Monday, January 14, 2008

ok, it's time to start training

well the holiday's have passed, i've gained some weight since last june at kettle. this happens every year. i fall off on training when winter approaches. i eat an extra slice of pizza or two, skip a run or two and low and behold i've gained 10 pounds in six months. oh well, the pizza did tast good you know.
so the numbers don't lie... 150 cushy pounds, 22% body fat. like in years past i hope to drop ten pounds and about drop to 14% body fat. those would be nice numbers to toe the line in june. now the work begins.

so, i have limited amount of weeks until race day. but really i have to take in account training weeks and tapering weeks. probably do a 2-3 week taper i figure.

oh, i'll do a few races before that. not many though. races are fun to see old friends and of course meet new ones on the trail. i plan on running slow at the races because i won't be tapering for any of them and i plan on running straight through them.

i look forward to races because they are new places to visit and just to enjoy a different trail.

now for my goals... you make goals right? I do. yea, i am not a fast runner. but i have specific goals for 2-3 races a year. i don't "race" any more than that. so for this year i have two races that i have specific goals for... a 100 and Waldo. the bummer part of Waldo is I really want to run a lot faster but my ultimate goal finishing time is pretty darn fast for my ability. but what the heck, going to give it a shot. i'm going to specifically train for waldo after the 100. it is going to be fun. dang, what a race. not only the 100k masters trail championship but also the 100k OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS!!! love watching the fast folks from the back.
so, the work is about ready to beging in a week or so. i look forward to it. afterall, my guess is you have to put the homework in for a 100. from what i understand is you can't fake your way through those monstors.
looking to have fun. see you on the trails...


olga said...

And we still don't know what 100 is that...

Sarah said...

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing.... : )

GB said...

Great goals Tom. I know YOU can make this stuff happen... the weight loss goals and the 100s.

timb said...

Hey Stranger!!
Great to see you are laying out your 08 goals- BUT, yeah . . .what's the 100??!! I am pretty sure i am going back to Waldo, too. Waiting for son #2 to arrive any day now.
Talk more soon- I promise.
All the best, dude!