Tuesday, May 20, 2008

important race for me too...

i know that states is not the hardest race. yes, it can be like a circus getting into some of the bigger aid stations. but i do love this race. i look forward to doing this little thing as much as the big guns. ok, i'm a rookie. i've only had the pleasure of running this race once.

it was my first 100. yes, you can argue that nobody with a 100 shouldn't be aloud in but i trained as hard as anybody that first time. i had 10 100+ mile weeks along with doing rooster rock hill repeats a few times just like LB has.

even though i have only ran the race once i can still visualize much of the course. i've read LB's course description a dozen times, no less. i will be going to the training camp again. i would love to hang out with brother and the gang at their training camp but i am just too slow to do that.

do i think about the race a lot???

starts off with my coffee mug. i have used this western states mug every day since my pacer bought it for me two years ago.

i proudly show my WS license plate rim after my pacer bought it for me.

i wear a WS polo shirt to work at least once a week.

during the winter many days i will either have a WS sweat shirt on or a fleece that i was given.

i was given a gift this year of a WS running hat. i wear it in many of my races now.

i have a sticker on my truck that says "100.2" the length of the trail.

i know the splits i want to hit the last 38. i have known them for almost two years now.

and yes my old # is still on the fridge like i mentioned before.

for this race it is almost like a measuring stick. why? because almost all have ran it. yes, there were snow years. and some hot years. the course was short for a few years. but it is here you can see how you stack up.

will i place high, heck no. i'll be lucky to place in the top 25%. will i get to the river in the daylight. nahhhhh.

but i intend to have fun, run my best. and i will again try to gap my pacer once or twice for a bit of fun.

this is still a race to me even though my finishing time will not be impressive.

this is a race. i will not be getting a michigan bluff burger on my way to valcano canyon.

and for the dubious honor of being the "fastest bronze buckler" in '06. i hope that getting silver this time will put that to rest. dang it!!!


GB said...

Hey, I'm going to see if our local running club needs more volunteers for the last aid station on the WS course this year. I want to be out there so badly!

I ran my first ultra (well, a 50K) on Sunday, the Ohlone Wilderness 50K. Wow! I'm still in pain and in awe. Absolutely amazing runners out there. Had a great experience, and my poor road runner body is hurting now, but I'll get over it.

Darin Swanson said...

I am sad to not be there this year watching again.
I will be following you and everyone else I know and cheering from my desk :-)

Sarah said...

Go get 'em, Tom! : )

Matt said...

Great post. It's great to see someone who's not a "contender"
still taking it seriously, training hard, and planning to run your absolute best. And publicly proclaiming your intent to go get the Silver Buckle. Huevos Grandes! Go get 'em.

olga said...

Does Gail know you intend to gap her? LOL!!!

Backofpack said...

Perfect post Tom - this is a big one, no doubt. Fun too. Can't wait to hear how you do!

Backofpack said...

Perfect post Tom - this is a big one, no doubt. Fun too. Can't wait to hear how you do!

mtnrunR said...

thanks. i train as hard as many as the big guns. i do many 100 mile weeks. i get out there and do hill repeats. i do the best i can even though i am not very fast.

i will be routing on jeff, who was 9th male last year, from the back of the pack.

it will be a fun day the third saturday in june.

Journey to a Centum said...

I hope your weekend down on the course was fun for you. Was there much snow on the canyon sections?

I'm envious, hopefully I can get in next year and get the WS DNF monkey off my back.

I'll be watching your progress on the computer! Silver would look good on you and compliment your Bronze Buckle well.

Trail Scat

saschasdad said...

You may have others fooled, but not me. You, my friend, are a sandbagger. You're so gonna rock Western (I don't live in CA, so I call it Western).

2 more hard weeks, buddy!