Tuesday, January 29, 2008

it's time

ajw said it best, "it is build up time."

oh he nailed it.

it is time to take a business type approach now. no missing workouts. no skimping on miles run. it is time to put in the homework. afterall, he should know best, he is in education and a former teacher.

i have started my doubles. the long runs on the weekends are starting to come together. maybe my body has adapted to the blood pressure medication. i am still crossing my fingers on this...

oh this is starting to get fun now that the long runs resemble some of my long runs in the past two years. i am just so thankful that i can have relentless forward motion for 5+ hours. something i would have never dreamed of when i ran a few marathons in years past.

i am just going to roll the dice and hope the luck continues.

i hope all your training is going well.

on a side note, i am intreaged by running events like Sustina and Arrowhead. Maybe Arrowhead a little more as i was born in Minnesota. plus, i have been lucky enough to run slow for a long time in 100's. Arrowhead in February for 135 miles, mmmm, that is interesting. i'm going to have to ponder that for a bit. oh, get educated on doing that kind of event also.

it is time to build. i am ready to do that.

have fun, see you on the trail


Backofpack said...

Sounds like it's all coming together for you - that's great! Glad the BP meds are working okay. Have fun with your training!

robtherunner said...

Glad to hear you are starting to do your homework. I still feel like a weekend warrior for the most part. I long to do 100 mile weeks.