Thursday, January 10, 2008

looking back

well, i mulled through a few of the numbers that happened last year and here it is...

days ran: 277

days running twice in one day: 75

peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
before second run of the day: 70

servings of tuna or salmon: 280

miles driven to trail heads: 7711 miles

pairs of shoes gone through: 7

number of toenails lost: 12

cases of Crank Gel bought: 1.5 (144 Gels)

containers of GU2o bought: 4

times fell during a race: 4

$ of batteries spent: $40

$ of batteries spent for altimeter watch: $2

times worn a heart rate monitor: 0 (i'm still breathing, don't need a beeping thing to know that)

# of meatloaf sandwiches eaten on a training run: 4

# of cans of beans eaten during races: 5 (i have craig to thank for this)

# of times gotten sick during races: 8

inches of elastikon used to tap feet for races: 96"

epic races: 1 ( and i didn't even run...watching brother get top ten at States, hands down!!!)

miles ran: 2900 (ok, slacker compared to the year before)

impressed points by other runners here in the NW: can't count that high...

Brother finishing M9 at States!!!

Hal, winning States!!!

Dan Olmstead staying 2 minutes out front of Hal all day at McKenzie River 50k and winning his first ultra.

craig finishing 15th at states but still got "chicked" at Javalina (he had a great year in my book)

Rod's 3.5hr pr at States and 5th place finish at the North Face 50 mile challenge.

Meghan finishing F5, winning Where's Waldo 100k outright, and qualifying for the Olympic Trials Marathon at age 46. (she'll be joining Joan Benoit, at age 50, on a glorious day in Boston this year.)

Lewis Taylor winnig Cool and after taking
chicken hawk road at states, still got Silver.

Sean finishing 8th at JFK in 6:31. (what will he do at Boston???)

Ronda slamming!!! and having some very fast times in those 100's!!! James Kerby 2nd at Vermont.

Whit Rambach, 10th., Jeff Browning, 15th, and James Varner,25th, (but in top ten for much of the race), at Hardrock.

Kami's 9th place finish at the 100k World Championship and 8th at States. And all the Corvallis gang finishing sub 24 at States.

Then Mike "Bushwacker" Burke just doesn't slow done with now entering retirement. Matt Hart winning Mt. Hood PCT 50, 2nd at H.U.R.T. 100k, and 2nd at Grand Teton 100, behind AJW.

dr. dave, david terry finishing 18th for his 10th wasatch!!!

and of course scott jurek. The list goes on... i know i missed other outstanding performances. but the NW had a pretty good year. it was fun to watch all the fast folks.

happy points earned for a wonderful year: a bakers dozen. (wait, i can't eat dognuts) it was a fun year!

i'm looking forward to this year just as much if not more.

what are some of your numbers?


Anonymous said...

tom, congratulations on a great year. good luck this year and i hope you reach all of your goals you set out for. see ya at miwok...


Backofpack said...

Nice recap! But really, how do you know about those pb&j's? Did you log them?

mtnrunR said...

yup michelle,
i keep a running log of crazy stuff all year.

andyb said...


"happy points earned for a wonderful year: a bakers dozen. (wait, i can't eat dognuts) it was a fun year!"


Yeah, not quite sure where you would get dognuts. They may be illegal to eat, or even possess. Now DONUTS are an entirely different thing. ;-) I know of a guy who will Run for Donuts (

Meghan said...


Love it! Thanks for sharing and making me giggle.

Sarah said...

Great recap of the year. Hope 2008 is even better!

GB said...

I love those 'stats.' You are truly da man! I can't believe you lost 12 toe nails, I mean, we only have 10 toes. Okay, bad joke! ;) Great job in '07 and can't wait to see how '08 goes for ya.

olga said...

Lovely recap - great to se you Sunday! I'd eat a donut for you, but I don't like them:(

Anonymous said...

funny stats indeed. all those many miles and you only fell 4 times! amazing!

saschasdad said...

My two favorite stats: epic races and times fell during races Excellent job in helping little bro Jeffy get that M9. I'm flabbergasted that you only fell 4 times during races. Man, I went down 5 times just at McKenzie.

See you soon, my friend.

robtherunner said...

I need to get a new running log soon so I can start keeping track of some of this stuff as well. I would gladly take your 2900 miles.