body is used to high mileage. With a good taper and lots of TLC, I think your muscles will repair themselves quickly!


Sarah said...

Great run and beautiful pictures! I learned this weekend that hiking is just as difficult, if not moreso, than running. You rock! : )

Makita said...

Congrats on a strong race, Tom! The photos are great - almost makes me feel as though I was there. TFS

BTW - what type of camera do you use?

mtnrunR said...

my camera is a kodak, 8 mega pixel. paid $225 i believe. i have gone through two others along the way. lost a canon 6mp running the 41 mile trail around mt. hood. wrecked a olympus 7mp running hagg, moisture damage. i do not like this kodak. responce time too long and bigger than i wanted. the responce time is killing me. all the features that i wanted would have cost me about $100 more. well i guess you get what you paid for.

so, i got this one because of the "anti shake" feature. (canon calls this "image stabalization") and because of the 8mp.

i like the pictures just don't like it being so slow taking pictures and start-up time.

WynnMan said...

Excellent work Tom!! playing it smart going into Kettle. Your legs will definitely be ready for Kettle. Great pics, too bad Hal got lost, damn that is horrible, that happened to me at the fall Lakefront and cost me the win. Was it bad marking or just not paying attention? o well, more bang for your buck.

hope the neck is feeling better.


stephruns said...

incredible landscape could there be a better place to run?

Bob Gentile said...

Great report & pics..Thanks Tom

Jessica Deline said...

Congrats and great pics! I may have to add this race to my list...

Scott Dunlap said...

Great to see you, Tom. I think you're going to do very well at Kettle! I'll be cheering for you from CA.

Your pics are fabulous! Hopefully you don't mind if I swipe one or two for my blog. It was such a beautiful day, no? I actually got tan lines from smiling so much. ;-)

Cheers, SD

Journey to a Centum said...


I'm so behind on my blogger! Great pictures and good job with the run! I like the land around the Reno area. I can imagine that your socks are permanantly stained by the color of the soil.

Did you have any problems with the heat?

I'm heading down to Auburn next weekend for the WS training runs. I'm looking forward to some heat and relaxation.

mtnrunR said...

the heat was a non-issue for me

Sempre Libera said...

What amazing scenery! Glad the race went well.

OCRunnerGirl said...

Love all of the pictures. How beautiful!! Congratulations Tom! Looked like a great day.

GB said...

Tom, beautiful race course and great job! Now, rest for goodness sake! ;) You're awesome and inspiring. Thanks for the great report.

Brian said...

Congratulations to ALL of you STUD runners who completed this race. My little boy and I were up messing around in the mountains when we ran into this race unexpectedly, (and tried to stay out of the way). It sure was amazing to find out how far everyone was going, and I am totally impressed...maybe even inspired to try for something this big next year.

Gretchen said...

Congrats on a great race Tom! Nice to meet you on Friday. I thought it was a beautiful day as well, perfect weather! Good luck at Kettle, it sounds like you are ready.

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